Monday, December 3, 2012

The gig might be up.

THIS. THIS is my child. My youngest child.

He wrote that post entirely by himself. It is completely posted as originally written and not edited at all by anyone else in the family. (One note: "excised" means "existed").

We have video of Thing 1 and Thing 2 (both of whom read our family blog, ahem) debating the existence of Santa Claus. It's hysterical! He applies all kinds of logic and she is starry-eyed magical about it.

Yep, the skeptic and the dreamer - our children, ladies and gentlemen.

LOVE these kids.


Dr. Mark said...

That post is so totally Thing 2 it's ridiculous. He cracks me up!

Emily Foley said...

So funny! That post made me laugh!

Jimmy said...

"Santa" in quotes. Gotta love this kid.

Vivian said...

I think they are both very imaginative, yet critical thinkers. Whatever happens in the fallout with Percy, I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Christmas season.