Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ABCs of My Awesome Life

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I love these prompts! I would like to blog every single day and (I often let) things always get in the way. But one of these prompts will make me stop what I'm doing and sit and write, write, write. So, thank you, Magic Violinist, for posting this on your blog today (I loved reading yours!). I have about 3,476,392 things to do today, but I will take a break and do this right now. Wheeee!

***Please note that if you haven't visited our blog in a while, you should scroll down past this post and check out the post below, because it shows video of The Magic Violinist playing her violin at her spring recital, and it's wonderful!***

Ambition: This one is tough. I am sincerely very happy in my life. I honestly try to live authentically to who I am, so I feel very satisfied in many ways. Something that is very important to me is having strong, solid relationships with my family, so I'm a big "Family First" person. I love being with my husband, kids, and dog, Scout. I do aim to write more and, you know, be organized in general. Ha!

Bad Habits: I am extremely distractible. I mean, it's bad. Like ADD-level bad. And it drives me absolutely bonkers. I also tend to put others before myself, often to my own detriment. Color me codependent. 

Celebrity Crushes: John Cusack, Michael Bublé, Adam Levine, Colin Firth, and Harry Connick, Jr. That's my laminated list. :) I also have a girl crush on Audrey Hepburn, but, then again, who doesn't. Oh, and Catherine Zeta Jones when she was in Zorro and before her plastic surgery.

Drink: Water. I love drinking water.

Education: High school, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees. I sometimes dream of getting a PhD in the Humanities and doing my dissertation on the transcendentalists. I also think Oxford sounds amazing. I love learning.

Food: I love sushi and seafood. I eat mostly fish and vegetables, but every once in a while, I love a good grilled cheeseburger. Oooh, I also love Mexican food. I really, really love food. Another dream job would be working as a food critic - I'd love to get paid to eat and write about it!

Guilty Pleasures: I'm with MV on this one - Why do we call these guilty pleasures again? Should we feel bad for enjoying life? No! I'd say blogging, reading news online, playing word/board games, texting, TV, and sushi. 

Hometown: I was raised in Massachusetts, but right on the border of Rhode Island where I also spent a lot of time, so I feel like I'm from both of those states. I've lived on 3 continents, in 3 countries, and in 4 states (5 if you count Rhode Island). Where we currently live is the longest I've lived any place since growing up in my hometown. We've been here for over 10 years. Sometimes that makes me feel a bit restless, but mostly I like being in one place, especially a nice, small town close to so many great big cities.

Ice Cream: Chocolate Peanut Butter (must be chocolate-based).

Jonesing for: At this moment, some sanity and the ability to focus/think straight/remember/find/organize stuff. Squirrel! 

Well, apparently writing prompts. And sushi.

Growing up, I was told that I had the face of the girl who played Kelly on 90210 (Jennie Garth). But the way she looked back in her 90210 days. NOT the way she looks post plastic surgery - yikes!

Movie: I love foreign films, indie films, and good, quirky movies that make you think. Bonus if it has an ambiguous ending. I'm also a big fan of movies from the 1980s.

Nickname: Boquinha, Little Miss, Stace, etc.

Obsessions: Family; TV shows like Gilmore Girls, Friends, Freaks and Geeks; good books; good food; writing, playing games . . .

Perfume: No thanks. I'm pretty smell sensitive and I can't stand the smell of perfume. When I am in an elevator and someone gets on all perfumed up, it's torture.

Quirk: I always eat my food so that there is exactly 1 bite of each thing left as I finish up (and then I eat those, too).

Regret: I don't think I have any. The only thing I can think of is that I really wish Mark and I had traveled Europe together when we first got married.

Starbucks: Is confusing. I never have any idea what/how to order there. Everyone looks like they know what they're doing, but I've talked to these people. They have no idea. They just have one favorite drink and stick with it. It's all they order. Everyone is embarrassed to admit that they don't get the menu either. Venti, Grande . . . why can't they just call it small, medium, and large like everyone else?

The Last Book You Read: Where'd You Go, Bernadette? And I really enjoyed it. I also loved Wonder. And I am currently reading The Fault In Our Stars and really enjoying that as well.

Unique Feature: I have a dimple near the corner of my eye. I've heard you get dimples when angels kiss you. My angel must've been drunk.

