Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Here are the kids' costumes from Halloween this year. I think you'll agree they are cute kids!

Harry Potter fans, name this Quibbler-reading character.

Complete with Spectrespecs and radish earrings 
(and yes, those are real radishes).

It's Luna Lovegood!

He collects Charmander and Piplup and Pikachu
(at least, I think he does).

He has the ball to prove it.

He's a Pokemon Trainer!

Don't they look great?


the emily said...

Oh man, that Luna costume is AWESOME. I've seen a lot of Harry's and Hermione's, but never any Luna's. So original and SO CLEVER! Love them.

Dr. Mark said...

The kids really planned everything themselves. It's awesome how creative they are.

bythelbs said...


There was a time when DynaGirl aspired to be a Pokemon Trainer when she grew up. A Pokemon Trainer or a dog.

Jimmy said...

Just in case I've never told you this before...I think you guys have some awesome kids.

Chelle said...

Those are awesome costumes and kids! I love myself a creative child and you've got two of them. Lucky people :)

J Fo said...

Love the creativity! Such cute kids!