Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random Thoughts

The circus is coming to town. They frighten and depress me.
But should we take the kids? Is it something everyone should do once?


One of the bummers about going all digital
is that you miss out on getting to know someone's personality
by browsing their books and CDs on shelves


While watching some coverage of The Hunger Games hype,
Thing 1 volunteered, "I like female characters like Katniss
who do great things themselves and don't need anyone to help them."
Love this kid!


At a bookstore the other day,
the new SI swimsuit issue was front and center
as we paid for our purchases.
Thing 2 pointed and said, "That's gross."
Love this kid!


Was looking at visitor tips for visiting an aquarium
and it said this:
"All guests must go through security checkpoints before entering the Aquarium. No guns, knives, lighters, matches, chewing gum, or fishing poles are permitted inside."


Thing 1 has been entering writing contests
and submitting her work to magazines left and right.
She got her first rejection letter (we celebrated)
and she also won honorable mention in a prestigious contest!
We're so proud of her.


Thing 2 is playing baseball.
He loves it. He had his first game this week.
His favorite position is shortstop.
He looks SO DANG CUTE in his uniform!


The kids crack each other up and it's a glorious sound.
(Overheard on 3/15, while out running errands):
After MUCH laughing . . .
M: "Stop! I've got to catch my breath! STOP!"
K: "I'm tired from laughing so hard."
M: "Wanna know something? My muscles hurt from belly laughing."


The other day at the kitchen table,
we were talking about how the kids are getting older
and how Thing 1 is coming up on teenager-hood.
Thing 2 got sad and said,
"That means she's almost in college!"
I asked, "What's wrong with that?"
"I'll miss her."


Constant creations in our house:
Thing 1 - stories
Thing 2 - games and music
I love it.


Ever tell someone you're having a rough time
and then have them respond that they are, too,
without even a hint of their even pretending to care how you are?
Sucky, huh.


April is Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month.


The kids did not get into any of the 4 finalist spots
for the Uncle Ben's Rice Contest,
but thank you so much to all who voted.


Being old doesn't demand respect.
Being important doesn't demand respect.
Being demanding certainly doesn't deserve respect.

Men are respectable only as they respect.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every human being, of whatever origin,
of whatever station, deserves respect.
We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves.
-U. Thant

I speak to everyone in the same way,
whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.
- Albert Einstein


Mutual respect.
Big fan.


Off to watch Idol with the family!


Dr. Mark said...

Such good quotes. Can't say enough about respect. We've got some great kids. Thanks for sharing the stories.

Dave Johnson said...

Your kids are awesome (and smart/wise beyond their years).

I can tell a lot about a person from their CD collection. When I learned that Mark was a Sting fan, I knew you guys were my people.

Congrats to Kate on her first rejection! This means she's not just goofing around - she is officially a real writer. Frame that sucker for posterity.

Is that Aquarium in Georgia?

Respect (just a little bit). Respect (just a little bit). R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Find out what it means to me...
I'm with Al on this one -treat everyone with equal respect. But if you want my deference, submission, or benefit of the doubt, that has to be earned.

Jimmy said...

A live circus should be seen at least once in a lifetime. Not for the animals but for the trapeze artists.

Just in case it was the Albuquerque aquarium that you were looking into visiting--there are sharks. So a fishing pole wouldn't have been a good idea anyway.

Yes, I'm one of those people that has a tendency to make everything about me. I really want to change that. I think it's the curse of the only child.

Someday maybe Kate will write a book about being a great parent and having a great childhood, because obviously she's experienced both!

Emily Foley said...

Have you read The Night Circus? I'm much more intrigued by circuses now. I think you should go.

Dave didn't even bring his swimsuit issue into the house. It came out of the mailbox and straight into the dumpster. Awesome.

Boquinha said...

Mark, we're a good team. :)

Dave, yes - Georgia. Let me guess. It doesn't surprise you? :P

Love the comments, though Jimmy is persuasive and I have to remember that it is a blog comment from you that made me truly consider getting a dog (so 99% of the time, I feel grateful toward you and 1% of the time, I think, "Jimmy!!!!!!!"). Just teasing. ;)

Haven't read the Night Circus, but have read Water for Elephants (which I almost didn't read because of the circus thing -- glad I did, though!). Did you like it?