Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Kids' Blogs

Just a quick note that our kids have been writing and updating their blogs -- both their personal ones and their joint book/movie review one (and there's more to come!).

I've put the links to their blogs on the sidebar of this blog -- they'd love to hear from you! And thanks to those who have already commented!


Vivian said...

I have been checking out their review blog. When I click to add a comment, I just get a blank screen. Is that happening to anyone else? I don't think it happens with their personal blogs. I check it out now.

Boquinha said...

That is really strange. We're checking it out right now. I remember you mentioning some of your comments not showing up, too. We're checking the settings to see if there's anything weird there. Thanks for letting us know!

Dr. Mark said...

I just checked the settings on the review blog and made a few changes. Hopefully it works now.