Thursday, November 10, 2011

Double Dating in the 21st Century

It's not the same. But it will do for now.

(This is a picture of all 4 of us
trying to figure out how to take a screen shot
of our double date.
We figured it out and smiled and took the picture --
apparently a picture of the Johnsons
working on figuring it out themselves).

Note the time. We were just warming up.
3 hours later (that's 2AM for the math-challenged),
we got to bed.
But totally worth it.
(We were all doubled over and in tears
from laughing so hard -
it's a new form of Internet Therapy).

Our kids LOVE Skyping with the Johnson kids.
Our houses fill with belly laughs, giggles, and singing.

But, man, are we looking forward to hosting all those
sounds in person at our house
without Skype!

I'm also glad they got us into Skype,
because we've been able to meet our two newest nieces
via video chat!

I'm grateful for the Internet.


Boquinha said...

I should've played "Caption This" with this post. Oooh, ooh, let's play anyway!

Meet our friends. Yoko and John.

Boquinha said...

There used to be facial hair here somewhere.

Boquinha said...

It's like fiber. Only funnier.

Dave Johnson said...

I thought we were going to watch Modern Family. Who are these clowns?

Dave Johnson said...

"I think we just deleted the interwebs."

Dave Johnson said...

"Windows 7 makes me look fat."

Dr. Mark said...

We were on a break!

Dave Johnson said...

Skype with M &K is the boy's favorite thing these days. My sides still hurt from last night! Sorry we kept Mark up so late. You guys are so much fun, even on video...

Dr. Mark said...

Like Stacy said, I was surprisingly awake this morning. It was SO worth it. Always awesome to Skype with you guys.

the emily said...

What the? What can you possibly talk about for three hours? I can't even talk to Dave for that long guys must be REALLY good friends. :) I wish so bad that we'd had skype while I was in Paris. My sisters and brother all did so they skyped with their kids and it was soo cool--and free.

Boquinha said...

Em, it's nuts! The funny thing is that not only can we talk for hours -- it's NONstop and we often have SEVERAL unfinished conversations because we're all jumping around so much. When my mom visited and witnessed it, she was speechless (and it takes A LOT to make my mom speechless)!!

J Fo said...

Fun. We were glad that we figured it out. We need to schedule another "date!"

Boquinha said...

It was good to visit with you on Thanksgiving -- next time, we'll do it when Harper's awake, too! :)