Friday, July 12, 2013

Father's Day Interviews

I started this almost a month ago on 6/17. I suck at keeping up on things. But it's a cute idea, so here goes.
1. What is something Daddy always says to you?

THING 2 - I love you.
THING 1 - I love you.

2. What makes Daddy happy? 

THING 2 - I don't know.
THING 1 - Being together as a family.

3. What makes Daddy sad? 

THING 2 - Sad movies.
THING 1 - Sad movies.

4. How does Daddy make you laugh?

THING 2 - When he uses sarcasm.
THING 1 -With impersonations and when he quotes things from TV shows.

5. What was Daddy like when he was a little boy?

THING 2 - I don't know.
THING 1 - I don't know because I wasn't alive to see it.

6. How old is Daddy?

THING 2 - 38.
THING 1 – 38

7. How tall is Daddy?

THING 2 - 6 foot 4.
THING 1 – 6 foot 1.

8. What is his favorite thing to watch on TV?

THING 2 - Big Bang Theory
THING 1 – Big Bang Theory

9. What does Daddy do when you're not around?

THING 2 - Cleans the house and does stuff for us.
THING 1 - Different things, depending on his mood.

10. What is Daddy really good at?

THING 2 - Cooking.
THING 1 - Being a good Daddy.

11. What is Daddy not very good at?

THING 2 - Tag.
THING 1 - I can't think of anything.

12. What does Daddy do for his job?

THING 2 - He's an Acupuncturist.
THING 1 - Acupuncturist.

13. What is Daddy's favorite food?

THING 2 - Sushi?
THING 1 - Mexican.

14. What makes you proud of Daddy?

THING 2 - When I'm scared, he comes up and helps and that makes me feel not scared.
THING 1 - When he does thoughtful things for us.

15. If Daddy were a cartoon character, who would he be?

THING 2 - Daffy Duck.
THING 1 - I don't know.

16. What do you and Daddy do together?

THING 2 - We play card games and board games and we watch Merlin.
THING 1 - Play games.

17. How are you and Daddy the same? 

THING 2 - We look the same a little bit, some people say.
THING 1 - We like the same sort of books and TV shows.

18. How are you and Daddy different?

THING 2 - We don't like all the same things.
THING 1 - He's a boy and I'm a girl.

19. How do you know Daddy loves you?

THING 2 - He shows it through hugs, words, and actions.
THING 1 - When he says, "I love you."

20. What does Daddy like most about your Mommy? 

THING 2 - I don't know.
THING 1 - Everything.

21. Where is Daddy's favorite place to go? 

THING 2 - I don't know.
THING 1 - I think he likes our house best.


Dr. Mark said...

Don't worry about when you posted this. I love seeing their answers whenever it goes up. In fact, today is a perfect day to read this post. So I guess you were prescient in this case. I love all their answers, but Daffy Duck? Really? I need to talk to Thing 2 about this one!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. This is precious. Really. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes.

Yeah, Mark, I wondered about Daffy Duck, too!

Emily Foley said...

So cute, and I'm dying over Daffy Duck and Mark's response!