Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Beauties

This is part of why I don't blog much in the summertime:

I'd generally rather play outside in the sunshine with these guys.

Is it me or are they growing up so fast right before our very eyes?

I love them!


Stacy said...

I agree! It is way better to be outside with your kidos then stuck behind a computer, and they are growing up so fast! My husband would be impressed with your swing set. He built one for Amy in our backyard and made sure that it was done just right!

Dr. Mark said...

I'd love to take credit for the swing set, but it was already here when we bought the house. A huge selling point for the kids, by the way.

Very nice post, Little Miss. Thanks for sharing our great kids!

Britta said...

We had sprinkler time this weekend as well - except that Tom and I were the only ones who ran through it - the girls only wanted to sit on their towels and eat snacks. :)

J Fo said...

They ARE getting SO big! I'm glad you're having a fun summer. Enjoy those little people before they're off and gone to college! ;)

Lindsay said...

Yeah so I agree with Jessica, your kids are so dang big! Sprinklers are so much fun!

Chelle said...

There's no better way to spend your time. YES! They are growing up so so fast. I see in Kate the same thing I see in Brita - a look that says they're more mature and totally growing up. Brita gets frustrated with me now when I joke with her the same way I used to when she was "a little kid." I could swear she's still that little kid, but apparently I'm so many ways. It's fun, exciting, and I'm sentimental and nostalgic all at the same time over it.

Vivian said...

They ARE growing up right before our eyes. And they are beautiful(handsome, if beautiful offends M). Your yard and carrige house look amazing. I've tried to spend my summer outdoors, too. Only 2 weeks left and then back to the salt mines. It feels like time speeds up the older I get. You are wise to enjoy them while you have them.

Aaron Houssian said...

Yah we've been really enjoying our little backyard area w/kiddie pool and on the hottest days we get the spinkler out. Luckily things have cooled off a bit and we're enjoying it a bit more.

Kids ARE getting so grown up. Can't believe it.

kara said...

Summer is great, isn't it! We're loving ours too. Btw...check my blog.

the emily said...

I can't believe how big Kate looks! So grown up. I love her longer hair!

Jimmy said...

I've only seen them in pictures and you're right, even just from pictures I can tell that they are growing up. Great looking family!

Boquinha said...

Stacy -- So nice to hear from you!! We're on the same page with this! :)

Mark -- You're welcome! :)

Britta -- Your girls are so smart. Heheheh.

Jess -- Bittersweet, isn't it?

Lindsay -- I swear they've both grown several inches this summer.

Rachelle -- I totally hear you on that. *Sniff.*

Vivian -- Thing 2 does prefer "handsome" to "beautiful" when being complimented. Nice of you to think of that. :) Thanks for the nice comment!

Slothy -- I know! Yours, too!!

Kara -- I did! I'm sure you saw my comment there, but if not . . . CONGRATULATIONS!! :)

Emily -- I know!

Jimmy -- Thank you. :)