Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day

This hasn't ever been a big deal kind of holiday for us. Sometimes we celebrate it. Sometimes we don't. Sometimes we do something like a kids' party or daily love notes and sometimes we're super low-key about it. We usually do something, but what's nice is that we tend to be on the same page.

This past year, I put up daily hearts on the kids' bedroom doors as well as on ours (for Mark) telling them things I love about them. This year, Mark and I both weren't really feeling it and kept things easy.

Mark went into work early yesterday and went out of his way to pick Kate up from her classes just so I could rest longer (I've been dealing with chronic neck pain and the cold tends to exacerbate it). In his text to me he said to consider it his Valentine to me. Now that is a great Valentine! I put a cheesy Waitress-themed (Broadway) Valentine on his Facebook wall. That's how we rolled this year.

The kids got valentines from a woman here who always does something sweet for them on these kinds of holidays. She puts together special things for her grandkids and always makes two more for our kids. We're so grateful for her thoughtfulness with that. They always get valentines in the mail from their great grandma as well. They opted out of going to the homeschool group's party - they're outgrowing it, I think.

It was a full day of work, classes, a dentist appointment for me, Max's book club, Kate's critique group, etc., but we managed to sneak in a few Valentines treats.

We got Valentines for our kids - flowers and chocolates:

And Kate made heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies for us to eat while watching "This is Us" as a family. Perfect!

How was your Valentine's Day?


The Magic Violinist said...

It was a really fun, low-key Valentine's Day. :) Any holiday associated with chocolate is bound to be good.

Jimmy said...

I appreciated this. I was on travel on Valentine's Day. Got back and handed out some small gifts last night. It was low-key for me, too.

Are you familiar with The Minimalist podcast? I find myself agreeing more and more with that approach to life.

Dr. Mark said...

I had a pretty good Valentine's Day. Of course I did--it was the same as yours! Sometimes the simple things we do as a family completely beat anything else more "grand" we can come up with. And those cookies were great!

Boquinha said...

TMV, good point.

Jimmy, I've heard OF it, but I don't think I've heard any of the episodes. The title has me intrigued.

Mark, agreed.