Sunday, January 20, 2013

A LOT of Opinionated and Very Random Thoughts

"I like Angus Beef. I like Buffalo Burgers, too, 
but I feel bad for the buffalo when I eat them.
For some reason, I don't feel bad
 for the chickens when I eat chicken."
-- Thing 2's words at dinner on 11/28/2012


I love spontaneous love and hugs from my kids.
I got a big hug from Thing 2 yesterday, just because,
 with an "I can't wait to cuddle with you tonight!"
We made hot cocoa and watched X-Factor together
while cuddling on the couch.
-- I wrote this on 12/1/2012


Thing 1 played violin with the Hershey Symphony for their
annual holiday concert.
What an honor. She did a great job!
So proud of her.


 Anyone else think John Travolta looks embalmed?


At our Christmas Eve dinner, my mom and Jim were
at the table in our dining room with the kids
talking generally about dress and appearance with Thing 1.
I was in the kitchen bringing food
 in when I heard them bust up laughing.
Apparently, they said (speaking of how I dress),
"Your mother is conservative,"
to which Thing 1 replied,
"No she's not. She's a Democrat."
Bwahahahahahaha! LOVE her!


Hashtags are funny sometimes.
But their overuse is REALLY annoying.


My mom came for the holidays and treated the kids to
a shopping spree at the locale of their choice.
Thing 2 chose a gaming/card shop for Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.
Thing 1 turned down my mom's suggestion of Claire's
in favor of a book store.
Do I have the coolest kids ever or what?


Thing 2's birthday is the same day as his favorite author, J.R.R. Tolkien.
How cool is that?


We pay for our own high-deductible health insurance.
I had a regular yearly exam. That was covered.
The lab fees? Over $500.


I think I have worn make up maybe twice in the past year.


This season's Modern Family has been a little bleh at times for me,
but this season's Big Bang Theory is beyond awesome.
It keeps getting better and better.
That takes serious writing talent.
Saw an article that said it is reaching milestones
 only reached by M*A*S*H and I Love Lucy.


I sit through movie credits.


I don't like dim lighting when I'm eating.
I'm a romantic, but I like to see my food.


I heart Tina Fey.


I don't know that I'll ever understand the extreme loyalty
people feel toward sports teams.
Not saying it's wrong.
Just saying I don't get it.
I think it's weird when people feel an allegiance to a team
just because they live near them.
Geography determines your commitment?
(If they like them anyway, I get it.
If it's just because they live near them?
Not so much.)


I was talking with a group of families the other day.
One woman said, "Everybody's working more and making less."
Another woman said, "Or they're making the same
but getting benefits cut, which ends up costing more."
Another person said, "Or getting the same pay
but costs are rising beyond what they can afford."
I have seen examples of all those things.
Not one of those scenarios isn't stressful and depressing.


A New Year's exchange between Thing 1 and a friend:
Jake: I'm so perfect, I don't need a New Year's Resolution.
Thing 1: How about being less arrogant?

My kids are both working on New Year's resolutions of their own accord.
Thing 2 is trying to eat more vegetarian meals (which he loves).
Thing 1 is teaching herself to play guitar.


My mom and Jim came for Christmas.
It was so nice to have them here for that.
Then my mom stayed for a couple of weeks.
During that time we commemorated the 5th anniversary
of my Dad's death with a memorial ceremony we do every year.
Mark surprised my mom and me with flowers, too.


Our van just passed 100K.
I didn't take a picture,
but I'm commemorating it here.


I think it's lame that younger generations get accused of lack of appreciation
just because of when they're born (as if that's their fault).
I'm sure it happens to every generation -
younger people get perceived as selfish and uncaring
because they're born to an "easier" time.
I can appreciate past generations and yet enjoy the present
as well as have different challenges.
Not unlike years ago.
Those who lived through WWII didn't have the same challenges
 as those who lived through WWI.
 Those who lived in the 50s didn't have the same challenges
 as those who crossed the plains.
It's interesting to note the differences,
but why the one-ups-man-ship?
Every generation has it both easier and harder than the one before.
It's just different.


I am a neat and clean person,
but our house gets messy sometimes,
and I am totally okay with that.


"That's just how I am" - acceptance or cop out?


I generally prefer TV series over movies.
It goes along with how I prefer working with clients
on a long-term outpatient basis compared to shorter, inpatient stints.


