Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 Things That I Think Are Sexy

So, a few things prompted this post.

A. We went to an EPIC concert this weekend. I will let Thing 1 tell you all about it. We are big fans of the person who performed as well as one of her three opening acts. When one of the musicians was grabbing his guitar, this post probably began to form in my mind (as do many, many posts I hardly ever get to - I am always blogging in my head).

B. Mark and I have started watching "New Girl" with Zooey Deschanel (how freaking adorable is she?!?) and her endearing, yet awkward mannerisms fed this post idea a bit more.

C. One of her roommates in the show is a temperamental guy who is sweet at heart. While he is fairly average and even a bit nondescript; to me, he is very good looking. More fuel for this post fire.

So here goes - 10 items or characteristics that I find sexy:

1. A guitar - there is something about a guy holding a guitar, carrying a guitar, playing a guitar . . . I don't care if it's clichĂ©, it's sexy just the same. 


2. A loosened tie -this one has always done something for me. I don't know why, but it does.

3. Geeky awkwardness - a touch of this, in any person - male or female, makes them that much more attractive to me. I love it on Zooey, Adam Levine (yes, he has a smidge of this quality along with his smoking hot looks), Taylor Swift . . . the list goes on and on. I don't know quite how to describe it. I'm not talking poindexter and pocket protectors. I'm talking just a smidge of dorkiness, enough to endear. I love it.

4. Smarts - Mmmmmm, yes. This one really should top this list. Book smarts? Intelligence? Intellect? It makes me swoon. A Renaissance man? Oh yeah. Nothing sexier than a guy who is smart, creative, cooks, writes, cleans, is kind and thoughtful, reads, knows current events, works out, builds, has a career, is musical . . . I love that I'm married to a Renaissance Man. Anything less would be boring. Bonus that my husband is not status quo. What I mean is, he isn't afraid to think outside the box. He isn't stereotypical (yet he doesn't go out of his way to be "different."). He simply is who he is - someone who isn't afraid to not live in a subdivision, not have a typical job, not conform to what's expected if it isn't true to him or his values. I love that.

5. Witty banter - This is sexy and fun. I like wit. I like when someone is witty in writing, in speaking, in instant messaging, in email, in texts. I like to laugh and I like keeping things light and not getting too heavy or dramatic. I like being with someone who makes me laugh and who makes me feel like joking around and being sarcastic and feisty. I like feeling that way, so it stands to reason that I like being with someone who helps me feel that way. I do my best writing when I feel that way, too, so this may even qualify as a "need." :P

6. Laugh Lines - Some people call them "crow's feet," but that sounds ugly. And they're just not. They're adorable and attractive. My dad had the best laugh lines. When he would smile and laugh, his whole face would light up, his eyes would scrunch up small, and laugh lines would appear and deepen all around the corners of his eyes. It's one of the many things I miss about him. Laugh lines were attractive to me as a little girl. They are attractive to me now.

7. Kindness - SO attractive. I do not get it when people think they're so funny or manly or tough when they're getting their jollies at another's expense, pitching a fit, yelling, throwing things, being mean to people, etc. That's more like a list of turn offs. An angry temper? Not generally my thing (though I suppose there is a time and a place - and when appropriate, yes, it can be attractive - assertiveness is sexy). Seeing someone roll around and play on the floor with his or her kids, a thoughtful good deed, an emotional, tender side . . . those things are more attractive than smug, angry, tough guy characteristics. Balance is key on this one - swinging too much to either side of the spectrum is not cool.

8. A messenger bag or backpack - It's simple, but it works for me. 


9. British accent - Oh *swoon!* Okay, so this is the only thing on this list that my husband doesn't have (though, 'ay, we could bloody well pretend!), but I must admit, it makes me a bit weak in the knees. And I know I'm not alone in this. 

10. Emotion/Passion/Confidence - Talk about a triple threat. For me, a man comfortable enough in his own masculinity to talk about attractive people, whether male or female, has that confidence. Someone who carries him or herself with poise and grace and integrity - that is sexy. Someone who cares about important issues like equal rights and general morality, who educates himself on those topics and uses logic, reason, and empathy to come to conclusions - attractive, attractive, attractive. Someone passionate enough to get up and dance, fight for what's right, make bold moves in career and life - yowza. Someone who knows what he values and lives his life accordingly - yes, please. Authenticity. Someone who knows that crying isn't a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. Someone who doesn't care what others think, who knows that what matters is living true to yourself and your family. It's qualities like these that add actual physical attractiveness to a person.

What items or characteristics do you find sexy and attractive?


Boquinha said...

Yes, I'm commenting on my own post. I've thought of more to add.

