Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little bits of excitement

I wrote this several days ago (Thursday). I'm hitting "Publish Post" now (Sunday) -- just know that some of the stuff that I said we were about to do might've already happened. And stuff that we said happened yesterday really happened several days ago.

We haven't posted anything in a while. We're busy, busy, busy these days (all days?). And I just haven't been feeling "it" -- that draw to blog. It'll come, I know, especially as the weather gets cold, but for now, we're having fun reading, playing, visiting with friends, learning, cooking, and generally hanging out.

But I thought I'd quickly check in and post some mini updates on each of us, since we've all had exciting stuff going on . . .

Mark scored BIG points recently by making something happen for us -- a beach trip! We haven't done a beach trip since 2005, mostly due to finances or just not getting it together. We always talk about doing it, but somehow time goes by and we don't get out there as much as we'd like. Well, this year, he found us a great little beach house to rent and we got ALL kinds of deals for going off season!

Homeschooling is grand -- the flexibility it gives us is amazing. We love the beaches in Delaware and going off-season is the way to do it! The beach houses are significantly cheaper, the restaurants are cheaper as they try to draw in the locals after the summer season, you don't have to feed the parking meters, the beaches aren't crowded, and you can take your dog on the beach!

We're making this a yearly tradition -- the beach, cheap lobster dinners, the beach, getting away from it all, the beach, renting a cute beach house, the beach, hanging out and watching movies, the beach, collecting sea shells, the beach, watching the sunrise over the ocean, oh, and have I mentioned the beach?

And professionally, Mark's just awesome. He's getting so much great feedback from patients on the work we're doing here. He has helped a lot of people and continues to do so. We recently hosted our annual tradition of hosting a backyard BBQ for our patients and clients to celebrate our business anniversary (now entering year 4!) and it was a great success. Everyone had a lovely time and the food was awesome.

He was also recently made vice-president of the board for the local community concerts. They really value his opinion on the board and seek him out for advice on the direction of the program series and selection of performers.


I got invited to be the Municipal Liaison for our area here for NaNoWriMo! I'm crazy for doing it, but I just can't resist, because it's so fun!! There are several of us who already know each other who are doing it and several more from the area joining us as well! I just sent my paperwork in yesterday and soon it'll be all set up. I'm so excited!!

We're all doing NaNoWriMo again this year -- the kids have declared it their favorite part of our school year and something they want to do every year.

I was also recently invited to pursue a part-time job at the college doing counseling with the students there. I would have loved to do it, but it's not the right time/season yet (given our work schedules and everything else, there's no way we could make it work without other things suffering in the process). Someday, though. I'm flattered that they approached me and have me on their radar.

Thing 1

Thing 1 is excelling in all that she does. Of course, she's always reading and writing and her stories are just fabulous. There is no question in my mind at all that she will always write and will someday publish books. She is also doing so well with her music. This weekend, she begins taking part in a multi-generational string ensemble at the college. It's such a neat opportunity and she's excited to have fun doing it. She practices piano and violin daily with genuine enjoyment. Her violin playing is just gorgeous, so this will be a great chance to play in an ensemble setting with others and we're excited for her to participate!

Thing 2

Thing 2 recently earned his yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do! He has such a natural agility and is quite athletic and coordinated. He learns his forms quickly and can kick and jump with such power! The teachers there are constantly telling us that he has a natural knack for it. Thing 2 has his eyes on the prize -- he is enjoying advancing through the belts and talks about teaching there someday when he's older. He'd be great at it -- the kid makes friends everywhere he goes and is comfortable talking to anyone.


J Fo said...

Thanks for the update! I've been feeling so out of tough with everyone because we've been so busy, too. I am SO jealous of your beach trip! Sounds perfect. Miss you guys!

bythelbs said...

Everyone sounds great! I'm so glad.

P.S. I first read your post title as "Little bits of excrement". I'm so glad that turned out to be wrong.

Peg said...
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Peg said...

Where did you go in Delaware? I am always looking for fun places to go on vacation.

Vivian said...

I'm waiting for videos of the violinist and the martial art(ist?) I miss seeing their progress.

the emily said...

What a fun post. That beach trip sounds FAB.U.LOUS. Some year we should come out and do that with you, I would love that.

That is awesome that you got approached for a job, especially in this economy. Good for you! Too bad you can't do it, but yes, some day.

When did Kate start with the violin? I would have loved to do something like that when I was young, but we did piano. How early is too early do you think? Did you buy her violin or rent?

Same question for Tae Kwon Do? Do you think Isaac and Noah could do it at 6 and 4?

Thanks for the update, I've been wondering how you guys are. :)

Boquinha said...

Still trying to come up for air before NaNoWriMo . . .

Jess, come visit and let's do the beach!!

Lbs, your comment made me laugh out loud and also makes me think of that phrase EVERY time I see this post or get a comment notification from it, so thanks for that. ;)

Hi Peg! It's a delightful little town called Rehoboth Beach (we also like Dewey beach because we can take our dog there). Great town, boardwalk, awesome restaurants, quaint shops, so much fun.

Vivian, Mark posted them -- hope you saw and liked them!

Yes, Em, let's do the beach! The beach is one of my very favorite places. About the job . . . I know! I'm so flattered and grateful -- it wouldn't have made sense even financially to take it, but I would've loved having a foot in the door at the college -- If you move up to full time, they offer great benefits, including free tuition for your kids (and it is an expensive college!). We'd also like to teach there.

Thing 1 has been playing violin since the age of 7, I believe. She does the Suzuki Method and it's amazing -- one of the strengths of that method is that you can start SUPER young (I'm talking like 2 or 3 even, possibly younger). We also do piano (which Thing 2 really enjoys) -- we do that at home.

Tae Kwon Do is something Thing 2 has done since March of this year and Thing 1 (and Mark!) have been doing since September. It's another thing you can start as early as 3 or 4! It's phenomenal -- very confidence-building and a lot of fun (and VERY MUCH a workout). Isaac and Noah could totally do it. It's a really great program of discipline and focus and respect (find a good dojo) and kids thrive with it!