Bullying is wrong, no question.
But I really think the word "bullying" gets tossed around FAR too much.
 Where's the campaign to help people learn to not be victims
of every perceived slight?
Not kidding.
It's called therapy.
Plus it's insulting to those who are truly bullied
to use that term for every time someone upsets you.
It is not the same thing.


Like with the tragedy that is suicide.
It's horrible, horrible, horrible, and so incredibly sad and tragic.
But to fault others for the choice one makes with one's own life
isn't fair either.
It's true their actions may have contributed to the person's decision.
But the choice is that person's
and they ultimately own it.
It's normal to question, but it's not right 
for someone to be plagued by guilt and carry that responsibility.
Nor is it fair to point fingers.
I think that perpetuates the problem.
I'm thinking specifically of the situation with the nurse
in the UK who was pranked by the Australian DJs
(extremely poor judgment but not meant as malicious)
and the Rutgers bullying case
(which was nothing short of utterly despicable).
While I believe strongly in the inter-connectedness of all people,
and I think we can all be powerful influences on one another with words and actions,
and I very much believe we should choose to do good with our words and actions,
we all own our own actions.
It's not okay to say that someone's choice to take their own life
is someone else's fault.


It occurred to me in the shower one day that you can’t exactly finish this sentence well.
Here's the challenge - 
Fill in the blank with a word that fits (because I can't think of one that does):
I'm not a __________; I just don't want them to have what I have.
(I've heard that sentence filled in with words like bigot, racist, hater . . .
none of those go together with the next part of the sentence
or without the person making the statement looking like a tool).


I thought about writing a book about a world
 in which you could always see someone's thoughts.
But then Facebook was invented.
There went that idea.


Overheard: "I can't read my book; the battery died."
That just makes me sad.


Two very cool news stories I read recently are
this one and
this one.
There are good people in the world.
We don't hear enough about them.


Have I ever mentioned that I dislike HOAs?
 Not. A. Fan.
 The way I look at it, you're paying someone
 to tell you what to do with your home.
 How have people bought into this (no pun intended)?
 I understand it's an attempt to keep homes looking nice
 so that values stay high,
 but it presupposes that everyone's an idiot
 who wouldn't keep things nice unless told, scolded, and fined.
 Seriously, I dislike the concept so much
 that the main character in my first book
 had a lot to say about them ( she doesn't like them either). :P 


Wow, I started writing this post over a month ago.
I managed to write an entire post
without one mention of the NRA.
Maybe I'm more disciplined than I thought.


And even though I'm not a big sports fan,
I think a Patriots-Niners Superbowl would be fun.
And yes, I'm more excited about the food.


Saw Ed Asner on the Macy's Day Parade coverage.
He reminds me of my Uncle Joe.


Before these recent holidays,
 our kids went a whole year
 where they spent time in the presence of a grandparent
 for 3 total days (not in a row).
 Those who are near extended family help,
you're lucky.
Though I admit that we have some friends who live near family
and they say we're lucky.
Maybe the heart of the matter is what kind of family you have!

Dianne Sawyer and JK Rowling.
 I don't usually care for blondes, but I think they're both stunning.


Came across this version of a great song the other day
and I so so so wish it were available for download.
Natalie Merchant, Peter Gabriel, and Michael Stipe together?
Who thought that up?


I just watched a grown man on TV pitch a major hissy fit
when a football call didn't go his team's way.
What is manly about that?
Someone please explain that to me.
Because if a 6 or 10 or 16 year old acted like that,
everyone would tell that child to grow up.
Seeing a grown man do it?
Way more idiotic.



Dr. Mark said...

I missed where you were being opinionated. :P

Don't you mean "I peacock Tina Fey?"

Loved the Facebook comment!

We have an awesome family and kids. Yes, I'm bragging!

I'm impressed with your restraint. Watch me as I exercise restraint myself and keep a lot of thoughts to myself (except when I tell you in person, over and over again).

Boquinha said...

Nice job on the restraint. ;)

Looked online today and saw various comments, such as:

" . . . this day of distress and mourning for our nation"

" . . . excited for the inauguration!"

"Go Niners."

Gotta love freedom of speech. It really lets us see all the nuts and bolts in the world.

Emily Foley said...

Too much to comment about. Not enough time.

