Friday, September 9, 2011


It has stopped raining, but many roads are still closed. Hershey is completely under water and shut down for the weekend, if not longer.

We are in a State of Emergency and just found out that we are also on water restriction. It's ironic to me than an excess of water (flooding) can cause the need for water restriction. I understand why, but it just strikes me as very ironic.

Some of our friends were close to being evacuated and many lost power and got very flooded basements. I haven't ever seen anything like this . . . we're very grateful to not have been hit hard by it. It impacts our business, of course, and we can't get around very easily, but we're safe and dry.


the emily said...

I don't really get the water restriction.

Dr. Mark said...

Some of the water treatment facilities are flooded and others are having a hard time keeping up with water coming in. Restricting water means we'll all have clean water until they can get the facilities cleaned up.