Saturday, February 20, 2016

Encyclopedia of Me - S (Mark)

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Stacy: How could the love of my life not be first? Big shocker, eh? I've been with Stacy for more than half of my life, and it feels like only yesterday that we met. She is my soulmate, my better half, my best friend, my one true love. She gets me more than anyone else gets me. She makes me laugh. She is the one person with whom I would always rather spend my time. And if it weren't for the cheesiness of "Jerry Maguire," I'd tell her that she completes me. Oh, would you look at that. I said it anyway.

Scout: This little fur ball is such a great joy in our home. From the day we got her, she's been my shadow. No matter what's going on, she wants to be a part. And if you're down, she'll cheer you up. She's spunky, ill-mannered, poorly trained, and 100% pure joy. And no, she doesn't mind one bit that I'd like to cuddle with my wife at night. She's fine right where she is between us.

Satire: I'm not talking cheesy, pun-laden satire. I'm talking well-crafted, intelligent, clever satire. I grew up on Weird Al and still love the guy. I think he's brilliant. And for the most part, Saturday Night Live really fits the bill. The writing can be uneven, but when they are on (especially with big political stories) there is nothing like it.

Sports: Yep, that's a picture of my letter jacket. I was good enough to play a number of sports, but not so outstanding that I was the best on the team. I like sports. I'm not a nut, and I can talk about a number of things without needing to bring it back to sports, but I do like them a lot. I like the competition. I like the strategy. I like the statistics (especially baseball). I like following my favorite teams. And it can honestly be any sport. As I've gotten older and more and more things are asking for my attention, I've had to scale back on how much I watch them, but there was a time when I could turn on ESPN and watch whatever was there.

San Francisco: Home of the Giants. I have a lot of fond memories of braving cold weather, shady neighborhoods, and lots more when we would go to Candlestick Park. But that's not all. It's home to some of the best seafood you'll ever find. The hills give the city a great feel. It has Lombard Street with its glorious curves. Cable cars. The Golden Gate Bridge. Seals and sea lions. So much history of social change. There is so much to love about the city, and I'm so grateful I could not only show Stacy, but also take the kids recently. It's one of those cities with a "feel," and I feel fortunate to have experienced it many times.

Scrubs: Not the comfortable hospital clothing, but the TV show. I remember when Stacy and I first saw the advertisements about the show. We both said it could be either really funny or really dumb. It was the first year of medical school, so a humorous look at medical education seemed worth it. We watched the pilot episode, laughed like crazy, and never looked back. I still say that "Scrubs," more than any show on TV, captures the emotion of being a doctor. It may be surreal at times and a little far-fetched, but really hits all the nerves with me. And the finale (the "real" one)? One of the best on TV ever.

Sting: For some unknown reason, I didn't really listen to Sting much until later in life. I was familiar with his music, and it was good enough, but I eventually starting really listening to all that he's done and I am blown away. His style evolves with each album, but his musical genius is the same. And Sting is fantastic live. There are not a lot of artists that can make it new every time, but he does. I feel really lucky that our family was able to see him live with Paul Simon. What a great memory and experience.

Sashimi: I bet sushi will be mentioned several times by our family, so as much as I love it, I'll go a different direction. I love the raw fish. In fact, if someone said you can only choose one, sushi or sashimi, I would first wonder why someone was being so cruel to me, but next I'd pick the sashimi. Raw fish is such a wonderful treat. Tuna is my favorite, but I'm not picky. I'll eat it all. I was just telling Stacy the other day that I had raw rainbow trout when I was in Japan, and that was incredible. It's not one you'll normally find in a restaurant here, but if you get the chance to try it, do.


Boquinha said...

Awwww, I love you so much! I couldn't stop grinning while reading what you wrote about me. You are my best friend and I'm honored to be one of your S-things. :) This is a great list and has so many great things about you. I love that I get to experience these things with you. And I'm loving reading everyone's paragraphs about Scout. This line? "She's spunky, ill-mannered, poorly trained, and 100% pure joy." Brilliant. I love you!!

Jimmy said...

I've accepted that my children will not appreciate what SNL meant to me growing up. I still laugh at the skits they did when the OJ trial was going on and I still watch and wonder how do they do their skits without cracking up. All the ones that went on to big movie careers--I liked them more when they were just having fun on SNL.

Think I'll binge watch Scrubs sometime soon. You and Emily Foley make it sound worth watching.

Boquinha said...

Jimmy, you have to watch this SNL skit - SO funny. Kate McKinnon is so good at making everyone uncomfortable. She made several of them break character:

Jimmy said...

Stacy--Yes! I've seen that one. It's hilarious. One of those that you wish you were too sophisticated to catch yourself laughing at but you can't help it.

Ellen Cleghorne--I would just look at the faces she could make and laugh out loud. I don't think I would have ever been able to do a skit with her without breaking character.

Siths and Jedis said...

I loved this post, when I read the thing about Scout, I started laughing. I forgot to put Sashimi on mine, but then again, I only like one kind.

The Magic Violinist said...

Hehe, even the things we have managed to train Scout to do she only does when she feels like it, so maybe it doesn't even count. xD

Weird Al is great. I love seeing him on "The Goldbergs" and "Galavant."

I'm loving watching "Scrubs" with you! The janitor is hysterical. He reminds me a lot of Kirk with his unique personality. Dr. cox is great, too.

Mm, salmon sashimi is delicious. All of it is, really. I'd love to try raw rainbow trout sometime.

Dr. Mark said...

Jimmy--I don't remember Ellen Cleghorne, but based on when she was on SNL, that was my out of touch with pop culture time period.

Max--even one kind of sashimi is good enough. I forgot to put Star Wars on my list even though I love everything about it. I figured enough other people would talk about it that I didn't have to go back and add it.

Dr. Mark said...

Kate--however Scout decides to do her tricks, it counts. The Janitor, yes. He's the Kirk of Scrubs. Just wait, he gets even better. Ooooh! Ted, too. He gets a lot more prominent. And Dr. Cox! So great! I'm loving watching it with you, too. And I bet you'd like to try some new kind of sushi/sashimi. I'm so shocked!

Boquinha said...

Plus, Max, you and Daddy like the SAME kind of sashimi best. :)