Vacation: I love going to the beach and doing things we all enjoy together. We all love exploring new places. Some of my favorite places to visit include Newport, RI; Dewey, DE; Concord, MA; Boston, MA; Mystic, CT; Atlanta, GA; San Francisco, CA; Jamestown, NY; New York City, NY; Washington, D.C.; and Harry Potter World, FL.

Wine: Cooking with it makes everything taste better.

X:  Letter #24.

Years: Go by really fast.

Zen: I love feeling Zen. Meditating, Yoga, the beach, reading, snuggling/playing together as a family, being outside . . . all these things help me feel zen.  


Dr. Mark said...

Awesome post. I promise I did NOT hide the laminated list! ;)

Again, we share so many things, and it's also fun to see the things you share with your son and daughter.

I'll hold back a bit since I'm about to do my own post!

LMW said...

I'm so with you on the perfume. I'm very smell sensitive too. In fact, I was recently lamenting a situation at church where I really enjoy a certain person and I'd love to get to know her better, but alas, I'm afraid it'll never happen all because of perfume. It's difficult for me to talk to her in close proximity, because her perfume is so strong (and a smell that I can't understand why anyone would like) that I can't be near her for long without feeling like I'm going to suffocate from holding back nausea.

Jimmy said...

Starbucks used to have this chocolate drink called chantico (sp?). It looked like motor oil and I think it had the caloric equivalent of 5 Whoppers w/cheese. Now I have to settle for their salted hot chocolate. I keep wondering when the Starbucks trend will end.

Lindsay said...

Ha, for some reason I always leave one bite on my plate. When we had friends visiting us in FL, my friend asked me if that last bite was going to put me over the top. That is when i realized i did that.

Lindsay said...

Ha, for some reason I always leave one bite on my plate. When we had friends visiting us in FL, my friend asked me if that last bite was going to put me over the top. That is when i realized i did that.

Emily Foley said...

Your "Squirrel!" and drunk angel comment had me laughing out loud. You're funny.

Wouldn't you die to study at Oxford? I don't even know what I'd study. I just want to be there and do it.

I always wish that I had a signature perfume that smelled perfectly non-strong and when people smelled it they would think of me, but all perfume to me is just sooo strong. I need to create my own subtle scent somehow.

Emily Foley said...

Oh! And I remember getting hot chocolate at Starbucks for the first time and my sister asked if I wanted a Tall. I was like, "NO, that's too much, just a small for me." Turns out a tall is the smallest? What?

Dr. Mark said...

Starbucks sizing, crazy, right? I don't get it either. I know it's supposed to be based on Italian cup sizes, or it may just be a way to make you feel like you're getting your money's worth. I still think it's confusing. Saying "I want that size" while pointing will only earn you judgmental stares.

seventytwofishes said...

OK, both you and Mark mentioned that CZJ had plastic surgery. What?! I did not know this. What did she have done?! Hmmm...

I love chocolate and peanut butter, too, and I'd be ecstatic to study at Oxford. One of the women I went to grad school with studied at Oxford after UConn, and I had some serious jealousy issues. Really. It took me like ten years to get over it (I know, sick, but hey, it's Oxford!).

Now you are all freaking me out about perfume. Promise me you'll let me know if I make you gag!

Dr. Mark said...

Well, there are lots of rumors about CZJ having plastic surgery, followed by adamant denials, and scores of completely unreliable before and after pictures on the internet. I know there was something odd about her face when she started doing all those T-Mobile commercials. Botox maybe? I don't know. Ah, to be a celebrity with everyone scrutinizing your appearance. Not my idea of a good time.

Boquinha said...

LMW, right?

Jimmy, agreed. Oh, their salted hot chocolate is good.

Lindsay, you mean you leave it and don't eat it?

Emily, thanks! Oxford sounds AMAZING.

And re: Starbucks? Exactly.

72fishes, it's Oxford!! And I've never noticed your perfume, which means it must be very subtle, so no worries!

Ditto mark on CZJ. Also, you could spend hours looking up before/after pictures or plastic surgery picture on the Internet. I think many are doctored or a stretch or rumors, but yeah. Ah, America's obsession with celebrities.