Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Random Happenings

I'm having another GIRLS' WEEKEND in a few weeks
and I am SO excited!
Cathy and Kellie are coming
(and Cathy is bringing her girls).
And maybe EJ, too.
And maybe even my Mom.


I get annoyed when people try to talk to me
when I'm singing along to music,
especially if it's a great upbeat
Katy Perry type song.


Thing 2 recently turned 8.
On his birthday, he said (of this pattern):

"I think I need new sheets. I'm not 4, you know."


Our book club is being featured in a book!
The author of The Book Club Cook Book contacted me
and has been emailing us over the past several weeks!
Our club will be featured as will the recipes we used
for our discussion of the book
Half-Broke Horses.
We have 14 members -- men and women.


Thing 1 has been blogging again,
so be sure to check it out.


Even though she hasn't been blogging much
on her own blog.
She and Thing 2 (and lots of their friends)
have been blogging A TON
on the blog the kids have made for Jake.
It's a way to keep in touch with Jake
when he's at the hospital.

Visiting our friend Jake in the hospital

Early this past fall, Jake's clinical staff came and did a "classroom" presentation to all the kids explaining what leukemia is and what Jake's going through. Afterward, we took this picture. Jake's in the middle holding Ellie.

Jake and Ellie


Our kids are really good typists.
Thing 1 has a score of 3.504 seconds
on this typing test. Mark and I can't even break 5 seconds.


Thing 2 has his first Pinewood Derby
this weekend. Mark and the kids
have been painting cars and getting ready!


In March, we're getting more visitors!!
Mark's brother Scott and his wife Lindsay
and their baby Ada

are coming to stay with us for a week!
We got their itinerary yesterday.
We're excited -- it's the first time
in the 8 years we've lived here so far
that we've hosted a "sibling family"
on Mark's side!


the emily said...

I'm so jealous that Scott and Lindsay get to come! I wish we could fly ANYWHERE, but hanging out in PA would be a blast.

Whew, that typing test is hard! Best I could get after 5 tries was 3.987.

Poor Jake. How's he holding up? Are the treatments working?

Boquinha said...

I know!! We LOVE to host, so we're so excited. Someday, Emily. Someday, right?

I was so curious what you'd get on that, because I know you're crazy fast! What's your WPM again?

Jake is going through the most grueling part of treatment yet. He IS responding to them, but it's really wearing him out in the process. It's a horrible thing -- no kid should have to go through that. He just spent several days in the hospital again, so everyone's been taking them meals, etc. again. He's ALMOST to maintenance, though. ALMOST.

Lindsay said...

Oh I almost got tears in my eyes when I saw the pictre of Jake. What a strong, strong kid. We are so excited about coming out. Planning will start soon!!!

J Fo said...

Love girl's weekends! I'm actually having one this weekend with my sister and cousins. Can't wait!

I love that Thing 2 is too big for his truck sheets now. Let him grow up Mom! hehe

That picture of Jake holding Ellie is so precious.

I'm super jealous of Scott and Linds! If only we could just "apparate" (is that the HP word?) and be out there, too! ;)

Boquinha said...

I love that my SILs are the first to post on this!

Lindsay, he is SUCH a sweet kid.

Jess, have fun this weekend! Isn't that sweet? They're such sweet kids.

Omigosh, if you could apparate (yes, that's the HP word), imagine how FUN that would be!!

the emily said...

I did 109 wpm at last test.

Jimmy said...

Jake. It's hard to think about anything else. What his parents must be going through.

Cristin said...

I love your "random happenings" post. A girls' weekend sounds so awesome!

the Lady said...

Have a fun "lady's" weekend out! It would be good to see your mom again... do you really think she'll be coming?

Boquinha said...

WOW, Emily! That's just amazing!

I know, Jimmy. It's horrible. Really, really horrible.

Thanks, Cristin! I hope you get to meet them!

Bethany, thanks! I'm WAY excited for my friends' visit. My mom was going to come, but she says she'll come again when it's warmer out. She doesn't like to travel in the winter.

Boquinha said...

Oh Cristin! You'll meet them at roller skating! :)