Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exciting Things for Our First Thing

So, Thing 1 has some exciting news. On her own she has been connecting with a lot of people in the writing industry--writers, editors, etc. Working on her monthly column for The Write Practice has been extremely helpful, but she is also one driven girl.

She sent a query letter to one such blogger looking for feedback. Basically the letter is one that Thing 1 would like to send to prospective agents, convincing them to take her on and represent her novel. She asked us for help, and we looked at the letter, and we both thought, "Wow! That's great!" Well, neither Stacy nor I are published authors, and we have zero experience with query letters.

I guess I have slightly more than zero experience, but not much. I did submit a manuscript of children's poetry to about 30 agents about 15 years ago. Judging by my lack of success, I am not the right person to give advice about query letters.

Anyway, back to the exciting things. Go check out Michelle's Vlog at Random Writing Rants talking all about the big event coming up on Friday. Hint: It involves Thing 1, but you knew that already, didn't you?

UPDATE: Here's the actual post with the query letter.


Jimmy said...

Is it today? THIS Friday, Feb 1?) That Kate! She's incredible.

M. Saint-Germain said...

Hi Mark,
Thanks for mentioning me and Random Writing Rants here. It's been a pleasure having your lovely daughter at our site. We wish her all the best. I'm confident good things will happen for her.
Please keep in touch!

Zelia said...

I am a ver y proud grandmother. Kate and her brother are both incredible, thanks to my awesome daughter and her great husband Mark.

Boquinha said...

Jimmy, yep!

Michelle, thank you, thank you! I loved your blog. The kids say you remind them of their art teacher. I agree. And that is a compliment, by the way. :) There has been much excitement in our home over Random Writing Rants and your kindness - thank you.

And thanks, Mom. I don't know that we can take much credit. They're pretty amazing kids.