Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Random Thoughts - Grumpy Edition

I am so ADD that I text myself random thoughts.
And since I'm so easily distracted, some of these are going to be old.


I love watching Taylor Swift interviews.
She is hilarious and super smart and geeky and talented and fun.
Such a fascinating person.


Katie Couric and Kelly Ripa 
are the most self-centered, annoying talk show hosts EVER.
I hate when they interview my favorites, 
because they make it all about themselves 
instead of interviewing this fabulous guest. 


Ever feel totally overloaded by information? 
I read this today:
 Cool, right? 
I promptly forgot all 25 words. 


Sometimes I think Thing 2 is a visionary genius
and Thing 1 is a writing genius.
But I might be biased.
Either way, I love that I get to hang out with them daily!


Sometimes I feel like Sheldon in that scene where he says, 
"Maintaining five friendships promises to be a Herculean task. 
So, I’m going to have to let one of you go."
(I wish I could find the clip to that).


NYT has an opinion piece called "The Busy Trap
It is a great article. 
I am guilty of what he says even though I totally agree with his opinion on it. 


Stupid smartphones.


Don't forget that the kids post on their "revue" blog now and then.
Links at side ------->


Thing 2 has discovered that he loves sashimi.
I am convinced that we spend 10X more on food for our kids
than we would if we did the traditional mac-n-cheese thing,
but I don't care.
Mac-n-cheese is gross
 and I love that our kids eat so many different kinds of foods.


I'm a online news junkie, 
(which is a problem when things like the Olympics happen before we see them).


We've started watching "The Voice."
So far? Best singing competition on TV, in my opinion.
And I'm not just saying that because Adam Levine is one of the judges.
Really, I'm not.


 There is a trend happening.
More and more kids are opting out of going to college.
I loved college and we value education greatly.
I tend to think college (for education's sake more than for marketability)
is a great idea.
But I don't think it's for everyone.
And I see how hard it is for grads nowadays.
What do you say to young people who wonder?
I don't think it's the same answer for all.


I hate when blogs auto play music when the page loads.
So annoying. 
You should have to opt-in if you care to listen.
Not opt-out once you're bombarded.


Thing 2: "Mommy, are you ever going to be in the Olympics?"

Me: "Um, probably not."

Thing 2: "Well, if you did, I'd go and cheer for you."

Now, I know he really wants to go to London, 
 but I think the Proctor and Gamble "Thank you, Mom" commercials 
are getting to him. :P 
  (Said on 8/7/2012)


Read "Are You My Mother" (graphic novel) 
and "Fun Home" (graphic novel) 
and Chopsticks (multi-media story). 
All very good and unique. 
Especially loved Alison Bechdel's books.


Sometimes, among friends, it feels like I haven't had a conversation in a while 
that didn't involve the other person having their phone in their face 
for at least SOME part of it. 
Dislike this new social paradigm.


August 27th:
School started today for the county. 
We had a fun D&D group over to play,
played outside in the beautiful sunshine,
played Minecraft,
read books, etc.
I love homeschooling SO much.

August 30th:
Just got back from the park. 
It's 81 degrees and sunny. 
School kids are in school adjacent to the park. 
We read books outside today 
and then met 7 friends 
and played Hunger Games and word games 
in the park. 
I love homeschooling
Little secret about home schoolers?
We love when school kids go back to school.
It feels like we reclaim the world 
(well, the playground anyway).
Not that we mind sharing, but it's nice to get it to ourselves, too.


First it was Webkinz.
Then Wizard 101.
Now? Minecraft!


I hear what some of my friends do to be involved with their kids' schools.
No way is that less work than homeschooling.


I've missed blogging,
especially during this political season.
I love SNL during election seasons, too.
I've had so many thoughts to share,
but some are outdated now.
I did see this article
and wanted to comment that I think the author is spot on
when she says that Romney is seeking to distract attention
from questions he won't answer.
I've got so much more to say than that 
(Binders full of women?? Women must get home to cook dinner?? 
Big Bird?? Single mothers as scapegoats?? 5-point plan with no specifics?? 
Threatening to repeal the VERY same successful healthcare system 
he instituted in MA that he brags about all the time??
Neither of his states (MI, MA) even being contested 
because they're voting Obama??), 
but that will suffice for now.


What is with this new trend of asking people for donations 
when we shop, eat out, etc.?
It is really ANNOYING.
I have no problem donating to charitable causes,
but when I go out to eat, that's not the time.


People letting me down? That really sucks.


Hey Amazing Race, 
Met your new teams. 
We don't need pretty. We need interesting. 
Reference those we've cheered over time - Kentucky Boys, etc. 
We loved them because of who they are, not how they look. 

(Admittedly wrote that before the show started).
LOVE that show.


 Read Jonathan Tropper's This is Where I Leave You
and Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
I liked them both.
First one was a fun, beach read. 
Not the greatest literary work ever, 
but funny characters and dialogue. Fun read!
Second one was a very edgy coming-of-age story
(wow, "young adult" novels have WAY more in them today 
than when we were kids!).
The overall tone and story was excellent.
It's entirely written in letters 
and I had to keep reading to find out what was up with Charlie.
I thought it had a great pay off. 
It was not what I expected at all.
Beautiful, touching story.


Okay, some of these thoughts are from, like, 3 months ago.
I suck at keeping up on things.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Writing prompt!

I can't resist these. I love them! I am about 3 months behind on my SIL's blog and I'm sitting here trying to catch up before NaNoWriMo and I just got to a post full of writing prompts. So, here I go . . .

I love it when... we hang out together as a family in a laid-back fashion.

I can't sleep when... I'm all worked up.

I have a phobia of... germs. I'm an obsessive hand washer. I was not like this before having kids.

