Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Encyclopedia of Me - N (Mark)

(Photos courtesy of: Wikipedia.org, Amazon.com, and Forbes.com)

Nantucket: Stacy and I went to the island for our honeymoon. Since we got married in December, we thought waiting until the following summer would be a great way to go on the trip. We had a fantastic time and would really like to get back there. It's a quaint little island and a lot of fun.

Needles: It's what I do. I'm an acupuncturist. I needle people all day long. Being able to get the certification and do this for a living has been a very good thing for our family. Plus, I feel like I'm providing a service that can and does help a lot of people live better quality lives.

Nat King Cole/Natalie Cole: You knew you couldn't get away without at least one jazz reference! I love the old standards, and Natalie's remake of her father's "Unforgettable" plays a HUGE part in Stacy and me getting together. So, of course, it's our song.

New York City: We've been fortunate to visit the city on a number of occasions and always have a lot of fun. Stacy and I went together to see Les Misérables on Broadway. That trip even included a chance to be in the audience to see David Letterman. We've been back as a family a few times, and have even gotten to share it with friends and family. NYC has a feel and a pulse to it, and you have got to experience it at least once in your lifetime.

Nori: Yes, dried seaweed. The importance being that it holds sushi together. Oh, sushi. What a wonderful food. I was excited to try it in Japan for the first time, and I've loved it ever since. Also, the first date I took Stacy on after 3 1/2 years apart was a sushi dinner. It is still one of our favorite dates.

Netflix: This is so not a necessity, but it has been a really fun resource to have. We've had access to a lot of great movies, power-watched a number of TV shows, and now we have access to Gilmore Girls in more than one format. Say good-bye to productivity! ;)


Boquinha said...

Nantucket! Good one! How could I not pick that one?! Duh. And I thought about Natalie Cole, but figured I better save that (the song) for "U." These are all really good! Lots of nostalgia. :)

Siths and Jedis said...

Ha ha! Everything you said about Netflix is so true. I love your list of things.

Jimmy said...

I'd say you could have squeezed the Ninth inning in there somehow and got extra credit for the number of "n"s.

Fun stuff!

Dr. Mark said...

Ninth inning! I should have thought of that!

LMW said...

I was able to see Les Miserables on Broadway as well, fourth row from the orchestra pit! It was truly incredible!

I love nori with sushi, especially with the right amount of rice vinegar.

Dr. Mark said...

LMW, we weren't quite in the 4th row, but we had excellent seats as well. What a great experience! And there is a trick to getting the exact right balance of vinegar to rice, that's for sure. When you get it right, though--Yum!

Emily Foley said...

Seaweed, yuck! :) It's the 1/2 of the reason I don't like sushi. the other half? Raw fish.

I love Netflix! I remember the very first time we streamed and I thought, "This is going to change EVERYTHING."

I've never been to Nantucket but I've always wanted to! It seems so quaint.

My mom is doing acupuncture and loves it!

The Magic Violinist said...
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The Magic Violinist said...

Netflix! I can't believe I didn't think of that!

Ooh, needles is a good one. :) Nice list!

Boquinha said...

LMW, as long as it's not sweet rice vinegar!

Emily, did you know that sushi doesn't mean raw fish? It's more about the ball of rice and how the rice is made. It can be garnished with anything, even cooked stuff. :P But if you get nigiri sushi (the slab of raw meat over the rice ball), yeah, that's raw. Our friend Dave doesn't like the seaweed either, but then he found out that most sushi places will wrap their rolls in soy paper instead of seaweed and that's how he orders it, so he likes it better now. Soy paper doesn't really taste like anything and it's often pink and pretty! There's a roll here locally that is wrapped in it and it has crab meat (cooked) and lobster meat (cooked) with some panko break crumbs for crunch. Delicious!

Emily Foley said...

Oooh, that DOES sound good. Now I want to try it. My other issue is the rolls are always so BIG. How do people stuff that whole thing in their mouths without choking?!