Glasses. Love them. So intellectual-looking. And a little nerdy. :)

High male singing voices - a man with a falsetto? Mmmm-baby. I also like a bit of rasp in a man's singing voice. Some examples of voices that melt me a little bit - Peter Cetera, Adam Levine, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Michel Bublé . . . all for varied reasons, but Adam Levine and Peter Cetera have that "quality" that I love.

Jimmy said...

Some things you didn't already mention that grab my attention are shiny hair and good listening skills. Peolpe that really listen to others when they speak. Most people think they are better listerners than they actually are. And nice to kids.

A pretty singing voice is also a nice bonus.

Jimmy said...

Hey, I didn't see your comment before I wrote mine about singing.

Anonymous said...

*snorts* Very... unusual... blog post! :)

I like that these aren't specific to gender. It could have easily gone down the line of "really buff guys" but instead it's deeper stuff like "witty banter" and "geeky awkwardness."

Emily Foley said...

Ooh, British accents. Oh yeah. I also love a loosened tie. I once confessed to a crush on Stat Boy on the ESPN show "Pardon the Interruption" and one of the main reasons is because of his loose tie and rolled up sleeves. But number one to me is a man who takes care of what needs to be taken care of, and follows through on commitments. There's nothing better. And laughing. I was always attracted to people who made me laugh in my single days.

So one of the best things my husband has ever said to me is that if I hadn't gotten married when I did I would be Jessica Day in real life. I loved that. Some might not take it as a compliment but i sure did. And holy cow, don't you LOVE her fancy man? Have you gotten to those episodes yet? HE is sexy.

Boquinha said...

Oooh, good ones, Jimmy! And that's hilarious that we posted at the same time!

Nevillegirl, ha! And thank you - I was going for gender-neutral (with a few exceptions personal to my tastes/preferences), so yay!

Emily, rolled-up sleeves! YES!! And stepping up and following through - yes. I hope that came across in the post, because I totally agree.

So, we've only seen about 5 or 6 episodes so far (I think they just added it to Netflix - that's how we found it), but I already LOVE her. I think that IS a compliment. Mark and I love when she sings her own theme song. And all her awkward mumbling - omigosh, I love her!

So, we haven't yet met Fancyman, but I looked him up. Dermot Mulroney?!? I LOVE HIM!! Remember when he was Gavin on Friends? YUM!

Lindsay said...

Okay i LOVE New Girl!!! I have been watching it on Netflix and there was one episode that I was laughing so hard and i dont usually lol during shows. It is totally awkward and funny. Scott wears glasses and I love them. I think that they look so good.

Lindsay said...

Okay i LOVE New Girl!!! I have been watching it on Netflix and there was one episode that I was laughing so hard and i dont usually lol during shows. It is totally awkward and funny. Scott wears glasses and I love them. I think that they look so good.

Lindsay said...

Okay i LOVE New Girl!!! I have been watching it on Netflix and there was one episode that I was laughing so hard and i dont usually lol during shows. It is totally awkward and funny. Scott wears glasses and I love them. I think that they look so good.

Dr. Mark said...

So totally agree on so much of what you've said. Intelligence, witty banter, and a good sense of humor are definitely sexy. So, now I need to improve my guitar skills, wear more loosened ties, and practice my British English . . .

Boquinha said...

Lindsay, we're watching on Netflix as well. LOVE this show! I'm a big fan of good sit-coms.

Mark, YOU are sexy. But go ahead and walk around holding a guitar and loosening a tie while you speak in a British accent to me. I won't mind. :P

Dave Johnson said...


Raspy singing (or normal) voice - Sheryl Crow, Amy Grant, Amanda Marshall. I can also see where a certain type of singing voice is "sexy" coming from people like Bono, Sting, Gabriel, etc. Totally get that.


Being not-quite put together. Sophia Vergara is over the top to me. Evangeline Lilly in jeans and t-shirt with tousled hair and a smudge on her face? Much better.

Mark- I'll trade you my guitar for your wit.

Boquinha said...

Oooh, those are good. I agree about the being not-quite-put-together.

Dr. Mark said...

Dave, I don't know that my wit is worth enough to be a fair trade for your guitar ability. How about I toss in a few clever limericks and a couple of verses of "Killing Me Softly?"

Agree with you on Sophia Vergara and Evageline Lilly. The girl next door look has always done more for me than someone who is perfectly put together.

Emily Foley said...

Oh man Lindsay have you gotten to True American yet? If I drank alcohol I would really want to play that game with them. I DIE laughing every time they play that game.

Boquinha said...

We've seen all of Season 1 - I don't get the game?!?

Boquinha said...

Just thought of another one - backwards baseball caps. LOVE that. Melt . . .