Thursday, September 3, 2009

Missing TWO front teeth!

I love, love, love this age, this stage . . . the missing-2-front-teeth stage. I think it's adorable and I can't help but smile and laugh and constantly think it is so cute! Here's one of my favorite lines from today:

"I'm tho ekthited to get my own email so I can potht methageth and thend her gameth online and thtuff."

And this:

"Thith ith a fun game I made up using my thtuffed eagle thip (Zip). You jutht tie thith like thith and then relacth and he goeth around finding thpaghetti in your handth and eatth it."

So what do I do? I sit here and blog.

And apparently give him a complex with my questioning.

I try to spell Zip just right phonetically, so I keep asking him to say it.

He repeats it and then looks at me and asks, "What am I not thaying right?"

I try not to laugh (because he just said "thaying") and feel badly for giving him a complex and respond (truthfully), "I'm just trying to figure out how it sounds to say Zip's name without your two front teeth."

He responds, "Oh." And trying it out repeats, "Thip. Thip."

He looks at me and says, "The 'i' thoundth thtrange . . . Thip. Thip. Or ith it the 'the' (Z)? . . . Thip. Yeah, it's the 'the.'"


The Magic Violinist said...

LOL! That was funny! I loved the 'thip. . . thip . . .'

Scott said...

That is really cute!


Mom said...

Cute. That happy face warms my heart.

the emily said...

hilarious! So cute.

Jillo said...

Ha! So funny and cute. I love this stage too. What a fun kid you have.

Chelle said...

I love that stage and age as well. Something about a kid who is missing his two front teeth and excited to show it off it is so incredibly adorable. Most adults wouldn't be so eager to show off such things. Isn't that something we love about kids though? No inhibitions. We should all take a lesson.

Gary said...

Adds even more character to quite a character already.

bythelbs said...

This is one of the super fun parts of this stage of life. Enjoy every minute of them!

debaser said...

Your lil guy is super cute!

terahreu said...

I like the stage of no teeth better than the 'wiggly' teeth stage. For some reason seeing my daughter wiggle away seems painful and gross.

Maxim looks so cute being top toothless. We are still waiting for those ones to fall out.

J Fo said...

The dialogue there is SO him. I love it!