Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Baby is 11!

Not such a baby, is he?

Thing 2 makes friends everywhere we go - doesn't matter what gender, what age, where they're from. He has a natural ability to get to know those around him.

He makes friends easily and he is well-liked by kids and adults.

He is sensitive and empathic. He is quick to help others feel better.

He gives me lots of "just because" hugs.

He is straightforward and honest. He speaks his mind.

He is creative and has great attention to detail.

He naturally thinks outside the box.

He is hilarious and makes us laugh quite a bit.

He often gets remarks from flirtatious waitresses about how handsome he is. He blushes.

He is SO smart.

He is a VERY thoughtful and sweet brother.

He is crazy good at logic games. Watching him and seeing how his mind works . . . it floors me.

And that's all off the top of my head.

So, this is the kid we've happily been celebrating - I'm so lucky to be his mom! We had a great day, starting with breakfast in bed (it was freezing and the kids' rooms felt colder than ours, so we had them come to our room).

By request, Chocolate Pop Tarts and Chocolate Soy Milk

We hung out, played games all day, and ate good food. Our tradition is breakfast in bed, one meal out at the birthday person's place of choice, one homemade meal of the birthday person's choosing (we're all about the food!).

Due to this . . .

and this (and it only got colder) . . .
We opted to order in - Subway for lunch!
Thing 2 enjoyed calls from family and friends all over the country, including 5 different states (Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Arkansas, and Utah). Every time the phone rang, we knew it was for the birthday boy - thoughtfulness is so appreciated! 

He even got a surprise visitor that morning from one of his local friends, a grandma herself, who is also one of Max's thoughtful friends. She brought him a Subway gift card (and she didn't even know that that was what he had already requested!). She didn't even let the snow stop her! Love her!

Present time!

Playing a very cool ThinkGeek Logic Laser Game - he is a WIZ at these!

Requested homemade dinner - white sausage pizza and grilled chicken Caesar salad with frosted glasses of root beer and birch beer

The birthday boy!
Thing 2 wanted to Nerf battle, so we did. It was epic. Having two sets of staircases makes it especially fun!

Look at all those Nerf bullets!

Here's a video of us battling - apparently I scream a lot. You might want to adjust your volume. :P

We also played Dungeon Dice, Wii,  D&D Clue, and more. