Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today, my 10 and 7 year olds learned the F-word.

10 and 7? Not bad, if you ask me.

I wasn't there to witness this milestone, but Mark told me all about it. They (with Mark) went to the library to turn in this week's sheet for the summer reading program. While driving through the downtown area, our 7-year-old noted the graffiti.

"Hey Daddy, there are 3 gangs here: P.O.E., Tooku, and Fuk." (So the vandals can't spell. Give them a break.)

So, Mark texts me and says he's going to have to "address some issues."

Soon after, I get this text: "They now know what not to say."

To which I replied: "You told them?"

His response?

"Had to. They're chanting songs and telling stories about P.O.E. going to get some F-- with Tooku. They left me very little choice."

And then this:

"I didn't tell them what it meant. Only that it's really bad."

Lost innocence. It sucks.

Though it was funny hearing Mark later tell me how he tried to tell them it's bad without laughing. Their songs already had him stifling laughter before he started his, uh, teaching moment.


April (Thorup) Oaks said...

Ugh! Hate that word. I'm so glad they learned it with Mark present though.

Dr. Mark said...

That was my thought, too April. At least we didn't find out a week later that some kid at the park taught them. All of my questionable education came from the school yard.

the emily said...

So yes, lost innocence sucks, but wow! 10 years old! Pretty sure I knew that one waaaay before that. And even though it sucks, is it okay that I'm DYING? Funniest text ever.

Britta said...

My kids have already heard that word, thanks so several lovely strangers, although Ella has yet to repeat it.

Unfortunately, I have let slip others that I don't want in their vocabulary - not a proud Mom moment.

Lindsay said...

Okay, so I DID laugh when I read this and just read that Emily did too so I feel better. I learned the F word when I was 6. My older brother came in whispered it in my ear and told me to yell it out. So being the naive girl that I am, I did and my other brothers freaked out. Needless to say, both my brother and I got soap in our mouths!

J Fo said...

Oh man! One of the parenting moments, I guess, right?! I'm impressed they made it so long though!

Swawa said...

Ha,ha! That's hilarious (but really bad at the same time)!

Swistle said...

Hee! I love that they were telling little stories about F--- and his friends!

bythelbs said...

Most of my kids still think the F word is fart (I think all but the oldest?).

Yes, lost innocence...sigh.

I'm wondering if "Fuk" is actually a name? I wouldn't expect the other would be on any frequently misspelled lists. Or maybe it's just gangsta speak. (Could I BE any whiter?)

terahreu said...

Fac (pronounced the same way) is the verb 'to be' in Romanian. You could just tell them that. That might buy you some time and teach them some more foreign language skills as well ;)

Chelle said...

Gotta hand it to Mark for getting through it without laughing! My teaching moments don't usually mean anything due to all the laughter.

Boquinha said...

April -- You and me both.

Mark -- So true.

Emily -- It is super funny! I laughed, too. :P Honestly, we can chalk it up to homeschooling. It doesn't keep them in a total bubble (nor would we necessarily want to), but it does delay all the crappy stuff. And that's okay with us.

Britta -- You're not alone in that.

Lindsay -- That's a hilarious story! And I love that your mom used soap. Hmmm, food for thought.

Jess -- Same here! (Reference comment to Emily).

Sierra -- Yep!

Swistle -- Me, too! Nothing that would get published or anything (at least, not in the children's section) . . . but funny nonetheless.

Lbs -- I think it might be gangsta speak. ;) *BING!* :)

Terah -- THAT is hilarious. How did you speak there with a straight face?!?

Rachelle -- You have such a great laugh that no matter the teaching moments, your children will always have great memories, I'm sure! :)