Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Thoughts - Movie Edition

Toy Story 3 is so so so so so so awesome.
We saw it the weekend it opened
and loved every minute of it.


I love the Toy Story movies, because I can totally relate to them.
When I was little (and at times still today), I was/am convinced that toys have feelings.


We sneak treats into movies,
because what they charge is highway robbery.
(Why do we still use that phrase?)
Don't judge me.


Our treat of choice these days is pretzel M&Ms.

Have you tried these?? They are the best.
Like I'm-going-to-write-the-company-and-tell-them good.


I forgot to take tissues into the movie.
Stupidest thing I've done in a very long time.


I had to do things like discreetly sniff like crazy
and use my hands and sleeves.
Thank goodness for the outtakes during the credits.
Gave me a chance to gain composure.


Almost everyone stood up when the movie was over
and then sat down again for outtakes during the credits.
Had they never seen a Pixar movie?


Going to the movies to see the new Pixar movie
is an annual tradition for us.
Otherwise, we don't go to the movies very much.
Too expensive.


After the movies, while using the restroom, I wondered WHY
Kimberley-Clark is always the industrial toilet paper of choice.
They seem to never have considered 2-ply.


It reminds me of back in college
when my freshman roommate Kimberley
was dating a guy named Clark.
Every time I'd see a box of TP, I'd wonder if they were meant to be.
(They weren't).


Somehow I've veered from good movies to bad toilet paper.
Welcome to the workings of my mind.



katie said...

I don't judge you. A movie theater here did a poll and something like 85% of people admit to sneaking in treats. So this theater now shows slightly older films (they open about 4 weeks after opening) at a reduced price ($3.00 a seat) and the concessions are also cheap. We saw how to train your dragon yesterday- 5 of us with enough popcorn and pop to keep everyone happy for $20. Not bad.

Jimmy said...

My children have never tasted candy from a movie theater.

But I feel like I have a cold black heart when we don't buy buttery theater popcorn.

Bethany said...

Great post, Stacy. Actually, I never noticed the brand name on the toilet paper in the movie theater before. I'll have to check it out next time we are there.
Your post make me giggle. Keep sharing.
We love Pixar too and ALWAYS stay for the out takes. You just have to.

Chelle said...

We don't go to movies very often either, but we took the girls to see Toy Story 3 last week and we all loved it. But we weren't as smart as treats to sneak in, so we went without! The girls were just happy to go to the theater though.

Aaron Houssian said...

We loved Toy Story 3 as well, what a great movie!

We don't have those pretzel m&ms here yet, hopefully soon because I love sweet/salty treats!

Also I love exclamation points!

J Fo said...

This movie is still on my list to go to. We may wait for a while and take Emmy in St. G. I have a cousin who works at one of the smaller theaters and would let us in for FREE! I'm totally a treat sneaker, too. :) And have you considered that the fact that the TP is never 2-ply (cheap) is why they all choose the same one?! hehe

bythelbs said...

We loved TS3 as well. So good. And amen to the snack sneaking.

I suspect the 1-ply is to prevent clogging. At least that's the reason my sister buys it. I didn't even know you could purchase 1-ply in a regular store, but apparently you can.

Also, 1-ply is evil.

terahreu said...

Love that you have musings about public toilet paper. I thought of it, just not blogged about it.

I heard that movie was fab! Doesn't everyone bring their own treats? Come to the Middle East, no one seems to care if you do. One day we bought a whole family meal from KFC to a movie theater. Not a word.

Swistle said...

Who would have thought that a toilet paper brand could be so bad at predicting romance?

I always sneak candy in, too. I justify it with two things: one, that our theater claims they don't allow outside food "for insurance reasons," which is a LIE and therefore I may take revenge by defying the rule, and two, that they take advantage of the situation SO GROSSLY. If they charged for their food what was fair, I wouldn't feel right bringing in my own. But three or four times the fair price, after forcing a monopoly? UNFAIR, and therefore permitting revolution and defiance.

Boquinha said...

Katie -- I love reduced-price theaters. Not a bad deal at all!

Jimmy -- you're a good dad. :)

Bethany -- See? You're so smart. I knew I liked you right away for so many reasons.

Rachelle -- I wasn't sure if it was you or Jared talking in that comment. Are you two morphing into each other? :P

Slothy! -- I hope you get the pretzel M&Ms soon. They're so good! They can't even keep them on the shelves here. SO yummy. You'd love them. (Also, I love that you love exclamation points!). And I've now discovered you have a blog -- so you've been added to our blog roll and I've now subscribed. :) Yay!

Jess -- Did you see it yet? I do think it's because it's cheap (though I hadn't considered the merits of not clogging the toilets. Hmmmm . . . ).

Bythelbs -- 1-ply IS evil. (Loving the "Also" comments on here)!

Terah -- your KFC comment made me laugh out loud. That's hysterical!

Swistle -- Welcome! I absolutely LOVE your line of justifying, er, reasoning. (No, seriously, I love it).