Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I touched Michael Bublé!

I can't seem to concentrate on anything else right now. It's like I MUST blog this, never mind that I have a Thanksgiving meal to prepare, a novel to write, a book to read for book club, and a million other things to do.

So here goes.

Yes, I touched Michael Bublé! Or rather, he touched me! I kid you not. Row 18 at the concert and he walked down the aisle, saw me, reached out while singing and looking and smiling right at me (yeah, that's right, completely and utterly intentionally AT ME!) and touched my hand. Exciting, huh? And that was just one exciting tidbit from the night, because . . .


I really should take a class on camera settings --
a little washed out, but hey, we're happy. :)

Not washed out, but looks more like a reflection
in a Christmas ornament, but hey, we're having fun!

I don't have enough adjectives to do it justice. It was just AWESOME. Best concert we've ever been to, hands down. Simply spectacular!

The warm up act warmed up for over an hour and were incredible -- Naturally 7. They are a group of 7 guys who do incredible music sans instruments. This was one of their songs -- (sorry, can't embed it -- you'll have to click over to see it, but then come back, because I have things to tell you!) -- everything they did was amazing. They did a fabulous rendition of The Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and they did some Motown stuff and generally fun, fantastic stuff.

They got us PUMPED for Michael Bublé and then it was almost like an intermission while we waited and waited and people started buying popcorn and drinks and going to the bathroom and all that jazz while we all waited.

And I wondered if a break after getting SO very warmed up would kill the mood, but nope, not with the intro and stage that Michael Bublé had! WOWZERS! It blew everyone away!! I'm talking grand orchestral intros, sliding stage, and pyrotechnics. It was awesome!

I'll try to post some pictures, but of course it really just won't do it justice, because OMIGOSH, he is SUCH a fantastic performer! Mark and I went as an anniversary present to ourselves and it was SO MUCH FUN! We're still sort of floating on air!

Remember the parade scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

Yeah, well he referenced that (as well as all kinds of other 80's stuff -- LOVED it!) and told us that that has always been his approach with his concerts -- he wants people to feel like they've been to a party. And that's exactly how it felt! Like he was hosting a gigantic party!

He even sang "Twist and Shout" just like that scene in the movie and there were GIGANTIC bouncing balls that we were all hitting in the air to one another. I wish I'd taken pictures of that in some ways, but not really, because I was having fun playing with them!

He interacted with the WHOLE audience, including those up in the nosebleed sections. He had a stage set up in the middle of the audience and he went out there and sang just to them (after turning around and saying over his shoulder to those in the front row, "Boy, I bet you're wishing you hadn't spent so much on those tickets now!").

Look how close he is to us
even on the audience stage!

There he is making his way back to the stage --
like 2 seconds after that,
he looked at me, smiled at me, sang to me,
and touched my outstretched hand
(also pictured). Swoon!

He told us up front that this concert was a party -- you want to dance? Dance. You want to move up the aisle and get closer to the stage where the bouncers tell you not to? Do it. You want to sing? Sing. And he told us that if someone near us shushed us and got all snotty about how they were trying to hear Michael Bublé, to just give them the finger. Oh yes, he did.

He was HYSTERICAL, often cracking himself up, goofing around with the audience, messing with the band members, messing with all of us. I didn't realize that Hershey was the kick-off city for the American leg of his world tour -- BOY, was it a party! He was PUMPED!! It's his "Crazy Love" tour, but he sang SUCH awesome songs from across all of his albums.

I loved this concert!!

He did an incredible job of putting on a FABULOUS concert, hosting a REALLY FUN party (I was sweating, laughing, and hoarse by the end from dancing, singing, jumping, yelling, cheering, screaming -- it was so much fun!), and also making you feel like the concert was JUST for you (and I'm not saying that just because he touched me -- have I mentioned that Michael Bublé touched me?!?!?!).

Mark and I have both commented that we feel like we had a friend come visit and now we're missing him. You know that feeling you get after having had a GREAT time with visiting friends, the one you feel after they leave? That's how it feels post-concert with him. He was simply PHENOMENAL. (Lbs, he even mentioned "more cowbell" and I thought of you).

He sang all kinds of songs including "Home," a ton of standards, "You're Everything," and so much more. It was just AWESOME! Have I mentioned we had a great time and it was an amazing concert? We LOVED it!

He ended the concert with "Haven't Met You Yet" and everyone went wild. Confetti was flying EVERYWHERE and then we all cheered and screamed for a good five minutes or more and he came back to the stage and sang at least 4 more songs, one of which was "A Song For You" -- the trumpet solo was played back in the audience, so while we were all turned to see him, the curtains closed on the AMAZING stage and all the band members and it was just Michael Bublé in front of the curtain, and us. And then he put his finger to his lips as we cheered, pushed the microphone aside, and sang a cappella and without any mic and just BELTED out such an amazing, intimate solo. It was UNBELIEVABLE. That guy doesn't sing a single off-key note at all.

"I Just Haven't Met You Yet!"
The audience went crazy for this finale song.

Awesome encores!

One of my favorite parts of the encore --
the a cappella solo.


We had a GREAT time -- I don't have words, I really don't, to describe how INCREDIBLE it was. I've used all these words so far and I'm just not even getting close to describing the fun, amazing concert we got to be a part of -- SIMPLY AMAZING!! AMAZING!!

If you ever get a chance to see him in concert, DO NOT PASS IT UP! I promise you will NOT be disappointed. And, bonus, he might touch you, too! :)


Robynne said...

That is AWESOME Stacy!! SO cool - what a GREAT anniversary present to yourselves!! :D (Happy Anniversary by the way... ;p) I'm glad you guys got to do that - WOO HOO!! :D :D :D

D'Arcy said...

my sister and I are drooling with envy. We LOVE him so much!

the emily said...

so fun!!! i'm completely jealous, and i'm not even a very big fan!

bythelbs said...

Very cool. So glad you had such a memorable evening!

Peg said...

I am a huge fan and so jealous! I am checking right now to see if he is coming to my neck of the woods. SWEEET - he touched you!

J Fo said...

What an amazing experience! I've heard from a lot of people who have been to a lot of concerts that he was the best. I can see why now!

Jimmy said...

I know this is late but just had to comment that the enthusiams is infectious. It's awesome how evident it is that you enjoyed every second of it.

the Lady said...

Oh my goodness, Stacy. You lucky devil you.
Of course he would single you out of the crowd. He could see right then and there that you were having a wonderful time and he wanted to thank you. Just you.

Steph and I will have to check out one of his concerts. Thanks for sharing.

Boquinha said...

Thanks, everyone!!

I know!! I feel SO LUCKY. He's only visiting a handful of places in the United States and somehow, Hershey rated as his FIRST U.S. stop!! WHEE-HA!!

Zelia said...

Dia you wash that hand yet?

Boquinha said...

Yes, right after considering how many hands HE touched before that. Yuck. :P Heheheh.

terahreu said...

Okay, I broke the carnal rule of reading your blog in chronological order. I repent of my last comment! Wow, you did not disappoint. This sounded AMAZING. I felt like I was there.

I DID pass up the opportunity to see him in concert two years ago in SLC when I was there. BIG MISTAKE! I should'a bought tickets myself and told everyone else to enjoy the last family night together. Pfft. Family shamily....

Such great photos and awesome report. LOVED IT!

terahreu said...

I meant to say, 'cardinal rule'...

Sorry, I was too excited and didn't proofread. I am on a Buble high just reading about it.

Boquinha said...

Oh, Terah! I'm so sorry you didn't go! Let's keep an eye on his schedule, eh? And maybe we can catch a concert together. Wouldn't that be fun?!