Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Week in the Life - the "By the Numbers" Edition

Looking back at our Week in the Life posts it looks like I had a fairly easy run at the psychiatric hospital, and for the most part, I stay busy but not excessively so. I get a handful of phone calls throughout the day, and I rarely get a phone call after midnight. I've had such a crazy start to the week (Sunday was a full moon) that Stacy said to me, "You should blog about this." As part of my therapy, I think I will.

Tuesday - By the Numbers

30 - the number of charts I handled at the hospital in the morning (it's not as many as it seems, since some of those just need a signature or an order)
33 - the number of phone calls I received from nurses at the hospital between leaving on Tuesday morning and waking up on Wednesday
7 - the number of phone calls that came in after midnight
1.5 - the maximum number of hours I slept between phone calls
6 - the most phone calls I got about one single patient
12 (approx.) - the number of times my family heard me say "Tylenol 650 mg p.o. q4h PRN pain."
1 - the number of times I was overheard saying, "No, that patient is lying to you"
30 - the number of minutes it takes for me to interview a new acupuncture patient
6 - the number of phone calls that came in while I was talking to that new patient
0 - the number of phone calls made by the same nurse about the same patient during that time
5:45 - (a.m.) the point at which Scout barked at the phone because she was sick of being woken up
7 - the number of phone calls I received during the hour and a half I spent at the coffeehouse for our NaNoWriMo write-in
775 - the number of words I wrote during that write-in (don't even ask me how I pulled that off)
3 - the number of those words that I think were any good.
4 - hospital-free days starting Thursday morning
1 - number of continuous smiles I'll be wearing for those four days


Boquinha said...

Writing, humor, venting . . . such a therapeutic post. Really fun to read, too.

I'm SO glad for you that you're about to enjoy a 4-day break from that. I know we have some other things going on, but it'll be nice for you to have a break from call! I love you! Thanks for all you do for us. :)

LMW said...


Hope you're enjoying your days write.:)