Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Party at our house!

So, I mentioned in my previous post that we had several guests come visit in February. And being that we love to host and do nice things for our friends and just generally because we're awesome that way, we rearranged one of our rooms into a library/guest room. It is AWESOME. Like a quiet living room upstairs.

Library Guest Room

Two of my closest girl friends growing up (Cathy and Kellie) came for another week of fun. And it really, really was. It always is. Cathy is like my own Mike "Gandalf" Ganderson.

Cathy, Stacy, Kellie

We did a girls' weekend when they came before. This time, they brought kids (well, Cathy did -- 2 of her own plus a friend we dubbed "random kid").

Thing 1, Kiley, Sophia, Thing 2, Random Kid -
workers at the Hershey Factory

Thing 2, Sophia, Thing 1, Random Kid, Kiley -
they got to make their own chocolate bars!

And since there were already 9 of us, when one of my high school friends, E.J., called the morning of the day everyone was arriving and said he wanted to visit, we told him to come on down and make it an even 10. Five kids. Five adults. Though with at least two of the guests, the term "adult" is more than questionable.

The "adults" playing Laser Tag

The crew came from 3 different states and there were 10 of us in the house and every single guest room was in use (plus some!). It was a PARTY. Roller skating, ice cream, unlimited laser tag, video games, Glee, Chocolate world, music, and good food were all involved. Much sleeping was not.

Evidence of the "not sleeping."

I'm especially glad that my friends here got to meet my crazy MA/RI/NJ friends and vice versa. We did fun stuff together -- roller skating, Friendly's, Laser Tag, pie night at our house, dinners, watched some Glee . . .

Kristie, Ellie, E.J., me, Cathy, Kellie
at the roller skating rink

As per tradition,
a visit to Friendly's is always in order,

especially after 4 hours of unlimited Laser Tag!

They let the kids get $1.99 kids' meals.
Awesome since there were 12 kids in our group!!
(14 if you count Cathy and E.J.)

So, our agenda was something like this:


Cathy and Kellie and crew arrive by noon.

Lunch: Taco Soup and homemade cornbread

Hang out and play video games and talk

Almost all my pictures of Sophia
have her making that lovely face

Dinner: All-you-can-eat pizza/salad/dessert at Infinito's
Cathy, Kellie, and I went to see
The King's Speech at our awesome little theater in town.
Cathy, Kellie, and I ate appetizers until we were ready to bust at Houlihan's Happy Hour.

E.J. arrives.

Stay up late talking and laughing.

Note Sophia's face


Leisurely morning/breakfast at our house
Lunch at Devon Seafood (YUM!)

The food there is fresh, delicious, AND beautiful

Hershey's Factory Works (See picture above)
Hershey's Create Your Own Chocolate Bar Experience
(You can see the picture above to see the kids with their candy bars)

Donning their aprons . . .

. . . and their hair nets

Me and E.J.
(Notice Random Kid --
okay, fine, he has a name
-- Trey
in the background)

Kellie, me, E.J., Cathy
Dang blurriness.
Nice lady took picture -
Mark had to work.

Hershey's 3D movie (REALLY fun!)
Hershey's Chocolate World

Apparently, we wore out the children
right in the middle of Chocolate World

Half-price paninis at local coffee shop
Younger kids enjoyed book club
Older kids enjoyed playing games at coffee shop

The 3 Ks - Kirsten, Kiley, Kate

Big group to our house for fun, Glee, and lots of pies!

Seriously, this picture was taken at 11:54 at night
and we're all up eating pies

Stay up late talking and laughing.


Leisurely morning/breakfast at our house
Lunch at Subway (where E.J. crawled on the floor looking for something that was not lost)
Roller skating with our homeschool group (BIG crowd - lots of fun)

Thing 2 - first time roller skating

Thing 1 - first time roller skating

Thing 1, Kiley, Random Kid

Awww, BFFs.

Playing relay games

Because I can dress them up,
but can't take them anywhere . . .
that's E.J. and Cathy post-collision

E.J. was still laughing.
Cathy's about to yell, "SHUT UP!" and hit him.

(Actually, I don't remember details,
but it's fun to play Mystery Science Theater
with the captions)

Me and sweet Ellie

Your eyes are closed.

Argh. They're closed again!

Try this.


Back to our house for an amazing lasagna and garlic bread dinner
4 hours of unlimited Laser Tag with friends


The kids vs. The adults
(See above for picture of adult team)

Friendly's for ice cream and more food - (See above for picture again)
(Seriously, it's insane how much food dominates get togethers)
Stay up late talking and laughing.


Leisurely morning/breakfast at our house
Everyone went to Tae Kwon Do to watch class

My martial artists

Guests left from there (Sniff. Sniff.)

Most of the gang -
E.J. had left
and Mark's taking the picture

The kids

Me, Cathy, Kellie

I can hardly wait until they come again!!


the emily said...

My goodness, it's a good thing you have a gigantic farmhouse! I would die with all that company! But it looks like a REALLY fun time.

Cristin said...

Love all those photos! It sounds like you guys had a blast. The food from Devon Seafood looks SO GOOD!!