Monday, November 1, 2010

First lines

Here are the first lines of our NaNoWriMo Novels for the month. Can you guess what lines belong to what authors?

Douglas sat on a rock outside the cave, trying to figure out what cruel twist of fate brought him to this point, awaiting certain death.

It was an unexpected reunion.

I woke up with a start.

There is no "once upon a time" in this book.


Alena said...

hmmmm... Well perhaps 1 is Stacy's 2 is Mark's 4 is Kate's and 3 is Maxim's?

the emily said...

1 Kate
2 Stacy
3 Maxim
4 Mark

katie said...

My guess...
1 Mark
2 Stacy
3 Thing 2
4 Thing 1

Are you going to tell the real answer? Happy writing.

bythelbs said...

I'm stumped. But I want to read all of these stories.

Remember: save, save, save! Backup, backup, backup!

Jimmy said...

"There is no once upon a time in this book." I'm thinking Maxim came up with that.

J Fo said...

Ooh! I'm hooked on all of them.
Let's see...
1 Stacy
2 Mark
3 Maxim
4 Kate

I have no clue!

Vivian said...

I'm guessing:

When do we find out?

Vivian said...

PS: they're all interesting openers. I already want to read more.