Friday, August 21, 2015

For Jimmy - Random Thoughts

Thank you for encouraging me. It means a lot to me. 


For some reason, when I think of Hillary Clinton these days, I think of Michelle Kwan.
MK wanted the gold SO BAD and never got it, even though she was capable and talented.
I don't think Hillary will win and she wants to SO BAD.


I love eating so much that I'm sad when I'm not hungry.


When I was a kid, I loved school and did NOT envy homeschoolers.
Nowadays, most of our kids' friends who are in school envy them.


"The war on . . ." New slogan, please.
This one's like "tartlet" - the word has lost all meaning.


I keep thinking it's no wonder everyone is busy and exhausted these days.
Ever watch those old Jane Austen movies?
They really show us how crazy it is
 how much we all squeeze into a day.
 Those ladies would take a walk, visit a neighbor,
 and then pass out on a fainting couch from sheer exhaustion.
 If they could see us women today, they'd think we're freaking superheroes.


If we were to run our business the way some people around here run theirs
(not returning calls, making decisions for people without consulting them, etc.),
we'd be out of business so fast.
I don't know how in the world they do it. It's maddening.


Our kids KNOW themselves.
 I didn't know myself like that as a kid.
 I felt carried by the waves of life and schedule, school and family.
 I went wherever I was told to, supposed to, had to.
 I didn't have the time and space to figure that stuff out.
 I've figured it out about myself only recently (and only somewhat).
 It's one of the most amazing things to come of our homeschool adventure.


I haven't had a restful breakfast since we got this dog.
 It's starting off each day with anxiety.
 Also, she scratches at the door with the frenzy of a kid who's about to wet her pants,
 and then she goes outside and smells every blade of grass.


When somebody says, "Oh, when I was a kid,
 I did (whatever) and I turned out just fine,"
 I often think, "Uhhh, have you met you?"


Which leads me to a pet peeve.
People using the explanation "that's how we've always done it"
as a viable reason for something.
That shouldn't be the reason unless it's working!


Speaking of pet peeves,
I have several when it comes to eating out.
Here are two.
One, do NOT ask me if I'd like a box when I am ACTIVELY shoveling food in my mouth.
I'm chewing. The fork is in my hand. I'm eating.
OMG, this drives me nuts.
Two, when I hand you the check with payment, just bring me the change.
 Do not ask me if it's all set or if I need change.
Just bring it to me and let me decide what I want to do.


Hopefully this means I'm back. :)
Thank you, Jimmy, for the nudge.
I needed that.


Jimmy said...

Just saw this. Glad you're back!

"Have you met you?" I like that.

I'm more hopeful for Hillary. I still think she can win it. I'd like to think she could beat out Trump if it came down to it.

Good point about going wherever you were told to, supposed to, had to as a kid. Not sure how you teach someone to be an independent thinker. I think some parents are afraid to allow their children to think independently of them.

You're welcome. Hoping to see pictures soon!

Dr. Mark said...

Add anything labeled "-gate" to the "war on ____." Watergate was so named because that was the name of the hotel. Anything else labeled "-gate" is just ridiculous.

You're not kidding about the amount of stuff crammed into a day. Seriously.

Great thoughts. I've heard so many, but it's nice to see them here, too. Thank you, Jimmy.

Emily Foley said...

Mark! I said that exact same thing about watergate in a post a few months ago! Exact! Hahaha! It was about deflate gate and the patriots.

The Jane Austen thing made me laugh out loud. Seriously, we are superheroes! We do our own cooking and cleaning and raising of the children. I don't have time to "take a turn about the room", I'm too busy being a superhero.

I love the argument for car seats, that we didn't have them as kids and we're fine. Yeah, that's because we didn't get in a huge car accident. If we had, we'd be dead.

Boquinha said...

So, Hillary. I have to say that as much as I think she'd do a great job in many ways, I just don't like her very much. I think she really fights for people, but yet is out of touch. And enough with the Clintons already. As for that idiot Trump, I think if he becomes the front runner, it may teach some Republicans the value of voting for a WHOLE platform/candidate instead of one tired issue that has already been addressed in 1973! I get that people are pro-life, fine. But that view needs to expand to ALL the ways people are killed including war, poverty, etc. That's part of what moved me right to left. :)

Parents being scared to let kids think for themselves - yes! And yet when we embrace it, it is SO MUCH FUN to see them mature into their own people instead of mini-us automatons!

Mark, I can vouch for that. Emily really did address that very thing on her blog. Hilarious!

"Take a turn about the room" - bwahahahaha!