Saturday, August 18, 2007

More Renovation Pictures

See this post for the "before" pictures . . .

Here are more pictures of what we're doing at the farmhouse/clinic:

This is a picture of the old planks (exposed while installing doors) from which the house is originally built--amazing, eh?

Here are some of those old doors we've replaced with more solid, more energy efficient doors (we know the older ones look cooler, but you know):

Here's a picture of a mess of stripped wallpaper mess in the dining room--that was fun (a heck of a lot more fun that the stuff that took FOREVER to "steam" off with the steamer we've rented from Home Depot--ask Mark about it):

Here's those GORGEOUS red walls in the living room--just look at it against that beautiful wood!

If you look super closely, you can SEE the plaster bumps, including actual horse hair (horse hair plaster)!

Here's the den (double living room--we're using this room as our den/computer/project area)--that lovely color is New Haven Clay. Classy. Also great with that pretty dark wood! That carpet, by the way, is getting ripped up and replaced with laminate flooring that we've found for about .50/square foot (now THAT is amazing)!

The view of the living room from the den:

The clinic is really coming along!! The cupboards look sleek and NICE! This is the clinic bathroom.

The patient room (that's the bathroom behind it)--the lighting is weird in this picture, but it's slate gray, not blue. :P

The waiting room--that door is from the foyer. Notice the bamboo shades! We've also got a (fake) bamboo plant and some cool slate end tables and rice paper lamps--very Asian!

The waiting room:

The foyer:
Foyer--we're working on staining the doorway and wood and stuff.

From the waiting room into the patient room. We're putting in double doors in the doorway (when they come in). The first door on the right is one of the doors to the basement. The door toward the back is to the house (see the Dining Room yellow?):

We're THRILLED with our RED DOORS! WE LOVE RED DOORS!! Aren't they neat?!

In one of our bolder color moves, we've painted the inside of the dining room doors a lavendar color --we're doing the Dining Room/Library in yellow and purple. It's really looking nice!!

We're starting to rip up the carpet--underneath are the original floors--it would take a TON of work to strip, sand, stain, and oil those, but they really are neat! We're getting to the laminate work . . .

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