Friday, October 21, 2011

Gilmore Girls Tribute

So, we just finished the series yesterday. How had I missed this show?!?

We started season 1 this past summer and then watched all of seasons 2-6 in two months. I know!

I'm so glad that we didn't watch this show when it was on, because waiting a whole week between episodes? Torture! I absolutely love this show.

And though Lorelai and Rory should each weigh about 300 pounds the way they eat, there are so so so many thing to love!

I love . . .

Stars Hollow, CT.

that the dog's name is Paul Anka.

that Luke is a stand-up guy underneath all that grump.

Mrs. Kim!

to be annoyed by Taylor Doose.

the quick-witted references to everything from books to people to movies.

Luke's backward baseball cap.

Lorelai's mother-daughter-friend relationship with Rory.

town meetings.

how cute Dean is.

the road trips.

Paris's "Tie your tubes, idiot!" line.

Pretty much any of Paris's lines.

Emily's annoyance with everyone, especially her revolving-door collection of maids.

that Sebastian Bach was part of Lane's band.

the wrap-around porch on Lorelai's house.

all the Ivy-League School references.

Luke's love of his dad.

and that he keeps the "hardware" sign up even though it's a diner.

the town square.

all the family dynamics.

that I grew up near so many towns and places they mention.

that Paris and Emily Gilmore had some of the BEST lines.

being addicted to Michel Gerard.

how Lorelai calls Rory "kid."

Luke's "no cell phones" rule.

Rory's hair.

the constant coffee references.

how much everyone walks around the town.

Lorelai's (mostly) pretty dresses (except that ugly one that looked like Santa Claus).

the floorboards and closet in Lane's room.

Miss Patty hitting on every cute guy she saw.

Lorelai's love of snow and her ability to smell it.

how the characters lived in two worlds simultaneously -- rich-privileged and lowbrow-simple.

all the town festivals and traditions.

going from total annoyance at Jess to later wishing he'd return.

how Babbette yells everything she says.

Richard and Emily Gilmore and Friday Night Dinners.

Sookie and her infectious giggle.

going through a love-hate thing with Christopher.

Rory's friendship with Lane.

Paul Anka's quirkiness.

the huge mother-daughter issues between Emily and Lorelai.

all the fantastic and obscure music references!

the name "Pennilyn Lott."

the Dragonfly Inn!

having a love-hate thing for Logan.

Jackson's major ball drop story line.

that Lorelai's "cooking" is take-out.

Al's Pancake World.

Luke's relationship with April.

the series finale (I was getting worried, but I loved it!).

What do you love about Gilmore Girls?


Melanie said...

I'm looking for things to dvr to exercise to later... maybe I should look this one up. =)

Dr. Mark said...

How about . . .

Kirk's new job each episode.

How Lorelai's antics rival those of Lucy Ricardo's.

How folks in Stars Hollow can pull together the hugest parties with very little time (I need that ability in real life)

the emily said...

oh. ohohohohohohoh Gilmore Girls! I just love this show. I started watching the season Rory slept with Dean and caught up on ABC Family reruns while I nursed Isaac. I just looove that show. I love pretty much everything about it. If Stars Hollow was a real place I would move there tomorrow. No, I would move there TODAY. I would die to live in a place that wonderful.

Hated Dean. HATED. He was so whiny/clingy/got mad at the weirdest things. I was so glad when she started dating Jess, and so sad when Jess left the show. And I think I was in love with Logan but I almost wished she left Logan for Jess when he came back with his book. I mean really, how dreamy was he?

"You jump, I jump, Jack" is my favorite episode. I think that's why I love Logan so much--jumping off a high tower in fancy clothes with umbrellas? Doesn't get better.

I just finished the series a few months ago and I cried--like, sobbed--through the entire finale. I miss those characters, but also Rory leaving and Luke and Lorelai what-ifs and all of it just tore at my heart. LOVE THAT SHOW.

Boquinha said...

Oh, it's SUCH a great show. I just love it! It totally has a FEEL about it. I've been so excited for you to comment, Emily!! LOVE hearing your thoughts on it!

I so hear you on Stars Hollow. We actually almost went up to CT this past weekend to see their fall foliage and look for Stars Hollow (have you seen all the online guesses to which CT town most resembles it?!?), but I was sick. :( There's so much to do in CT and it's not far at all, so we'll go soon.

Totally agree about Dean being whiny and clingy (but oh is he tall and dreamy looking). I wasn't glad when she started dating Jess, but he grew on me (love when Luke pushed him in the lake, btw). I kind of hoped she'd go to Jess over Logan, too. Did you know that she dated him in real life for many years and that they're both very quiet and shy? I love IMDB . . .

I cried a bunch, too. LOVE Gilmore Girls. So happy to find that treasure! I was looking for something new to watch and asked a friend if we could borrow a movie. She gave me the 1st season of GG instead and I'm so glad she did! We watched every season after that by borrowing the DVDs from the library (they had through season 5). We bought seasons 6 and 7 used on and we're donating them to the library so they can have all 7 seasons. We're sure to borrow them lots! LOVE this show!! I would've loved LOTS more seasons. I miss Friday night dinners!! :P

J Fo said...

Dang! I didn't know what I was missing out on. Guess I'll have to add this to my Netflix!

Boquinha said...

Oh, Jess! I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on Gilmore Girls! There is such a FEEL about this show and I think you will love it!