Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Thing 1

Today is Thing 1's 12th birthday. Yes, you read that correctly--12th! We are so lucky to be her parents and to have such a great daughter. Here are 12 wonderful things we enjoy about her:

1. She is very sweet and thoughtful.
2. She is a talented writer.
3. She is always pleasant.
4. She LOVES to eat!
5. She is a great big sister to a great little brother.
6. She is always up for a new challenge.
7. She is a wonderful friend.
8. She always fits on her daddy's lap.
9. She talks to us about ANYTHING.
10. She is intelligent and thinks logically.
11. She still loves simple things like stuffed animals and ice cream cones.
12. She makes us smile every single day.

We love you!


Boquinha said...

Great post. I ADORE this girl! We hit the daughter jackpot with her. She is all those 12 things and more. Love her, love her, love her! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

The Magic Violinist said...

Awwww . . . thanks! :D I'm having so much fun. :)

Jimmy said...

Happy birthday to your talented, sweet and intelligent daughter!

Emily Foley said...

Happy Birthday Cutie Pie! Although now that you're 12 I'm not sure I can call you that. That seems too juvenile. :)

Zelia said...

Ditto to all 12 things.