I wish i had... hmmmm. I'll quote Sinead O'Connor here and say, "I do not want what I have not got." 

I always smile when... our dog greets us. She is the BEST dog and I love love love her.

I need... hmmmm, I don't like this phrase. I do know that I respond well to love and nurturing.

I want... a game room. That is seriously my #1 dream house request - a game room with a ping pong table, pool table, tables for games and puzzles, etc.

I think strawberries are... a good fruit.

I think most people think i am... cleaner and more organized than I truly am.

I think I am... a loving person.

My husband thinks I am... the best woman for him. He's glad he's married to me and not to anyone else. I'm glad, too. 

My kids think I am... very supportive of them and their interests and their learning.

I used to wear... purple leg warmers. It was the 80s. I'm not the only one.

I wish I knew how to cook... good Portuguese pasteis (little savory pastries that you buy at caf├ęs there - codfish was one of my favorites).

I wish I didn't... get so easily distracted. I get in my own way so often. (To Emily, who wrote "like fast food," I highly recommend watching "Supersize Me" followed by "Food, Inc." You'll quickly be repulsed by it).

I'm glad I... have the courage to make big decisions that help me live an authentic life.

The last movie i saw in the theater was... "Hope Springs" on a double date with the Johnsons. 

It was... hysterically funny and it was so much fun to go on a double date.

The last movie I saw on TV was... "Sleepless in Seattle" as a family during Hurricane Sandy.

It was... a fun flick, though I like "You've Got Mail" even better.

If I had a month off from everything I would... I can't even imagine that, but I guess I'd write, eat, and watch a lot of TV.

Today I... hung out in my jammies, post hurricane, and worked on getting caught up on emails in preparation for NaNoWriMo.

Yesterday I... played games, watched TV, wrote emails, read news, and watched the weather online near obsessively.

I like... when I find a blog post of writing prompts.

Your turn! Thank you, Emily!

Monday, October 29, 2012

This is getting scary . . .

 . . . and a little exciting. When I was a kid and we'd lose power, I used to love sitting around playing games and reading books by lantern light.

But yeah, the news is creepy.

Thanks so much to all our friends and family for the concerned texts, calls, and emails.

Here's how things are around here:

Stores are clearing out of items.
Schools are closed.
Colleges and Universities are closed.
Several businesses are closed.
Restaurants are closed.
Everything seems to be canceling.
Emergency emails and calls are being sent from local counties, insurance agencies, etc.
Halloween's looking dreary (poor kids).
Our dog is VERY on edge.
We've got the tub/buckets of water filled in case the water gets turned off.
We've got flashlights and camping lamps and lots of batteries.
We've got everything charged (phones, laptops, cameras, DSes, iPods, etc.).
We've got piles of blankets and sheets in case the power goes out (in which case we'll all sleep in the living room together - no back up heat source, so we'll cuddle up!).
Our cars are filled with gas.
Our clinic patients' appointments are all canceled today and likely tomorrow.
We've got lots of emergency information about numbers, local shelters, etc.
We've got piles of books and games for if the power goes out (that's the fun part!).
We've got lots of non-perishable foods so we can eat.
We have several gallons of water so we can drink.
We're stocked with food in general, toilet paper, supplies, etc.
House is clean.
Laundry is done.
Everyone is showered and dressed and ready.
The Doppler Radar is FREAKY to look at.
Kids are a bit nervous/a bit excited.
We've brought in anything from outside that could become airborne. 
We've tied down our patio furniture.
Mother Nature is a powerful force. 
We are together and safe and prepared.
We're a bit nervous, yes, but hopeful that all will be well.
This is crazy!
Love to all and thanks for the positive thoughts coming our way.
Hope it all keeps Sandy calm, placated, and away!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Big Storm Coming!

Hey All,

(And by "all," I mean anyone who might even look at our poor, neglected blog anymore).

We have been SWAMPED. So so swamped. Things are good - we have full, happy lives. Thing is, we want to blog about it and share with you (again, you being whoever might be even reading this or thinking, "Wait, sushi and pizza . . . I used to read this . . . whose blog is this again?").

That being said, here are two facts:

1. NaNoWriMo is coming up and that usually means A LOT of writing and very little blogging. However! Mark and I are trying something out where, in addition to our novel writing, we also post blogs daily throughout November. See? We care that much. Or we're crazy. I'm going to go ahead and bet on the latter. But yeah, I'm going to post this for some kind of accountability factor for ourselves from you, our readers (or no readers depending on if anyone actually sees this. It's kind of like that tree in the forest, only instead of a tree, it's a post and instead of a forest, it's the blogosphere).

2. There is a monster storm coming our way. I saw the projected path and the storm is pretty much supposed to come squarely to our town. So, today we're stocking up on supplies, bringing in things from outside, and tying down patio furniture. I so hope we don't lose electricity. We've recently stocked our extra freezer with half a hog's worth of locally grown pork meat. Also? We have no back up heat source and that, more than a loss of electricity, Fuh-REAKS me out.

So, hopefully starting in a few days, you'll be getting 1-2 posts from us a day for the entire month of November. That is our hope anyway. You know, assuming we have electricity and sanity. Well, electricity anyway. Our sanity has long been questionable.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Haiku Wednesday

No time for blogging
Or reading, writing, or chores;
Busy but happy.


Anything I want.
The topic is too broad to
Write meaningful stuff.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Haiku Wednesday - School

Every Wednesday, our family will post haikus about various themes. For this week's theme, I get two, because the start of the school year is both stressful (organizing our homeschool group) and exciting (learning as a family) for me:

Flaky people suck.
Mean, spiteful people suck more.
Avoid the poison.

A hunger to learn
Desires to do, touch, read, make;
Thinking and growing!

Thing 1 and Thing 2
Write at our coffee table;
Always diligent!