Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kid Interviews - Favorites of 2013

In which I interview our children. I usually do this in January. Oh well.

Thing 1 - Age 13 (turns 14 in a couple of months!), 8th Grade

Favorite Color - Yellow
Favorite Food - Sushi
Favorite Drink - Butterbeer from Harry Potter World
Favorite Board or Card Game - Settlers of Catan (Cities and Knights) and Snake Oil and Catch Phrase
Favorite Wii Game - Just Dance 4
Favorite Online Game - Minecraft
Favorite DS game - Harry Potter Legos
Favorite Hobby - Reading and writing
Favorite non-electronic thing to do - Reading and writing and playing with family and friends and Scout
Favorite thing to do outside - Capture the Flag
Favorite Book - Harry Potter Series and from this past year - "Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Rowell
Favorite Movie - The Harry Potter movies, The Hunger Games, and Catching Fire, and The Way, Way Back
Favorite TV show or Cartoon - Gilmore Girls :)
Favorite Restaurant - Wasabi
Favorite Outdoor Spot - "The swinging bench at the local park"
Favorite Animal - Puppy
Favorite Fruit - Kiwi
Favorite Flower - Sunflower
Favorite Tree - Weeping Willow
Favorite Vegetable - "I really don't know what my favorite vegetable is. I don't know. I like all vegetables; I don't really have a favorite. Can I say Caesar Salad?"
Favorite Snack - Popcorn or M&Ms or both 
Favorite Stuffed Animal - Menedy (stuffed cat)
Favorite Sport - Quidditch
Favorite Dessert - Cookies
Favorite Place to Vacation - The Beach or Harry Potter World
Favorite Houseguests of 2013 - "The Johnsons"
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor - Chocolate Peanut Butter and Double Dunker
Favorite Smell - Baking cookies, a new box of crayons, and books
Favorite Aisle in Department Store - Office Supplies
Favorite Song - "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift
Favorite Group or Singer - Taylor Swift, The Civil Wars, and Imagine Dragons
Favorite Season - Summer
B.F.F. - Kirsten
Favorite Room of the House - My room and the computer room
Favorite Day of the Week - Fridays in the summer, because of Park Days; Thursdays, because that's when Kirsten comes over
Favorite Event of 2013 - The Johnsons moving here, the Taylor Swift concert, Writer's Camp, going to the beach, and getting published 
Favorite Errand to Run - Going to the library
Favorite Outfit - Anything comfy with mismatched socks
Favorite Instrument to Play - Violin
Favorite Phrase - "Mulligan! (You know what I'm talking about, Rich!)"
Favorite Thing about Daddy - "He works hard to make everything nice. It's hard to pick one thing."
Favorite Thing about Mommy - "How you're thoughtful and like to spend time as a family. Oh, Gilmore Girls! That, too!"
Favorite Thing about Your Sibling - "How goofy he is and how he always rushes to tell me things whenever something exciting comes up."
Favorite Thing about Scout - "How much personality she has and how we're always scrambling around to please her and the different expressions she gets on her face when certain words are said like, 'stinky,' 'b-a-t-h' and 'mailman.'"   
Favorite Christmas Gift of year - "I can't pick a favorite, but I really like all the writing supplies I got from you and Daddy, the CD player from Max, the Okay-Okay (Fault in our Stars) fingerless gloves from Kirsten . . . I like everything I got."
Favorite School Subject - "We don't really do school subjects. I like what we do for history - reading books, watching documentaries, Crash Courses, rather than just reading from a textbook. I also like reading together as a family."
Favorite Family Tradition - "Everything, but especially NaNoWriMo, themed birthday parties, and the yummy treats we make around Christmas time like biscoitos and 'Christmas crack.'"
Favorite Homeschool Group Activity - Park Days
What do you want to be when you grow up? - An author, though hopefully sooner than when I'm grown up (Me: You got published this past year. You are an author!)
If you could change anything about the world . . . - "I watch far too many time travel movies and TV shows to know that if you try to change something about the world, it usually ends up causing more problems. That being said, I'd like to see world peace and equality for all."
If you could have any superpower . . . - "Flying."
Weirdest thing you can do - "I can turn one foot backward and one foot forward at the same time."
Best thing about you - (Me: Max's least favorite question; Kate: Yeah, mine, too.) "I'm a good friend. I can talk to anybody - adults, kids, toddlers, whomever. I don't know. I don't really know what to say that. Scout would appreciate for me for my tasty hands . . . as she licks me (seriously, the dog licks her hands like an ice cream cone anytime she's near her hands!). I'm creative."

