Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our 15th Anniversary in Numbers

I love writing prompts. So I'm giving myself one for this post. Today is my and Mark's 15th wedding anniversary (and next year is TWENTY years we've been together!!).

So in honor of our anniversary, I'm doing a post-by-the-numbers. I'm numbering 0-15 and coming up with something for each number related to our marriage:

The number of times we've ever been apart. True story.
Since being married, and by choice (and good fortune, too), we have not ever been apart, meaning in different states/countries from each other. We see each other every day. When we dated during our freshman year of college, people nicknamed us "24/7" for a reason. After our freshman year, we spent 3 1/2 years apart and we were often across the world from each other. Honestly, that was really, REALLY hard. So, given all that, we really value being together. And since all that, we haven't desired to be apart.

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who are ready to judge and call us crazy and unhealthy and I've seen the articles that talk about distance being good for relationships. That's all fine, but the fact is we're happy and I can't think of anyone else I'd rather be with. Even with all this, I feel like I can't get enough of this guy. So if we have no complaints, I'm not sure why anyone else should.

The number of heart-breaking miscarriages we've suffered
(my first pregnancy)

The number of children we have together

Also, the number of crappy bosses we've had between the two of us
(hence, owning our own business)

The number of states we've lived in
(UT, AZ, and PA)

Also, the number of cars we've owned together

The number of degrees we've earned since getting married
(a bachelor's degree for each of us, a master's degree for me, a doctorate for Mark)

The number of addresses we've had
(Our first apartment in UT, our trailer in AZ, our townhouse in PA, and our farmhouse in PA, which has two addresses -- one for us and one for our business)

The number of concerts we've been to together
(4 of those just in the past year)

(7 1/2)

The number of years we've spent in school between the two of us since getting married
(8 1/2 when you count the year of post-doctorate training)

The age of our youngest child.

The number of years we've lived in PA so far
(well, 8.5, so I rounded up)

The number of bookshelves we own
(and they are all filled to overflowing)

The age of our oldest child.

The number of years ago we left UT and our first apartment

Number of miles until our van hits 100,000 miles
Also, the number of years we've had our Saturn.

Number of years since we graduated college

Years of wedded bliss

There are other numbers that come to mind, too. Like 26 - the number of plumbing leaks under our trailer in Arizona. And 39, 36, 32, 31 - the number of states we've all respectively visited (Mark, me, Thing 1, Thing 2). How about over 150K words written in 3 years of novel writing? And 169 - the number of Google Answers Questions we've answered (yes, we'd work together on many of them. Big shocker). And over 2700 - the number of miles in our longest move. 2.2 - the number of miles in our shortest move. 5407 - the number of days we've been married longer than Kim Kardashian. 27 - the number of years left to pay Sallie Mae. 86 - the number of library articles currently checked out to us. And 22 - probably the number of boxes still not unpacked. :P 19- the number of years we've been together . . . so many numbers, milestones, and meanings, but today the number 15 is at the forefront.

For 15 years, I have been married to my best friend. I know that he has only had eyes for me, and I for him. He tirelessly shows me that he loves me and that we are his top priority. I am so grateful and so happy. Nothing means more to me in the world than my marriage and family, so I really feel like I hit the SUPER jackpot. 15 and counting means more to me than millions of dollars in lotto wins ever could. So. Much. More.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie.
I love you.


Lindsay said...

Happy Anniversary guys! Have a great day!

Emily Foley said...

Happy anniversary!!

The zero number is astounding! Dave and I have spent lots of time apart, mostly because of his job and having to travel for work, but also because we've chosen it--like my trip to France and his trips to BYU football games, etc.--and it works for us. But I am always so glad when he comes home (or I come home). We're better together.

Dr. Mark said...

Awesome post! Now I know why you were asking me all those odd questions about our cars and concert attendance. I mean, you ask me random questions sometimes so I wasn't too suspicious, but now I get it. I love your "creative" math--one of your many endearing qualities. Thank you for a trip down memory lane. I love you!

Dave Johnson said...

Happy Anniversary to our favorite people!

Jimmy said...

Love the part about Kim Kardashian! And congratulions for the 15th time. (Ok, I think I've only said it 3 times total.)

Zelia said...

Stacy, in feel awful that I did not remember your anniversary and Bobby's . I spent more than half of my day at the hospital and the doctors. Tomorrow I will see two doctors again. Again I apologize. I am so loopy with all that is going on that I am not playing eith a full deck.
I am still trying to get the Christmas spirit but it keeps avoiding me . Bah humbug.
Enjoyed the post.

Boquinha said...

Emily, I love that phrase: "We're better together." Awesome.

Thanks, everyone!! :)

Nichole said...

Happy anniversary!! The "zero" is fantastic.

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Nichole!