Monday, March 3, 2014

My Wife is 40

Stacy is 40 years-old today.

She doesn't mind the world knowing. She is excited.

Stacy is incredible, and the world should know that, too.

She is hands down the best mother I've ever witnessed in action. Anyone who has taken the time to get to know our children at all knows that there is some seriously good parenting going on there. This is all Stacy. I'm not half bad, but Stacy is the real reason for how great our kids are.

Stacy is a fantastic wife. She has supported me through all kinds of crazy adventures, including uprooting and moving to Arizona on a moment's notice, going through medical school, dealing with residency, quitting residency to learn acupuncture, starting a business, and a TON more.

She is an incredible friend. Have you ever been blown off by Stacy? No. Do you feel like she pays attention to what's important to you? Yes. Does she remember special events in your lives? Yes. Does she organize groups to provide support and aid when you need it? Yes. If you are friends with Stacy, you know what a gem you have.

Stacy is a great counselor. She worked very hard to get her MSW while I was in medical school and did very well. She was beloved at her internship and she has applied those skills to helping our family and friends on countless occasions. And, she works in our business and helps so many people. Her clients love her and for good reason.

She is just one of the best people you will ever meet. Stacy is:

The list goes on and on. I could find every positive adjective in the dictionary and still not scratch the surface when it comes to describing my wife.

Stacy is my best friend.

My best friend is 40.

And she is the best.

Happy Birthday, Stacy!


Jimmy said...

The two of you have something good going!

Happy birthday Stacy!

seventytwofishes said...

Beautiful post, and I hear it was a great birthday! All of your pictures together are so cute, too.

LMW said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Emily Foley said...

I love this post. Happy Birthday Stacy!

Dave Johnson said...

Love you Stacy! Hope you had a good birthday!

nicole said...

Hello! This is Nicole W. on the west coast! Long time no see/talk/anything...I am slowly coming back to the internet/blogland and I happened to open my blog feed and saw this post. Happy Bday Stacy-you ARE wonderful!

Gramsy said...

It is so neat to read all of you guys post. It is so sweet how the Johnson's are in almost every post. We are watching the weather there and hoping it warms up before we start our travels. Looking forward to seeing you all.

nevillegirl said...

Aw, this is sweet. Nice post!

Dr. Mark said...

Thank you for all the comments. It turned out to be a very nice birthday (as well as birthday week) for Stacy. I'll let her say more if she feels so inclined. Suffice it to say, we really value all of our friends and blog readers who chimed in to wish her well on this big day.

Boquinha said...

Mark, this was a WONDERFUL post to wake up to on my 40th birthday. I loved reading it and I think I needed to hear some of these things. I'm a lucky girl - so lucky - and I love you . . . I love us.

Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes and nice comments!!

Nicole! It's been a long time - so nice to hear from you!! Welcome back to blog land. :) I'd love to hear how you all are.

Mark is right - we've had such a wonderful time celebrating and I'm grateful to everyone for helping to make it so special! I especially love this blog post and the kids' blog posts. SO wonderful. Thank you!

Boquinha said...