Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st

It's NaNoWriMo time!


This past September,
a random older man walked up to us one day and said,
"This is a tough economy.
I don't envy you and your generation at all.
You have it way tougher than we ever did."
I had mixed feelings about his statement:
a bit of stress at the truthfulness of it,
slightly odd that he just walked up to strangers and said it,
and gratitude that he recognized it.


Kim Kardashian spent 10 million dollars on a lavish wedding
and filed for divorce 72 days later.
We all knew it was coming,
but 72 days?!?!?
That's one hell of an expensive party for nothing.


My brother is going on a 15-night transatlantic cruise.
He's flying to London
(and even paid for a BED on the plane --
new feature with mattress, pillows, and special seat belts
so you can sleep on the plane),
visiting seven or eight European countries,
and then cruising to the Bahamas.


We went trick-or-treating yesterday.
Thing 2 dressed up as a Pokemon Trainer.
Thing 1 dressed up as Luna Lovegood.
They are both super cute.


We had dentist appointments on Halloween.
That's just wrong.
Plus it was a really rough appointment.
No cavities, thankfully, but, well,
let's just say
it was a long and expensive day.


I often turn my cell phone off when I'm hanging out with my kids,
which is pretty much every day,
so my cell phone is off a lot.
I suck at being reachable that way,
but I'm okay with it
(though I think it might frustrate some friends and extended family).


I do love texting as a way to communicate.


There are several downsides
to not living near grandparents,
including (but not limited to):
You can't show off your costume/trick-or-treat at their house.
You can't sell those obnoxious sports fund raisers to them
(We hate those, so we just buy them all ourselves).
Kids can't go on grandparent dates or simply go over to play.
They can't cook for you/have you to dinner (and vice-versa).
No nearby family for rides, BBQs, lessons, parties, recitals, etc.
We won't even mention going on dates/overnights
(Mark and I haven't been away on an overnight trip
in a dozen years).
BUT one of the upsides is:
Lots of excitement over long visits from faraway grandparents!
18 days until Grandma and Papa come for Thanksgiving!


Finished The Book Thief and ended up liking it!
I didn't enjoy the first part of the book,
but there was payoff in the story
and in its presentation and conclusion.


We got 6 inches of snow this past Saturday.


The weather this year has been generally wacky.
We've had tornadoes, drought, hurricanes,
earthquakes, serious floods, and a fall snowstorm.
We are all very weather weary here.


Funny Kid Story from breakfast this morning:

Thing 2: I don't get how someone pushes a baby
and it just pops out of their belly.
Me: Babies don't come out the belly.
Thing 2: Then where do they come out?
Me: A woman's vagina.
Thing 2 (looking shocked): But a baby is so big!?
Me: Yeah! It hurts!
Thing 2: (shaking head) I'm so glad I'm not a girl.
(And turning to his sister): Good luck with that.


Dr. Mark said...

I always love Thing 2's candor. He had the hygienist cracking up yesterday.

We do have the cutest kids. We can work pretty well together sometimes. ;)

the emily said...

Isaac has asked multiple times if he can see my "birth canal". Um, NO.

Kim Kardashian not only spent that much money on the wedding, she MADE $12 million on it. And what is she famous for? Being famous. She's never done one thing worthwhile that deserves fame.

My brother went to Paris recently and got one of those first class bed seats. He still couldn't sleep.

I miss those things being away from family as well. We went to a friend's house for dinner on Sunday and their brother/sister-in-law and parents came over. It was a blast but I was so jealous, and a little homesick.

No snow here yet, Halloween was gorgeous! Love nice weather in the fall.

Dave Johnson said...

I can totally hear Max asking this. Christie had a similar exchange with Brennan last week. I love when you do random thought posts like this. It feels like having a conversation with you, but with out the "keyword" pauses in the middle.

Lindsay said...

I have to disagree with emily...Kim Kardashian has done something worthwhile. Didn't you hear her single?? Haha.

I wish we could have seen your kids in their costumes! And that is awesome about Thing 2.

Stacy said...

Love Thing 2's comment about how babies come out! HA HA!

I don't think I would be able to sleep on a bed while flying, unless I had a whole lot of drugs in me! Sounds like your brother is going to have a trip of a lifetime!

Good Luck with your book this month!

Jimmy said...

Glad you ended up liking the book.

I have all daughters so Joy handles all those discussions. I'm grateful for that.

Chelle said...

I LOVE your random thoughts! Maybe I'll have to give "The Book Thief" another try. I've started it a couple times and haven't ever finished it. I want to start traveling with your brother. Living away from grandparents IS hard! I don't care how much money you have - anyone who spends that kind of money on a wedding must not be very good at making smart decisions. Great conversation with Thing 2. Love you Stace!

J Fo said...

"Good luck with that." HAHAHAHAHA! Love that kid.

So glad that you ended up liking the book!

One thing you forgot to mention about being away from family...not being able to shop/have girl time with awesome SILs!

Boquinha said...

Love all the comments -- thanks, all! :)