Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cape May, NJ

So, Mark got asked to cover some extra days at work in order for someone to attend a wedding. In exchange, he got a few days off earlier in that same week. It wasn't quite enough to go anywhere far, but it was enough to get out of town for a couple of days, so we did and it was lovely and much needed. We got the cutest little beach house that was nicely stocked with linens and supplies and bikes and we had a great few days together discovering a new place, which is always lots of fun.

Day 1 - Get there and check the place out!
We like visiting places on the off-season.
A lot was closed here, though, which surprised us
(because Delaware beaches aren't like that at all).
Just the same, we were able to do a ton.

 Cape May has a complex full of little shops and bakeries and restaurants.
 We really enjoyed getting treats at the bakeries.

 This is an actual, functioning 5 & Dime with soda fountain and everything!

We always stop at bookstores!

 Kate and I got lobster rolls. They were so good,
 but nothing compares to a lobster roll in New England, 
where they use a special kind of cut hot dog type bread.

 Scout loves going on vacation with us!

 We got to play lots of games on this getaway, especially Smash-Up!

Day 2 - Exploring the lighthouse and biking around
 the Victorian homes and beach!

 Off to explore a lighthouse

 The front patio area of the beach house was super cute

Narrow, spiral staircase - 217 steps to the top!

 At the top of the lighthouse

 My little boy is getting that young man look!

 Back downstairs

 Breakfast on the pier
 Kate and I got delicious omlettes with crab and cheese
 and spinach and all kinds of goodness

Playing in the patio area on a beautiful day

So, Cape May is a Victorian beach town and one of our favorite things we did there was to bike around the town (and to the beach) and see all the great Victorian homes and B&Bs.

 It got hot and we wanted to bike into town for ice cream,
so we got some at Ben & Jerry's.

 Then, it was time to bike over and hang out at the beach!

 These black-headed seagulls were wild!

 Me and my ridiculously handsome husband

 Hanging out at the beach house . . .

 . . . 2015 style! Everyone got washed up to go to dinner.
We asked around town for good recommendations,
 did a little research online, and found a place where
everyone loved their meal.

 These LOADED-with-carnitas nachos fed us for days!
Max was pretty excited to get these.

 No kidding - clam pizza.

 I got a delicious and unique homemade pasta (like hollow spaghetti)
in a delicious white wine and garlic sauce and it was LOADED with clams,
clams, and more clams.

 Kate almost always gets seafood, but she opted for a burger and it was amazing!
There should always be bleu cheese crumbles and avocado on everything.

Day 3 - Packing up and going home

Already time to leave. :(
We walked around the bakeries again
 and enjoyed our breakfast treats outside.

You can tell when we're not ready to be done enjoying a getaway,
because we REALLY take our time getting back.
After not being able to find some restaurants we were looking for,
we stopped in this town outside of Philly and had some
MAGNIFICENT, authentic Greek food.
It was delicious!

Before finding that Greek place,
we tried finding some other places (P.F. Chang's, Panda Express, etc.)
with no luck. Apparently, the Panda Express was supposed to be
in a food court in a mall, but when we stopped there, the mall was DESERTED.
I thought it was SO creepy when I went in to find it
 and saw that everything was boarded up.
I was so creeped out that we stopped at the mall again
 so Mark and the kids could see it.
I must've hyped it too much,
because they weren't creeped out at all.

I, however, was.
And my husband is sweet to humor me.

We stopped at a game store, too, and took the long way back. We really weren't antsy to get back and deal with life stresses. It's so unlike us to allow ourselves a fun getaway when we have so much to do and so many things to resolve. It seems counter-intuitive to go away for a few days when you've got a ton to do. But I'm so glad we did, because I think we really needed it and it really helped to rejuvenate us!

I love my family so much and there's nothing I love more than spending time together. Add the beach, books, games, a new place to explore, bakery treats, and great food, and that's pretty much perfection for us.


Emily Foley said...

That looks so perfect! We never do stuff like that, I feel like it takes too much advance planning and I'm not really an impromptu kind of gal. But this post makes me wish I was. It also makes me wish we were in driving distance of a beach. ha! Love your lighthouse pictures, so cute. And the food. You always make the food sound amazing, even though I hate bleu cheese and clams. :)

Robynne said...

That sounds like so much fun! We went to Cape May several times while we lived in Jersey - such a cute place! I'm glad you got a needed getaway!! <3

Boquinha said...

Emily, it's trickier with younger kids, I think. We haven't been anywhere in close to a year (we really thought the farmhouse would sell by now) and we really needed this getaway. We threw it together about 3 days before going. Mark did really. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that he did and that we made this happen. I suck at doing nice things for myself and I'm a champ at putting off fun things in the name of responsibility. And I'll tell you what, this is the farthest we'll live from a beach. We can get to one in less than 3 hours. It's this or closer. Not farther. Living in UT/AZ was torturous that way!

Robynne, it really is, and thanks!

The Magic Violinist said...

That trip was so much fun! My favorite parts were probably hanging out on the beach and biking around town. And of course finding new books at the bookstore. ;) We should go again sometime.

Boquinha said...

TMV, I'm so happy to hear that! It was such a thrown-together, impromptu trip - and so fun! I love spending time as a family. No one else I'd rather be with.

Jimmy said...

Riding bikes around town sounds like the perfect vacation to me! Glad you guys got a break and enjoyed some time together.

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Jimmy!

Dr. Mark said...

I'm SO glad we pulled it together to go. Between the ocean air, great food, and silent cell phone, that trip was exactly what we needed. Now I want to go back.

Boquinha said...

Mark, me, too. Thank you so much for making this happen. I love you.