Thing 2 - Age 11, 5th Grade

Favorite Color - Silver
Favorite Food - Pizza
Favorite Drink - Birch Beer
Favorite Board or Card Game - Yu-Gi-Oh!
Favorite Wii Game - Mario Kart
Favorite Online Game - Minecraft
Favorite DS game - Star Wars: Force Unleashed
Favorite Hobby - Playing Yu-Gi-Oh! (the card game) and creating games
Favorite non-electronic thing to do - Playing tabletop games or creating a game
Favorite thing to do outside - Adventure games, LARP (Live Action Role Play)
Favorite Book - The Two Towers (Lord of the Rings)
Favorite Movie - Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Favorite TV show or Cartoon - It's a tie between Invader Zim and My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic
Favorite Restaurant - J&S Pizza
Favorite Outdoor Spot - Park/Playground - "near the two trees by the downhill slide"
Favorite Animal - Bald Eagle
Favorite Fruit - Kiwi
Favorite Flower - Nightshade
Favorite Tree - Blooming Cherry Tree
Favorite Vegetable - Caesar Salad
Favorite Snack - Pretzel M&Ms
Favorite Stuffed Animal - Zip (stuffed eagle)
Favorite Sport - Tae Kwon Do
Favorite Dessert - Mint Oreos
Favorite Place to Vacation - I really like to go to the Renaissance Faire
Favorite Houseguests of 2013 - "Rich and Brennan."
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor - Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite Smell - Spearmint and freshly mowed grass
Favorite Aisle in Department Store - Games/Trading Cards
Favorite Song - "We'll Be Coming Back" by Calvin Harris, featuring Example
Favorite Group or Singer - Ellie Goulding, Bruno Mars, Europe
Favorite Season - Fall
B.F.F. - Rich and Brennan
Favorite Room of the House - my room and the computer room
Favorite Day of the Week - Friday and Saturday
Favorite Event of 2013- The Johnsons moving here and going to the beach with them
Favorite Errand to Run - Going to the book/game store
Favorite Outfit - "I really like this" (he points to what he's wearing) - gray shirt striped with black and purple
Favorite Instrument to Play - Piano
Favorite Phrase - "Sometimes my imagination gets away from me, too, and then it comes back with cake!"
Favorite Thing about Daddy - "That he's up for doing anything and that he loves me."
Favorite Thing about Mommy - "There's a lot of things for you AND Daddy. How you love us very much - that you put us first, always."
Favorite Thing about Your Sibling - "How she's kind and loving and plays with me sometimes" (and then in a whisper, "but very rarely!")
Favorite Thing about Scout - "How she's cute, energetic, loves playing, and loves cuddling, and gets excited when we come home."
Favorite Christmas Gift of year - Everything. I can't pick one. I love the Rogue Shadow Lego Set (Star Wars), the gaming supplies that you (Mommy and Daddy) got me, and Pinkie Pie stuffed animal from Santa/Kate, and the Stampede Nerf Gun from Gramsy and Pops
Favorite School Subject - Chemistry
Favorite Family Tradition - My birthday parties, and opening Christmas presents on Christmas Eve and NaNoWriMo
Favorite Homeschool Group Activity - Park Days
What do you want to be when you grow up? - A game designer
If you could change anything about the world . . . - "Peace and happiness."
If you could have any superpower . . . - "it would be . . . I want two superpowers: jumping really high and teleporting."   
Weirdest thing you can do - "Make it so both of my eyes are just white."
Best thing about you - "Oh, I don't want to do this! Everything I say is going to sound like, 'Oh, I'm the best' and I don't like that. (Me: It's good to know your strengths. Go ahead.) Ugh, I don't know how to say this! I like how I'm kind to people and how I'm good at Yu-Gi-Oh . . . this feels really awkward, just so you know . . . how I'm good at video games and that's it. I'm going to stop there."     


Dr. Mark said...

Great interviews! I'm happy that I knew a lot of the answers already. I think we have great kids, and they have so many strengths. I'm very impressed by how humble they both are. Thank you for doing these, Stacy!

Jimmy said...

You have such great kids. ANd what are biscoitos?

Gramsy said...

What special children . Oh yeah what special parents. Oh Wow that equals Special Family. I'm so glad we know you all. Hope to see you next month.

LMW said...

I'm with Gramsy!

Boquinha said...

Biscoitos are a traditional Portuguese cookie we make at Christmastime. They aren't very sweet, but I like it like that. :)

And thank you, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I can totally hear Thing 2 saying his superpowers! I am surprised to learn Thing 2 likes chemistry so much. It's great that you both have raised such humble kids.

Emily Foley said...

Pretty great kids. I'm getting to the hate minecraft camp, though...

Rich said...

Man Stacy, how did you know I was going to read this? You know me too well. "Favorite Thing about Your Sibling - "How she's kind and loving and plays with me sometimes" (and then in a whisper, "but very rarely!")" I get told that a lot from Maxim. :P And you should both feel guilty about saying what your good at! You should be ashamed of your self! There you go.

The Magic Violinist said...

Ba ha ha! Somehow I knew he was going to say something like that about me. ;)

Loved reading Maxim's answers! I predicted most of them, although I can't BELIEVE he didn't mention Calvin Harris and/or Zedd for favorite artist!

Boquinha said...

Thanks for that, Kate! I'm now hearing about it from Max. I apparently should have said "artist" and not "singer." :P