Monday, July 11, 2016


New fire pit
(well, old firepit, but we've made it a permanent place in the backyard).

New glasses and haircut.

New job. 
Before her first shift

After her first shift, where she got a nametag

My kids are growing up and I've truthfully never been so busy in my life. I feel like I haven't come up for air in months. Nothing means more to me than my family and I love, love, love these wonderful people. And Scout. Here's a picture of Scout.


Dr. Mark said...

So many fun, new things! All we need is a way to slow it all down!

Jimmy said...

Great new glasses! Gives Max an air of mystery.

I love the fire pit. We (or more accurately, our teenagers) roast a lot of marshmallows in the Summer and use our portable fire pit often.

Thanks to Kate, I bet you'll all be caught up on a lot more movies now! If it's like the theater here, employees can bring a guest to a free movie once a week.

Scout. She always looks so smart and alert. (Our puppy Minnie is a big hit with the neighborhood kids.)

Gramsy said...

Love your post. Keep them coming.

Zelia said...

Maxim looks geat with his glasse. He looks older and studious. Kate working? What does she do? I just saw these photos and feel so old. Scout cute as ever.

You should keep posting. I love the photos and copy them to my online album.

Boquinha said...

Mark, oh if we could only figure that out. :P

Jimmy, thanks! And you are correct! Kate has already taken me to one free movie so far - she and I went to see Ghostbusters together. :)

Scout is very smart and alert (and a wee bit anxious and vigilant). :P I'd love to see more pictures of Minnie! Also, how did she get her name? Maybe you could start a doggie blog! :)

Boquinha said...

Gramsy, thank you. We love hearing from you!

Mom, thanks. He does look great in his glasses. And now you know she's working at the movies. And yes, Scout is so adorable. We love her.

I remember you saying you weren't looking at blogs or Facebook anymore. Sounds like you're back at it again!

Siths and Jedis said...

I like these simple posts. Pictures, not a lot of words, but still very interesting! I love the haircut and glasses, thanks again for taking care of me.

Boquinha said...

Max, it is my pleasure to take care of you. You look great! Thank you for being so appreciative and sweet. I love your comments - it's so fun to hear from you.