Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Thoughts and Happenings

I can't do any yoga positions that involve putting my head and/or hands on the ground without greatly exciting Scout. For whatever reason, she starts jumping up on my head and shoulders and scratching enthusiastically. It's kind of funny because one of the positions is called Downward Facing Dog.


Mark and the kids are moving up the Tae Kwon Do belt advancements!

Here's my crew!
Thing 2 as a high yellow belt
and Mark and thing 1 as yellow belts.

And here they are after their promotions test!
Thing 2 as a green belt
and Thing 1 and Mark as high yellow belts!
(Thing 2 started doing Tae Kwon Do first).
I'm so proud of them and it's crazy fun to watch them.


Thing 1 played in her first ensemble recital
and it was really neat to hear her play as part of an ensemble group like that.

I wish we could've gotten video of it, too.


And in more violin news,
Thing 1 will be playing at Carnegie Hall in the spring!
NYC, here we come!


I've noticed that tight jeans are making a comeback.
I'm not a fan AT ALL.
Especially, and this can not be emphasized enough, especially on guys.


Thing 2 heard someone's cell phone going off in the changing room at Tae Kwon Do the other day. He came home laughing SO HARD about it that I had to look it up.
And then I laughed so hard, too.
You have to hear this: Click here to laugh so hard, too.
If I weren't such a cell phone illiterate,
I'd figure out how to put it on my phone.


Burt Hummel.
Best TV Dad EVER.


This month, our homeschool group is focusing on FUN.
Every week we do something fun as a group.
Week 1 - Bowling
Week 2 - Laser Tag
Week 3 - Roller Skating
We have an awesome group and we're having such a great time.


Thing 1 read the entire Hunger Games series in 3 days --
she read each book in a day.


Thing 2 said to me yesterday,
"Scout was gaping stupidly at me while chewing her toy."
I responded, "Where'd you get that phrase?"
"Harry Potter."



J Fo said...

Sounds like when I try to do a workout video and Emmy is around. All the sudden she wants to cuddle and hang all over me!

Yay for advancing! I didn't know Mark was doing it with them...very cool.

Carnegie Hall?! Wow!

I have to say I don't mind the "slim" jeans for men, but the super tight is B.A.D.

I want to have a FUN week in school! I don't think I could talk people in to it at my schools though. :)

Speedy reader Thing 1!

The things that you can learn from Harry Potter!

Vivian said...

*congratulations all around on Tae Kwon Do advancements.
*Carnegie Hall! Details, please.
*Ringtone IS hilarious. Sorry to take so much space, but I have to tell you a funny story: On the way home from a youth snow trip, one of the guys asked to borrow his leader's cell phone to call his mom and say we were on our way down the mountain. What he really did was change the message alert. Then he turned the leader's phone off, called him from his own cell phone, and left a message. A while later he said, "Oh. I turned your phone off. Maybe you should turn it back on in case your wife tries to reach you." When he turned it on, of course there was a message--in that same voice as the ringtone you heard, a voice said, "message. message. Message Message MESSAGE MESSAGE..." We were all dying laughing while the guy tried to figure out where the outraged knome was coming from.

Britta said...

Our dog sat on me any time I did yoga moves involving the floor - just as my children are climbing all over me as I sit on the couch, trying to type.

I have to say I'm a fan of the skinny jean - and so is my husband. He's a big, big fan of my CK pair. Although - I too am not a fan of men in them.

Alena said...

I love this! Great pictures!

Dr. Mark said...

Don't worry. No tight jeans making a comeback here.

I started doing Tae Kwon Do with Kate after Thing 2 had been doing it for a while. It's been fun to have that to do with them.

As for Carnegie Hall, every 5 years Thing 1's group violin teacher is invited to bring her students to participate in a Suzuki recital. Between all the participating instructors there should be between 750 and 1000 students there. One of the really neat things about a Suzuki recital is the way they arrange the program. They start with the most advanced students and then progress backward toward the beginners. As the program gets to songs the students know they come up onto stage and participate for the rest of the program. The group grows and grows until all the students finish with all of the "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" variations. It's Kate's first time in such a large performance so it should be really fun.

the Lady said...

My kids loved to crawl on all fours under my downward facing dogs when they were little. It used to really frustrate me then... now I miss it.

So excited for Thing1! Fabulous.

The month of January fun has been terrific. We should make this a tradition.

And I dislike the skinny jeans, too. I wear my bootlegs with pride. :)

Cristin said...

What a great post! That's great about Mark and the kids advancing in Tae Kwan Do.

That phone ring is downright crazy.

Carnegie Hall--so cool!

The month of fun has been a LOT of fun.

I can't wait for the tight jeans to go away, although it's better than the pajama trend. I see way too many people at the store in their pajama pants and slippers. (Seriously. I'm not making that up.)

Let's bring back leggings and super-big, baggy sweaters. Go 80's!!!

a skateboarder who plays guitar. said...

Awww!...I love skinny jeans!....much better than baggy jeans in my opinion!...I rock a pair everyday!....Although, I can see where theres a difference between slim...and skinny.....have you heard of Jeggings?....if not, look them up....Youre going to hate that trend!

That cell phone ring was awesome....Im getting that one when I get a phone.

the emily said...

That ringtone sent me into a massive coughing fit. HI-LARIOUS!!!! I'M DYING! Literally. Get me some cough medicine.

I wish I could be at Carnegie Hall for that, I bet it is seriously amazing. The time you posted the Twinkle ensemble thing before it made me cry a little.

I can't believe she read it in 3 days! That's insane. Did she like it? I'm guessing yes...

Chelle said...

So cool about the Tae Kwon Do.

Carnegie Hall...holy cow! What a great experience for her (and for the parents). I can see why you're so proud of her.

Jeans - I couldn't agree with you more.

The Hunger Games - I just bought the series and I'm looking forward to reading them myself before Brita gets her hands on them....heh heh heh.

Boquinha said...

Thanks, all! Ditto, Jess.

Vivian, that's a funny story. The kids totally laughed at that. And it DOES sound like an elf or gnome!

Britta! Yes, I should clarify -- IF we're going to do skinny jeans, I prefer them on women than men. I personally like "boyfriend" jeans or boot cut jeans better on women, but either way, no skinny jeans on men!

Thanks, Alena!

Thanks, Mark!

Lady, I agree about making it a tradition. And hurrah, bootlegs!

Cristin, soooooo true about the pajama trend. First time I saw kids walking home from school in pajamas, I assumed it was "Spirit Week" where you wear something different every day and one of them is Pajama Day? I mean, what fun is that if you roll out of bed like that every day?

YAY, 80s!!!!!!!!!!! Mark says he saw a patient the other day wearing leg warmers -- they're coming back! "What a feeling! I've got rhythm now . . ." :P

Ronald, your mother will love that.

Emily, that twinkle ensemble makes me cry, too, so a big group at Carnegie will be especially great!

She does like the series. She found it rather disturbing in parts and we talked about how that's GOOD -- you should feel disturbed. One of the reasons I'm against book banning is just that. Many want to ban them because they make us upset or uncomfortable, but I think it's GOOD that we feel that way when we read that stuff. It's a nice check-in with our own moral compasses.

Ooooh, Rachelle, we had a similar battle in our house. We just weren't reading them fast enough for Thing 1's liking. :P