Friday, October 21, 2011

A Rainbow of Random Musings


Love it! I love that Simon Cowell has the moxie to create a competing hit show and pit it against his previous hit show. Genius! This one is a keeper. They don't waste too much of our time with stupid, attention-seeking auditions. Instead, they show us real people with real stories who can actually sing. Novel concept. They have the VERY good sense to get the lovely Paula Abdul back on the panel (oh, how I love Paula Abdul!). And that L.A. Reid guy? And Nicole Scherzinger? Love them. L.A. is a class act. And Nicole is super nice. The acts are so good -- so varied and interesting. I already have favorites in all four categories.

That being said, what a petulant, spoiled BABY Simon Cowell is! He creates a show, makes the rules, and then blatantly ignores them so he can have his pet projects on his team.

He chooses whiny, obnoxious divas that he insists are good (they're not), puts them through (against the counsel of all the other judges), kicks ACTUAL talent out, then says, "Oops. I made a mistake," and invites an extra contestant back?!? No way! BABY. Such a petulant BABY.


I've been sick with a head/sinus thing AND allergies (yeah, double whammy). I hate being sick. I'm a pretty miserable sick person. I complain and whine and generally want to be babied. That's right. At least I own it.

Amazing Race

LOVE this show.
But man oh man, they have had REALLY boring teams the past couple of years.


Our school year is going SO well. We are busy and happy. I love that we can spend every day together, go on field trips as a family, do whatever we want whenever we want, get together with friends on nice days, take classes on whatever interests us, play games, cook food. I love our life! Our day-to-day studies at home are really fun -- the kids are learning all kinds of neat things and we're reading so many good books together.

Our homeschool group is awesome -- we have so many neat families in the group, so many good friends . . . we are doing a lot of fun things like field trips, cultural fairs, science fairs, service, roller skating/bowling/mini-golf/lazer tag outings, lectures/classes, parties, dances, fun projects, etc.

And the kids are involved in some REALLY neat groups:

Both are taking:
Art Classes
Tae Kwon Do
Book Clubs (they're each in their own book club)
Yoga Classes
"20 Things" Research Club
YMCA Swim/Gym Group
Dungeons & Dragons Group
Teen Night (we host it)
Glee Club

Thing 1 is taking:
Horsemanship Class
Violin (Individual, Group, and she's in a feeder group for the local symphony)

Thing 2 is taking:
Drums (he just started lessons and got his own drum set!)


We are completely taken with our dog. We absolutely LOVE her. She is so much fun, so feisty, so snuggly, so loving, SO FUN. We totally adore her. I'm so incredibly glad that we have her. I could've written a book about how I didn't want a dog. So glad we got one anyway.

A few days ago, Thing 1 came in from the backyard in tears and said, "I don't see Scout!" I said, "WHAT?!?!" and BOLTED to the backyard as all kinds of thoughts flashed before my eyes. I was literally shaking all over and running as fast as I could to jump into action. We have a fenced-in backyard and she has never gotten out. Well, apparently, one of the gates was opened a bit (seriously, never happens), and she had investigated. I was beside myself with worry and wanted to find her as soon as possible (sooner!). When I saw the open gate, I was about to totally freak out (we live on a busy street, I didn't want her getting lost, etc.), but I saw Mark saying, "It's okay. I've got her."

She had gone to the front yard and was standing by the mailbox near our car and looking at the house. Mark called her in and she came running (THANK GOODNESS!!). She wasn't fazed at all, but it scared the crud out of me. I slept horribly that night -- couldn't stop thinking about it. We were all shaken by it and are so glad she's okay. Have I mentioned we totally, totally love her?
Love. Her.

The Johnsons

We miss the Johnsons.
That is all.


My SIL Emily recently posted about an embarrassing moment (no, it's okay that I'm drawing attention to it --seriously, she's kind of excited about it, thinks it's funny . . . it's all good). So, I commented and it totally turned into me thinking out loud about it and wondering and philosophizing and I am still wondering,
"What is it (exactly) that causes embarrassment?"
I really want to know.
I've been thinking about it every since.
We get embarrassed by things we don't do on purpose (see my comment on her blog).
So, anyway, why is that?
I'd love to hear thoughts on this.

I'm done.


Dave Johnson said...

The Johnsons? Are these the people who come over, eat all your food, dirty your shower and linens, run your air conditioners non-stop, and generally disrupt your life? What's the big deal about THEM?

*sigh* I wish we were close enough to come eat leftovers...

Boquinha said...

No, they're the ones who keep us up REALLY late, make us snort drinks out our noses, come over a bunch so we don't get to any house projects or day-to-day stuff because we're having too much fun, make us go into depressive funks when they move away, oh wait, yeah, we're talking about the same people.

Dave Johnson said...

We can really be a huge pain for friends with pesky notions of productivity...

Dr. Mark said...

The funniest thing about Scout escaping is that she seemed entirely unamused by where she ended up. Her expression was like, "Why all the fuss? It's the mailbox. Big whoop."

The Johnsons. Aren't they those people that quote "Friends" in every other sentence? Oh, wait. That's us. And them.

Boquinha said...

Supposably. Supposably. Did they go to the zoo? Supposably.

Dave Johnson said...

Did anyone actually GO to the zoo? No. So it's a moo point.

Boquinha said...

Yeah, it's like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter. It's moo.

the emily said...

I'm not a dog person! I just don't get it. I think it's neat that people love them so much, but I am not one of those. I wonder why?

We haven't been sick for months--any of us--and Zoe woke up with a bark-like cough this morning. I'm so grateful for the non-sick time we had!

I think embarrassment comes from things that happen that are out of the norm. Most people don't fall down stars, or say inappropriate things in a loud voice, because it's not "normal", you know? Or like my sister's sister-in-law. Her dad walked in on her taking a shower. Dads are not supposed to see their grown daughters naked (NOBODY is, really) so it's embarrassing. right?

Boquinha said...

Emily, I know it sounds weird, but I don't even know that I consider myself a dog person either. I LOVE Scout, but still not sure I'm a "dog person" in general. Now I do, however, get how people love their dogs so much and how they're like part of the family. I totally get what you're saying -- I can relate!

Yuck -- I hope Zoe feels better and that it doesn't spread!

I know I'm totally philosophizing this, so thanks for humoring me. :P I think that's WHEN embarrassment happens but is it WHY it happens? That's what I'm trying to figure out. But yeah, on that one story, so totally YIKES. Though admittedly, it does illustrate your point and perhaps offer a why after all . . . :P

Jimmy said...

Scout is just one special dog.

X-Factor is another one of those singing genre shows. Not hooked. But it's nice to see Paula back on TV.

We get embarrassed because we see ourselves, and think others see us, a certain way. So when we say or do something that negates the way we see ourselves or think others see us, we're embarrassed. --That's about as far as my shallow mind can take it.

Boquinha said...

Scout really is a special dog. We adore her.

Jimmy, your comment back when about how "every kid should have a dog growing up" really stuck with me. And, though I dragged my feet all the way, I'm so so glad I caved.

J Fo said...

Haven't gotten into X Factor. But I also LOVE Amazing race. It has been a bit boring as of late. Boring is ok sometimes. At least I don't feel like they cast certain people just for the drama this time. Can't wait for the day when you and Mark are on! :)

Boquinha said...

HAHAHAHA! The thing I love about Amazing Race is watching it from my living room. Bungee jumping and heights and freezing cold water? No thanks! :)