Saturday, September 4, 2010

Random Thoughts - Saturday Version

We do about 3 giant loads of laundry every 2 weeks on average.


If I were to come up with a personal fashion style,
it would involve not wearing a bra.
Not so much for the style, just because I hate wearing them.


I was just sitting down enjoying a handful of Oreos with milk . . .
. . . until I saw a 60-something year old man jogging down the street.
Then I just felt pathetic.


What ever happened to after school specials?
I loved those.


I am reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for book club this month.
I've wanted to read it for a long time, so I'm glad someone suggested it.


I have an old high school friend coming to visit next week
for a couple of days.
He and I always got along okay,
but not as well as we did afterward.


Beach, beach, beach.
I love the beach.


I also love Indie films.
We're watching a promising one tonight called "$5 A Day."


We've created a really cool organizing system on one of our walls
involving cork tiles and cool-looking sticker letters.


Lindsay said...

Indie films huh? I guess I can't judge cause I have never watched them. I bet the guy you saw running went and stuffed a bunch of oreos in his mouth when he finished his run.

bythelbs said...

Seriously? Only 3 in 2 weeks? I'm amazed. And also jealous.

Wearing a bra is the only help I get in that area, so I'm sticking with it.

I'm shoveling lemon cookies in my mouth as I type.

Me too!

I'm on book 2 of the Uglies series. It's interesting.

No comment. (There is no hidden meaning in this, I just don't have anything to say.

Me too!

Let us know if you like it.

Oh how I need some organizing. Cool organizing would be a bonus.

WV: dingul. A dingul ate my baby!

the emily said...

I couldn't get away with only doing laundry that often. also, my washing machine would die.

katie said...

I want to see a photo of the organizing wall. Sounds cool. And I second the bra comment...there is a reason I put my pajamas on at night at the same time my kids do, rather then waiting until I am actually going to bed.

J Fo said...

Bras are my friend. They help me create an allusion of what's not really there!

Love Indie films. Would love some good recommendations from you!

LOVE love LOVE organizing projects. I feel one coming on!

Jimmy said...

Don't feel pathetic about the Oreos and milk! It could have been a 72 ounce ThirstBuster.

Vivian said...

I read A Tree...long years ago. Remind me what it is about. I think I liked it. My book group is reading Atonement by McEuen. I have the book but haven't started it yet. I watched the Johnny Depp version of Alice in Wonderland and now I am reading the original Alice and Through the Looking Glass books to see how they compare. What is the alure? Both Disney and Depp were improvements on the original.

Boquinha said...

Lindsay, hilarious comment.

Lbs, I love that you used the word "shoveling" in the same sentence as "lemon cookies." Also, my mom just read the Uglies series. Really liked the movie. I'm in the midst of organizing and somehow feeling MORE stress -- please explain that!

Emily, seems everyone has the sarcastic bug today. I love it.

Katie, I took some pics but they're not uploaded yet (reference my madly trying to organize and yet feeling, well, mad!) -- the British kind of mad.

Jessica -- bwahahaha. And you and I are so alike in tastes -- $5 a Day was good and worth seeing. We've got a bunch more from the library we're about to see soon.

Jimmy! Yuck. I'm a water drinker, so even 72 oz. of that would've been better than my 5 Oreos. :P

Vivian, Tree is about a young girl's childhood story growing up poor in New York City at the turn of the century. It's a lovely story and it's SO WELL WRITTEN. I've been reading a library copy, but this is worth owning, so we're getting our own. We read Atonement years ago . . . I didn't like it. What did you think after reading it? And agreed about Alice in Wonderland.

terahreu said...

I could not agree with you more about after school specials. I wouldn't wait for those! There is a lot that has been lost in the '80s.