Friday, January 18, 2013

Thing 2's Birthday Party Adventure!

I already posted about Thing 2's birthday, but I still need to share about his birthday party. This year he wanted to have a role-playing party and it was a lot of fun to plan. First of all, we had 17 kids at the house. Yes, that's right. Seventeen. We are so awesome (and a little insane), but mostly awesome. It was an energetic bunch, but that made all of the games so much fun. I also have to say thank you to the parents who stuck around and helped out at the party. It really helped.

On to the party . . .

Thing 2 with his cake, before the party. Those are dice. You knew that, right?

What party would be complete without the themed foods. We had (pretzel) wands, loot (goldfish, pretzels, and other surprises), and veggies. We wanted to do something medieval, but the thought of 17 kids wandering around with chicken legs and hunks of meat was not appealing. So, we opted for chicken nuggets and meatballs. Sort of barbaric in an entirely different way. The kids washed everything down with ale (ginger ale and birch beer). As always, we went way overboard but everyone ate well.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 dressed up in costume for the party.

There were the requisite streamers and other decorations . . .

. . . including appropriate role-playing pictures. 

Here are our adventurers before the party, some in costume.

We played dice games, which are necessary for any role-playing adventures.

Thing 2 and his band of rogues.

Everyone listened as we spun a tale of adventure!

Even Scout listened intently (or she thought there was food nearby).

Speaking of food, Stacy kept it flowing.

Vavó was there, and a few brave parents remained . . .


. . . which was a good thing since feeding this many hungry adventurers is hard work!


Stacy headed up the cake crew.

And Thing 2 gave us another smile before his birthday wishes.

It's always hard to capture all the fun that we have at these birthday parties, but it was an awesome afternoon. Thing 2 was ecstatic for hours afterward and had a really great time. Another happy birthday to Thing 2!


Boquinha said...

Nice recap! Well done, Dungeon Master. :) Thanks to YOU for making all the games and stuff work with the theme. I was out of my element with that, but you and the kids rocked it!

Emily Foley said...

Wow! You guys are brave. That party looks awesome and I LOVE the dice cake!