Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My kids are just two of the coolest people I know. I love spending time with them and seeing them develop as people. They amaze me.

I also genuinely enjoy them. Yesterday, we were all up really late watching the Olympics and when they went to bed, I missed them. Don't get me wrong -- usually, they go to bed and that's precious me-and-mark time; we enjoy that very much. I'm just saying that I often look at them, think about them, hang out with them, and think to myself, "Aaahh! They are SUCH great people!!"

Check out just a couple of their recent contributions to enriching our lives:

Thing 1 surprised us this morning with this.

Thing 2 decided to try his hand at doing a bunch of these.

Aren't they awesome?!? How freaking lucky am I!! I *love* these kids!!


Dr. Mark said...

We are incredibly luck. These are two wonderful, exceptionally creative kids. There are times that I wonder where they learned to be so great, then I remember how great their mother is. Good job with them! Being a father is great because I get to learn so much from them. I love them, too!

Jimmy said...

You do have awesome kids and they are lucky, too! They have awesome, intelligent parents.

Emily Foley said...

That is so nice for you guys. You all fit perfectly together.

kara said...

That is super impressive. I read it, and it has me thinking I need to take some time to start writing again! Also, you can be proud. Meanwhile, my girls are sitting at the table trying to out-burp each other. Yes, you should be very proud.

Boquinha said...

Awww. Thanks, Mark. That's sweet.

Jimmy, thank you.

Thank you, Emily!

Kara, we have those moments, too. Believe me. Say the word "poop" and there are fits of laughter. :P