Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Beauties

This is part of why I don't blog much in the summertime:

I'd generally rather play outside in the sunshine with these guys.

Is it me or are they growing up so fast right before our very eyes?

I love them!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today, my 10 and 7 year olds learned the F-word.

10 and 7? Not bad, if you ask me.

I wasn't there to witness this milestone, but Mark told me all about it. They (with Mark) went to the library to turn in this week's sheet for the summer reading program. While driving through the downtown area, our 7-year-old noted the graffiti.

"Hey Daddy, there are 3 gangs here: P.O.E., Tooku, and Fuk." (So the vandals can't spell. Give them a break.)

So, Mark texts me and says he's going to have to "address some issues."

Soon after, I get this text: "They now know what not to say."

To which I replied: "You told them?"

His response?

"Had to. They're chanting songs and telling stories about P.O.E. going to get some F-- with Tooku. They left me very little choice."

And then this:

"I didn't tell them what it meant. Only that it's really bad."

Lost innocence. It sucks.

Though it was funny hearing Mark later tell me how he tried to tell them it's bad without laughing. Their songs already had him stifling laughter before he started his, uh, teaching moment.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Thoughts - Movie Edition

Toy Story 3 is so so so so so so awesome.
We saw it the weekend it opened
and loved every minute of it.


I love the Toy Story movies, because I can totally relate to them.
When I was little (and at times still today), I was/am convinced that toys have feelings.


We sneak treats into movies,
because what they charge is highway robbery.
(Why do we still use that phrase?)
Don't judge me.


Our treat of choice these days is pretzel M&Ms.

Have you tried these?? They are the best.
Like I'm-going-to-write-the-company-and-tell-them good.


I forgot to take tissues into the movie.
Stupidest thing I've done in a very long time.


I had to do things like discreetly sniff like crazy
and use my hands and sleeves.
Thank goodness for the outtakes during the credits.
Gave me a chance to gain composure.


Almost everyone stood up when the movie was over
and then sat down again for outtakes during the credits.
Had they never seen a Pixar movie?


Going to the movies to see the new Pixar movie
is an annual tradition for us.
Otherwise, we don't go to the movies very much.
Too expensive.


After the movies, while using the restroom, I wondered WHY
Kimberley-Clark is always the industrial toilet paper of choice.
They seem to never have considered 2-ply.


It reminds me of back in college
when my freshman roommate Kimberley
was dating a guy named Clark.
Every time I'd see a box of TP, I'd wonder if they were meant to be.
(They weren't).


Somehow I've veered from good movies to bad toilet paper.
Welcome to the workings of my mind.