Would your mom give me a shopping spree in Nordstrom? 'Cause I wouldn't turn that down.

I use hashtags on instagram and I didn't even know what they were for until last week. Seriously.

We got a call from our local hospital last week telling us we owed over $300 in fees from previous doctor/hospital visits. Why haven't we been getting a bill? Fishy.

Last week's Modern Family was the best one in ages.

I sat through the credits in Les Mis mostly because I didn't want to walk out by myself still bawling.

Did you read Tina Fey's book? Super funny.

I don't really get the sports thing either. But Dave loves the A's, and didn't jump the bandwagon with the Giants, so I don't think it's ALL locale. But we are excited about the Niners! I've loved them since I was in middle school (mostly because I was convinced I was going to marry Steve Young, but that's a better reason than locale, right?).

The New Years Resolution thing and Jake and Kate made me burst out laughing. so funny.

Mark is so thoughtful. Flowers for both of you when you're paying $500 lab fees is something that would never happen in this house. :)

I don't think that sentence can be filled. You could take away the "a" and say "I'm not selfish"...but even that sounds bad.

I also hate HOA's, and I was the president of our HOA in Utah. But in our condo development, I did see it as necessary. For example, my friend lived on the top level. The people on the middle level had 2 big dogs and kept their disgusting poopy pooper scooper outside their front door along with a trash can filled with dog poop. When our friends were trying to sell their home, every person that came to look had to pass the poop station. You can guess how well that went. Luckily the HOA bylaws saved the day--you're not allowed to have anything outside the front door due to potential fire hazards in the stairwell (door mat and a small plant being the only exception). The people had to move the poop station to their balcony and our friends sold their condo.

I am a neat and clean person and I am NOT okay with the messy house. Mostly because it's always food--spilled (dry) cereal or crumbs from something and it drives me crazy.

I miss being near family the very most. I hear from my brother that my parents are taking the older kids to sports/horseriding lessons and piano etc. so my sister-in-law can stay home while the baby naps and I just want to cry. I took ALL 3 OF MY KIDS to my gynecologist visit two weeks ago. Yep. And now that my mom has cancer again it jus feels so wrong to be in New Mexico while she's in Utah.

Dave and I were talking about how ridiculous kids are with their cell phones these days. I didn't have one for more than 6 months and i was fine, but a teenager cannot be without their phone for 3 hours of church. It's ridiculous! But I'm sure there was something the grown ups thought was ridiculous about me when I was a teenager, and it'll happen for these teenagers too. So I'll bite my tongue I guess.

Foltron said...

Emmy ran up to me today when I came home from lunch. I didn't get a hug though. Instead, I got a headbutt to the crotch as I was trying to take a drink of water. I think she meant to give me a hug but was confused by the choking sounds I was making.

Big Bang theory is the most overrated show on T.V. That's all I have to say about that.

Dr. Mark said...

Agree to disagree. The Big Bang Theory is the most clever and well-written show on TV, without having to resort to those trite and cliche situations that most formulaic sitcoms (and dramas, for that matter) end up using. Unless you have a neanderthal sense of humor, in which case, yeah, the show would suck. :P

I'm just messing with you, Greg. Unfortunately you are the only one in your home that can truly understand the agony of the crotch shot. Hang in there!

Foltron said...

Sadly I think your analysis of my humor is correct. I've tried to watch The Big Bang Theory and I just can't get past the acting. The show might be the best written show but I can't stand the acting. I'll take Psych over The Big Bang Theory.

Boquinha said...

Oh, we've gotten calls like that, but in our case we had already paid and they were trying to re-bill us! I hate insurance companies . . .

TOTALLY agree on Modern Family (the Godfather episode?) - HYSTERICAL.

We saw Les Mis this past week and totally bawled, too! BEAUTIFUL. Just hand Anne Hathaway the statue now!

Haven't read Tina Fey's book, but I bet it's hilarious. I really, REALLY like her. It's like watching my alternate self if I'd been a comedienne/career woman.

I'm guessing post-Superbowl wasn't so happy at your house?

Yeah, I totally see their purpose (HOAs), but I hate that they presume people are idiots. Or maybe I hate that so many people ARE idiots.

Well, I emailed you about the extended family thing. Yeah, it's hard. :( And lonely at times.

BBT - Maybe you have to be a total geek to appreciate it. Or have lots of geeky friends. Dunno.