Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can you come to my house right now?

That's what the text said. And then there was a missed call from the same number.

I looked at it, saw that it was from my friend, and knowing that she wasn't the type to demand anything, thought, "Oh, funny. Her kids got a hold of her cell phone and sent me a text trying to get us to go over. Ha!"

I put the phone down and started to walk away.

But then I thought, well, I better check just in case. So I called her back and happily said, "Hey Kristie, this is Stacy!"

Her voice answered, between sobs, "Can you come to my house right now?"

"What's wrong?!?!?"

"Jake has cancer."

That sentence. Her voice. Her cries. They haunted me for days.

And it's been craziness ever since.

What do you say to your friend who has worried for months about her son's health and who, 5 minutes before that follow-up phone call from the doctor's office, had been relieved to learn that it was arthritis?

You go over and cry with her.

And then you jump to action finding ways to help them with the hellish reality that has become their life as their 11-year-old starts bone marrow draws, spinal taps, and chemo treatments.

And you try to explain to your children why their friend is so sick.

And you don't blog, because 1. you don't have time and 2. you don't much feel like it.

So, that's partly what's going on around here. We're totally difficult to reach these days and I know I haven't blogged much, but that's okay.

Sometimes things that once seemed so important suddenly seem pretty insignificant. And you're reminded about what really matters.

About a week ago, I had a whole list of things that I wanted to do. I know they seemed like a big deal at the time. But for the life of me, I can't remember what they were.


jenny said...

Oh that is so sad. Is it leukemia? How devastating for that poor family. Hang in there :)

Robynne said...

Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers...

Dr. Mark said...

It is leukemia and so far he's responded very well. It's also been very encouraging to watch families from various segments of our community come together to help our common friends. It speaks a lot to how many truly good people are out there. Stacy has been very instrumental in coordinating all the efforts, which explains in part why she's been so hard to find. Rallying the troops is definitely one of her strong points.

the emily said...

Oh how sad. That poor family, and that poor boy. I hope everything will be okay. I can't even imagine.

Chelle said...

Your friend, and you, will be in my prayers. Wake up calls like these are always hard, but it's true that they can turn our perspective around so quickly. I hope he continues to respond well to the treatments. Kristie's blessed to have such a good friend.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear that Jake has cancer. You are a great friend for being a shoulder to cry on. My prayers, love and strength go to you and your friends tonight. Love, Kelly

J Fo said...

Oh my gosh! That breaks my heart! Good thing that family has great friends like you guys.

Bethany said...

You are such a great friend. Did I tell you how absolutely AMAZING you have been in coordinating Team Waldon? All of your friends are so blessed to have you in their lives!

Jagged Rocks said...

Cancer is hard, it effects people of all ages. I know a little girl (she is about 6)that has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It is so sad, and so hard.

terahreu said...

My thoughts are prayers are with their family. It seems like the worst scenario ever. I am so, so, so sorry.

bythelbs said...

My brother was diagnosed with leukemia when he was four. It was a rough road, but ended very well. (He turned 30 this year!)

We'll be sure to keep Jake and his family in our prayers. And you, too.

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

I can't imagine this. It's too scary. I'm so sorry for your friend. I'm really glad she has you. You'll be amazing for her. I'm sure you already have been. Thanks for taking care of them. I don't even know your friends and I am seriously grateful you are there for them. It hurts to think people are alone with problems like this.

kara said...

A friend showed up on my doorstep today during the girls naps and I was inwardly annoyed because this was my alone time, but let her in. She sat on the couch and matter of factly said, "My husband wants a divorce." Well. We talked, I gave her advice she asked for, and she left. The fact that I missed my alone time suddenly didn't seem like such a big deal considering the nightmare she was going home to. Perspective. Another person's hell is suddenly my prayer of thanks. Strange balance to this world.

My prayers to you and your friends.

Boquinha said...

Thank you to every one of you for your comments. You are all so kind.

It has been a very busy summer -- I think that practically my entire month of June was consumed by trying to help our friends and coordinate the efforts of all the many people so willing to pitch in. The kids rallied in making a really neat "Get Well Jake" blog for their friend and at least 10 kids are authors on that blog. There have been many hospital visits, meals, tears, prayers, hugs, calls, and emails. He's really going through a lot with his treatments (no kid should have to go through what he's going through), but thankfully they seem to be working. Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and prayers. They really do help.