Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Writing prompt!

I can't resist these. I love them! I am about 3 months behind on my SIL's blog and I'm sitting here trying to catch up before NaNoWriMo and I just got to a post full of writing prompts. So, here I go . . .

I love it when... we hang out together as a family in a laid-back fashion.

I can't sleep when... I'm all worked up.

I have a phobia of... germs. I'm an obsessive hand washer. I was not like this before having kids.

I wish i had... hmmmm. I'll quote Sinead O'Connor here and say, "I do not want what I have not got." 

I always smile when... our dog greets us. She is the BEST dog and I love love love her.

I need... hmmmm, I don't like this phrase. I do know that I respond well to love and nurturing.

I want... a game room. That is seriously my #1 dream house request - a game room with a ping pong table, pool table, tables for games and puzzles, etc.

I think strawberries are... a good fruit.

I think most people think i am... cleaner and more organized than I truly am.

I think I am... a loving person.

My husband thinks I am... the best woman for him. He's glad he's married to me and not to anyone else. I'm glad, too. 

My kids think I am... very supportive of them and their interests and their learning.

I used to wear... purple leg warmers. It was the 80s. I'm not the only one.

I wish I knew how to cook... good Portuguese pasteis (little savory pastries that you buy at caf├ęs there - codfish was one of my favorites).

I wish I didn't... get so easily distracted. I get in my own way so often. (To Emily, who wrote "like fast food," I highly recommend watching "Supersize Me" followed by "Food, Inc." You'll quickly be repulsed by it).

I'm glad I... have the courage to make big decisions that help me live an authentic life.

The last movie i saw in the theater was... "Hope Springs" on a double date with the Johnsons. 

It was... hysterically funny and it was so much fun to go on a double date.

The last movie I saw on TV was... "Sleepless in Seattle" as a family during Hurricane Sandy.

It was... a fun flick, though I like "You've Got Mail" even better.

If I had a month off from everything I would... I can't even imagine that, but I guess I'd write, eat, and watch a lot of TV.

Today I... hung out in my jammies, post hurricane, and worked on getting caught up on emails in preparation for NaNoWriMo.

Yesterday I... played games, watched TV, wrote emails, read news, and watched the weather online near obsessively.

I like... when I find a blog post of writing prompts.

Your turn! Thank you, Emily!


Dr. Mark said...

Nice post. You were spot on about what I think. So glad to be married to you. I think that A LOT!

Don't distractions keep life interesting? ;)

Emily Foley said...

I had forgotten about this post. Nice one!

And to answer your questions from my post yesterday: I make time for blogging because I love it, but I only read a handful of blogs now (I used to read hundreds) and I only actually read them once a week or less. My house is a mess most of the time (poor Dave I think it truly drives him MAD), and I love to eat, so dinner takes a priority. :)

Also...I don't home school. Gives me loads of time. Heh.

We had a game room growing up (we called it the Big Room) with pool and ping pong and a huge closet full of board games. I loved it there and so did my friends in high school. We spent the majority of our time in that room after school.

Boquinha said...

Oh, your Big Room sounds awesome!! We like having a home where our kids and their friends hang out - I think that's important and fun.

I think it's great that you make time for something you love. I'm trying to be better about that. I think that's healthy!

Boquinha said...

And thanks, Mark. I love being married to you, too. I think that A LOT, too. ;) I love our life. :)