Monday, November 9, 2009

Words for today include . . .


Freaking out.

Data Recovery.

Freaking out.

22 single-spaced pages missing.




Temporary Files.

Freaking out.

Garbled text.

Good chapters missing.


Original 8 pages overriding most recent 30 pages of work.

Freaking out.

Was very sad about my friends not coming this weekend.

But worked hard on book instead.

Have felt very happy with this weekend's work.

Weekend's work gone.


Entire past week's work gone.

Freaking out.

10,000 Words gone.

Data Recovery is expensive.

Finances are stressful.


Feeling like crap.

What if the Universe is telling me I suck at this.

Feeling lonesome.

Needing friends.

I can't recreate it.

If it's gone, tempted to quit.

Don't want to quit.

So sad.

Freaking out.

Where is my story?!





Rebecca said...

OH NO!!!

the emily said...

OH NO!!! NO Stacy NO. You have to recover it. Don't quit. Pick up where you left off and don't worry about it, you can always recover it after you've calmed down.

This happened to me in college. We had to keep a running journal for a class that had to be turned in with the final. He said he didnt' care about technology malfunctions so be careful. I had it saved on zip drive, a floppy, a CD, and the drive provided by BYU online. All 4 got corrupted and I had to retype it (luckily I had printed it every day as well) but I'm a fast typist.

You can recover it. Don't give up!!!

Lindsay said...

Oh gosh! I am so sorry! GOOD LUCK!! I hope that everything turns out!! You are amazing.

Melanie said...


My heart aches.
Wish I could help.
Don't have helpful advice.
Just sympathy.
Hope you find it.
Go with the emily.
Keep on.

Vivian said...

I'm so sorry. But you know that it is all stored in your head somewhere. If you pull it back out now, it will be even better because now it is an editted rewrite. You can do it; we're all pulling for you.

the emily said...

This is your brother-in-law Dave:

That's awful. But it sounds like you were enjoying the process, and even if you can't recreate what was done perhaps you've come to know your characters well enough to write an even better story. Also, don't listen to the Universe. If you love writing then you should write. If you want to read true horrible writing I'd be glad to show you some of my story.

J Fo said...

This SUCKS!!! Please don't give up! Even if you can't stay on track for this Writing month. I know that this story is screaming to get out. All I can offer is a big (((hug))) and a phone call if you need to vent! Call me this afternoon if you need it! I won't call because I don't want to interrupt the process...but I'm available for you! Hang in there!

Chelle said...

I'm so sorry - what a huge disappointment! I know you have totally invested yourself in this.

Give it a few days. Hang in there.

Zelia said...

I felt so bad that my friend Maggie went and got me an awful awful. I wish I could get u one too.

Lena said...


Boquinha said...

BTW, even though I said as much in a subsequent post, I just wanted to tell you that every one of these comments really helped me, so thank you.