Saturday, October 27, 2012

Big Storm Coming!

Hey All,

(And by "all," I mean anyone who might even look at our poor, neglected blog anymore).

We have been SWAMPED. So so swamped. Things are good - we have full, happy lives. Thing is, we want to blog about it and share with you (again, you being whoever might be even reading this or thinking, "Wait, sushi and pizza . . . I used to read this . . . whose blog is this again?").

That being said, here are two facts:

1. NaNoWriMo is coming up and that usually means A LOT of writing and very little blogging. However! Mark and I are trying something out where, in addition to our novel writing, we also post blogs daily throughout November. See? We care that much. Or we're crazy. I'm going to go ahead and bet on the latter. But yeah, I'm going to post this for some kind of accountability factor for ourselves from you, our readers (or no readers depending on if anyone actually sees this. It's kind of like that tree in the forest, only instead of a tree, it's a post and instead of a forest, it's the blogosphere).

2. There is a monster storm coming our way. I saw the projected path and the storm is pretty much supposed to come squarely to our town. So, today we're stocking up on supplies, bringing in things from outside, and tying down patio furniture. I so hope we don't lose electricity. We've recently stocked our extra freezer with half a hog's worth of locally grown pork meat. Also? We have no back up heat source and that, more than a loss of electricity, Fuh-REAKS me out.

So, hopefully starting in a few days, you'll be getting 1-2 posts from us a day for the entire month of November. That is our hope anyway. You know, assuming we have electricity and sanity. Well, electricity anyway. Our sanity has long been questionable.


Jagged Rocks said...

Hopefully by the time the storm gets there is won't be so bad???
Good luck with your writing this year!! You guys will probably do fabulously.

Emily Foley said...

I've been thinking about you guys and the storm. Will You evacuate? Also, I would be devastated at the loss of the pig. Good luck with that!

Boquinha said...

Here it comes! No evacuation orders but everyone's getting ready for power outages. We're fairly stocked, but no back up heat source or generators.

Schools just got cancelled for at least the next 2 days here.