Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Joy of Randomness

Mark and I saw "Crazy, Stupid Love" this week.
Totally loved it.
Lots of fun twists and turns and a great cast with great acting.


I love that we can alter learning experiences to our kids' learning styles.
Wouldn't it be cool
if kids in school were "sorted" by learning styles
instead of birthday?


I love mistletoe.
It's one of my favorite Christmas decorations.


We make traditional Portuguese Christmas cookies every year.
They're very simple cookies -
more of a breakfast treat than a dessert.
Our dog loves them, too.


Michael Bublé has a new Christmas album out.
Get it. Seriously. Right now.
My favorite song on it is is original "Cold December Night."
Every year, as a tradition, we buy ourselves a new Christmas album.
This album is AWESOME.


I've been sick this week.
My husband made THE BEST chicken noodle soup.
Totally hit the spot.


And yesterday, a friend of mine
(who is also my friend's mom)
brought me a pot of homemade
meatball and noodle soup.
And so so sweet of her.


I totally had THIS idea years ago.
Don't you hate when you see someone else use your idea?
I actually have several awesome ideas (IMHO).
I just don't always know how to put them in action.
I'm definitely more big picture than nitty gritty.

I'm a news junkie.
But I hate video news online.
I would MUCH rather read/skim an article
than wait on a video.
Plus, Tivo has spoiled me, so I pretty much hate commercials.
(Though, now I hate product placement).
Speaking of, totally watch Morgan Spurlock's
(of "SuperSize Me" fame -- love that movie!)
"The Greatest Movie Ever Sold."
So, so funny (oh yeah, and informative).


One exception to that
is any video of a soldier returning home
and surprising his or her family.
They are great.
And make me cry every time.
I challenge you to watch THIS and not cry.


There is a new show on TV called
"I Hate My Teenage Daughter."
I think that is a sucky, sucky title
that perpetuates horrible stereotypes.
Teenagers are not inherently bad.
They can actually be DELIGHTFUL.
Stupid name.
Stupid stereotypes.
Plus, the idea of hating your kid?


A week ago today,
I was jolted by someone belligerently ringing our bell
("You come to my house,
you ring my bell many times!"/Gloria)
while I was in the shower.
It was the PA State Constable
leaving a business card that had my name on it
and the words
"A warrant has been issued for your arrest"
crossed out.
Scared the crap out of me.
(I knew I hadn't done anything wrong --
I'm not that kind of person,
but I was freaked out!
Images of being in prison for Christmas danced in my head).
Turns out?
Oops. Wrong address, so wrong person, too.
I was not amused.


I *love* Modern Family.
Gloria and Cam are my favorite two characters.


What the . . . ?
I recently found out, while Googling some Bobby Brown songs
that it's spelled "prerogative."
I did not know that.
This grammar and spelling nerd stands corrected.
PRErogative? Really? Really?


Dave said...

I love product placement. Especially when they don't try to hide it at all.

Don't worry, "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" won't be around long.

Phil and Luke Dunphy for life

Melanie said...

PRErogative? I'm a grammatical/ spelling nerd, too, and I didn't know this either... my world tilted a little just now. And I used to hate product placement - now I laugh at it. It's the agendas I can't handle. I don't want to be manipulated by someone's intolerance or fetish for something. Let me think what I want to. =)

the emily said...

I knew that was how prerogative was spelled. I got it right in the spelling bee in third grade. True story.

Haven't seen that movie, but I want to.

Love Michael Buble but I hate actually buying albums.

Hope you're feeling better!

Is that why ever show is doing product placement now? I didn't make the connection.

I can't watch anything about soldiers, it always makes me cry. It seems like everything makes me cry these days. I must be homesick.

J Fo said...

One of the reasons that I love teaching at my schools is that I do get to change my classes based on learning styles. it's fun, and it keeps me on my toes.

Love Buble...but did you see his Christmas special? It was a little lamo. He's funny, but it was lame. :)

I have not been sick for a while now (knock on wood) so I hope you kick it fast. Nothing worst than that lingering cold all winter.

I saw the toygaroo lady on Shark Tank a few years ago. Kind of brilliant! Like netflix for toys.

I LOVE Modern Family. That and Psych are my top 2 shows at the moment. "Look Luke..." hehe

No one has asked the obvious question...Why the heck were you looking up Bobby Brown songs?! What is your Prerogative? hehe have you seen Maya Rudolph doing her Whitney Houston impression? "Bobby B! Where are you Bobby B?!"

Jimmy said...

I failed your challenge.

Boquinha said...

Oh, I do love Phil and Luke, too. You know? There's not a bad one in the bunch.

PRErogative. I still can't believe it.

Emily, that is so cool how that sticks like that. I remember "loneliness" for the same reason (spelling bee).

Jess, that's cool that your school is set up that way. And yes, his Christmas special was so old school. He is actually HILARIOUSLY funny -- so different in his concerts.

Why was I looking up Bobby Brown songs? There is a contestant on X-Factor who is very reminiscent of Bobby Brown (before he flushed his life and career down the toilet) and I was thinking it would be so cool if he would sing "My Prerogative," so I looked it up and that's how I figured out it was spelled that way. NUTS! PRErogative? I thought it was perogative. But, nope.

(And yes, Maya Rudolph is hilarious when she does that! I love SNL - my absolute FAVORITE right now is Stefon).

Jimmy, seriously? So, what DOES start the water works?

Jimmy said...

No, I meant that watching that clip DID get me all choked up.

Where the Red Fern Grows still works,too.

Boquinha said...

Oh duh. You're right. I just saw how I worded the challenge. I had a feeling that the daddy-daughter part would get to you, too. ;)

The Magic Violinist said...

I LOVE Modern Family! :D I like Luke, Alex, Phil, Gloria, and Cam best. :D But they're not going to have any new ones soon. :(


Boquinha said...

And I love watching it as a family. :) I also love that we always quote it, too. "I ever tell you about me and crabcakes?"

Dave Johnson said...

You should have told me about renting toys months ago! We might need to try that.

Got the Buble album two weeks ago, haven't listened to much else-even Nana likes it.

I will proudly admit to that BB song coming up on my shuffle just yesterday.

I think my fav MF moment is Alex standing at the kitchen sink splashing water in her eyes and shouting "I CAN STILL SEE IT!"

Boquinha said...

I didn't tell you because SHE STOLE MY IDEA.

You should be proud.

THAT is my favorite MF episode.