Monday, March 2, 2015

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you, The Magic Violinist, for nominating me! 


  • Thank and link the amazing person(s) who nominated you.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate some other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

1. I am a pretty open book, so I don't know what I could share that people don't already know.
2. I'm enjoying watching "Veronica Mars" with Mark and Kate.
3. We recently discovered (by accident) a goofy cartoon called "Clarence" and we all love it.
4. I have a mind that can race at speeds you wouldn't believe. It's rather stressful.
5. When seasons change, no foods sound good and I hate that.
6. I think I'm part bear, because I draw inward in the winter and feel like hibernating from the world.
7. Um, I can't think of a 7th thing. I'm afraid that's not very inspiring, but thanks for the award! :P

I nominate . . .

Jimmy and LMW (you can answer in the comments if you'd like to play along)
Sherri at "seventy-two fishes"
Emily at "Emily's Something
And whoever else would like to participate!


Jimmy said...
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Jimmy said...

•Thank and link the amazing person(s) who nominated you.

--Thanks Stacy, you are an amazing person and I wish you a very happy birthday!

1. I am much more shy and introverted than most people think. It's my insecurities that cause me to try to act outgoing and extroverted.

2. Years later I finally realize that I have taken a lot of people for granted and gratitude is a weak spot for me.

3. Drugs and alcohol have had a very negative impact on my family.

4. I have had two cornea transplants on my right eye. During high school and in my 20s, my right eye drooped and that messed with my self-esteem. (So technically, I've had plastic surgery on my eye.)

5. My wife says she wanted to marry me because I'm a good dancer. (I tell her it's the Latin blood in me.)

6. I have a family vacation planned this summer that includes camping at Malibu beach.

7. I think boarding school might have been a lot of fun.

I think those are facts you've never known about me.

(Sorry, had to delete and repost this because Kate would have caught too many grammar errors in the original!)

The Magic Violinist said...

You're welcome! :)

Ha, I think I'm starting to morph into you with your food cravings, because I'm often not hungry when the seasons change, too.

LMW said...

Yay! I'm glad you're watching and enjoying Veronica Mars! I love Kristen Bell!

I need more details on this no foods sounding good when the seasons change? I've never heard of such a thing before and now Kate says it's happening to her too!:) How many days does this last each season?

Thank you for "tagging" me to provide 7 facts about myself. I suspect that there are many things that I could reveal that you don't know, since I don't keep a blog.:

1. I have a favorite letter. It's V. Whenever I ask anyone what there favorite letter is, they think for a second and then realize that they, in fact, do not have a favorite letter. So, I've come to the conclusion that it's unique/weird for me to have one. Not only is V my favorite letter, I truly love it. I love names that begin with the letter v, I love words that begin with v and I love how the letter v looks in print and feels in Braille.:) I like the numbers 4 and 7, but not nearly as much as the letter v, despite the fact that almost everyone else I know does have a favorite number.
2. If I meet and pet a dog or a cat for five minutes, I've fallen in love with it and am literally sad if I can't pet it again. I still miss my chioldhood dog, Laddie.
3. I'm not a picky eater, but I absolutely cannot abide by hot dogs, Vienna saussages, oatmeal and jello.
4. I always read the last page of a book before I commit to reading the book.
5. When I was a kid, if I watched a television show or movie where somebody died, I would worry for days that I would die that same way.
6. I used to like talking on the phone to friends and family when I was younger, but somewhere along the way, I've stopped wanting to talk on the phone. I'm not sure why this shift has occurred.
7. I am OCD about keeping track of our budget. I balance our accounts every day and, sometimes, more than once a day, depending on our spending for that day. If I don't check our accounts online every day, I feel panicked.

Boquinha said...

These are awesome!

Jimmy, thank you! I think I knew a few of those. I didn't know that about your eye or about the dancing - that's awesome (the dancing, sorry about the eye - that sounds difficult - my mom has an eyelid that is drooping and she says it's making it hard to see). I'm intrigued by boarding schools, especially since I've met people recently who attend them. I didn't even know they existed in the U.S.!

Kate, that's hilarious!

LMW, I don't know - a couple/few weeks maybe? I think it's because I tire of the kinds of foods from the current season, but don't feel ready for the next season's goodies yet. Like right now, I'm tired of winter vegetables and cooked vegetables, but I'm not yet ready for salad extravaganzas. Does that make sense?

LOVING (and quite addicted to) Veronica Mars!

And yay! I'm so happy to learn more about you!!

I think it's awesome that you have a favorite letter. Max does, too. His is "X." V is cool, though it is my *least* favorite letter to draw from the Scrabble bag!

Awww, that's so sweet about your love of pets. And well, hot dogs are pretty gross (though I'm not going to say I don't eat one now and then). And Jello? BLECH!

Your reading thing is crazy! Kate says she knows people who do that. The spoilers don't deter or ruin it for you? I couldn't do that. I can see how TV shows can cause anxiety like that - remember that TV movie about Adam Walsh? I think it was called "Adam." It scared the crap out of me as a kid for years.

I'm so with you on the phone thing! And wow, you are very meticulous about your finances - impressive! Though the worrying sounds stressful . . .

LMW said...

I don't have to spend much time worrying, because it's rare that I don't have an opportunity to check our accounts at least once a day.:)

Emily Foley said...

Oh man, my kids love Clarence and I cannot stand it. It's too weird!

I tried the first episode of Veronica Mars but didn't love it, does it get better or is it about the same as that?

Emily Foley said...

I think I knew all of that about Jimmy except for #5-7.

Boquinha said...

Emily, we laugh so hard when we watch it. Some of the episodes are super weird, but some are hilariously awesome.

Yes, yes, yes! Stick with Veronica Mars! It's addictive! I'm sad we're done with it. I wish there were more! She is SPUNKY and her relationship with her Dad (and Wallace) is great.