Tuesday, October 11, 2011

House Guests and Concerts - the numbers

Yep, that sums up our summer pretty nicely -- that and a very nice week at the beach.

I'll post about concerts in the next post.

I've posted some about our house guests (though, really, there's so much more to share and post!). Mark and I did a little number crunching just out of curiosity and here's what we came up with:

For 2011 (so far) . . .

We've had 23 unique house guests.

Number of nights we've had guests (nights/person): 167 nights

Number of days we've had guests (days/person): 237 days

We've got more coming, too -- possibly some more cousins (we hope!) and definitely Mark's parents for Thanksgiving, so that's 4 more unique house guests and several more days and nights.

We say BRING IT! We really enjoy it. I've had some friends groan and tell me how miserable and stressful they think it must be to have all these guests, but honestly, we love it.

Sure, it can be a lot and, if you don't like your guests, I'm sure that could be annoying (reminds me of an old Portuguese wives' tale/trick I learned in Lisbon -- if you have guests that you wish would leave, simply stand a broom upside down behind a door and it is believed they'll leave). But I am happy to report that we have not turned our broom upside down a single time.

I'm not going to lie -- September has been kind of nice and quiet and relaxing, but we really, truly enjoy having everyone visit. It's a lot of fun! I'm glad we have the space and flexibility (and great location- so much to do and see here) to make it work so well.

Anyone else care to visit? :)


the emily said...

How awesome! If I had a house big enough to accommodate guests, I would totally love it. I like playing hostess, like Monica. I'm always the hostess. In my mind, anyway.

Boquinha said...

Ha! LOVE the Friends reference. Totally agree.

Dave Johnson said...

Wow. I knew it was alot, but I had no idea. Your house reminds me of Monica's place. It is THE place to hang out.

Boquinha said...

THAT is a mighty big compliment. :) We should crunch the numbers and figure out how many of those days/nights are yours. :P Heheheh.

(When we first moved here, we actually painted the inside of the dining room doors purple -- I almost bought a gold frame to put around the peephole).