Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Random Thoughts

So I totally love those month-in-review posts, but I feel like they're so time intensive that I find myself not posting much of anything else. I don't want blogging to feel like homework, so I'm choosing to mix it up a little. Here are some random thoughts.

The new house is awesome. 
We have less noise here, less allergies here, less dust here.
And we have more light. Even on cloudy and rainy days. Love it!


It practically feels like fall.
I'm not ready for that. This summer has flown by
and it hasn't been that hot!


When I hear people tell the same stories over and over again,
 it always makes me wonder . . . are they that enamored with them?
 Bored? Nothing else in their lives? Trying to preserve them?


You know how people say, "I know that guy!" 
Who cares?


At the start of summer, both our son and our daughter
 said they needed more shorts for the summer.
 Both of them also added, "But I don't want to go shopping."
 These are SO our kids!


Thing 1 got glasses this past month.
She looks beautiful.


 We all went to the dentist this past week.
They told us they think Thing 2 needs braces.
Totally stressful thing to learn.
We thought he wouldn't need them
and we just finished paying off Thing 1's braces
 a couple of months ago.


We have friends who have moved after us
 who are more settled in than we are!
 They have sisters.
I'd love to have sisters.


That being said, I'm so grateful for good friends.
We could not have done all that we've done without the help
of our dear friends, Sherri and Ron and Jack!
I know I've already said it multiple times,
but it bears repeating.
Moving is so stressful and it's easy to feel overwhelmed and isolated,
but we didn't, much due to them and their help.


I love band-aids with designs.


It's Jim's birthday today - happy birthday!


I have to have a bite of something chocolate every time I eat Asian food.


Oxford comma, Oxford comma, and Oxford comma.


So, Thing 1, who NEVER asks for anything, really, really, really 
wants to be able to watch the new seasons of Dr. Who and Sherlock and Torchwood.
The only way we can figure out to do that is to get cable,
which we so don't want to do, as it's ridiculously expensive.
Anyone else know a way to get BBC America shows (legally)?
The new seasons start next week and I can see her getting very antsy,
and I don't know what to do.



Emily Foley said...

Today is my mom's birthday too!

I tell the same stories, mostly because everything interesting that ever happened to me happened years ago.

Summer WAS way too fast. We already have cool mornings. I am NOT looking forward to winter.

I bet you could watch those shows with hulu plus, it's like $8 a month.

Boquinha said...

Happy birthday to your mom!

Hulu Plus claims to have made some kind of deal with BBC America but we've called them and they haven't said what it is exactly. So frustrating!

LMW said...

Your monthly recaps are awesome, but it's better for you not to feel like it's homework. I kind of like getting more frequent posts from you anyway, even if they're shorter and less detailed.:) We fans are so demanding!!:)

Yeah, cable is terribly expensive! And, of course, it doesn't help that the seasons of BBC shows are so short. We don't have cable now either and I know Bill will miss watching Dr. Who.

One of Bill's aunts really does always tell the same stories over and over and over again. They're all from her glory days, as she sees them, from the nineties. It's irritating and almost seems scripted at this point, but we also know that she gets some kind of comfort from the stories, so I try to indulge her when she tells them, since we don't see her very often. It's easier for me too, since I didn't have to grow up hearing the stories like Bill and his other family members have had to do.:)

Dental work is so expensive and dental insurance is so almost worthless.

Anonymous said...


Oh, wow, Kate's lucky. :P My parents would never buy cable just for me to watch DW.

Um... well, sometimes recent episodes go up on YouTube (I watched most of "Game of Thrones," season four, that way) but that's not entirely legal.

I've /heard/ that Coke and Popcorn (http://www.cokeandpopcorn.ch/tvsection.php) has free online TV shows, but I've never actually tried it. It does have Doctor Who, though. I think the episodes are added pretty quickly after they appear on TV, but I'm not sure just how quickly that is.

I wouldn't worry about seeing new episodes of Torchwood, though. They've been on hiatus since 2011 and might not even put out any new episodes...

Anonymous said...

I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award! :) http://musingsfromnevillesnavel.wordpress.com/2014/08/20/the-sunshine-award/

Peg said...

Have someone you know who has cable record it for you.

Mostly people repeat stories because they forget they have told them before. We are getting old what can I say?

Jimmy said...

Happy birthday Jim! (And Carma!)

We don't do cable either. I'm still unhappy with how much tv my family can watch.

This summer flew by. Last summer seemed really long, I think because we went on our family vacation as soon as school got out and it was miserably dry and hot. This summer's been so busy we haven't even gone camping yet.

Dr. Mark said...

I always love your random thoughts posts. It's always fun to see which of your random thoughts makes it to the post, but didn't make it into our conversations.

Ditto on the new house. It's been a real change and treat.

Summer has definitely been in disguise. I hope that doesn't mean a terrible winter again. I kind of feel like we already paid our dues.

We have great kids--beautiful and handsome!

Great post!

Boquinha said...

LMW, I agree. This time of year is one of great burn out for me. It's the start of the school year and I often feel overwhelmed. I love the feedback - thank you. Honestly, I miss writing/posting more often. :(

We got the cable thing worked out - it's hard to believe, but we went ahead and got it AND it's .50 cheaper/month! I believe this means we've been overpaying for our ridiculously simple (networks only) cable for years now. :P

I guess I wonder if people who do that are "stuck" - like they're not progressing or moving on and learning new things. I think you're right that they derive comfort from them, but I wonder why, you know?

Dental work - yep. And I also got 2 cavities. :(

Nevillegirl, OXFORD COMMA!

Yes, she IS lucky (Do you hear that, Kate? You're so lucky!). Of course the fact that we can get it AND save money every month is kind of win-win.

Are you a Sherlock fan, too? TMV has seen all of them, and Mark and I have seen season 1 so far. So. Well. Written. I love Watson.

Thanks for the nomination - Mark has done his and I'll do mine next!

Peg, that was the original plan. Now that we have figured out how to get cable AND save money, we're doing this instead (and now when we get together with those friends, we can play games and stuff instead, too)!

I do that! I forget I've said stuff and repeat myself, but not usually years-old stories, more like stuff I've shared in the past few days.

Jimmy, I *hate* when a TV is on just to be on or to "channel surf." I'm okay with deliberate watching, though. I can't tell you how many good conversations we've had (about choices, writing, characters, sex, friendship, morals, etc.) from watching shows together.

And yes, this summer FLEW by. And the weather has been lovely.

Mark - welcome to my mind. It's always Random Thought Day in there.

I feel the same way about winter. I'm not too happy about what the Farmers' Almanac is saying. ARGH. They better be wrong!

I'm not even rushing fall and all that comes with it, because I feel like I'm waiting for summer. Where is the hot weather?!?

Agreed! And thank you!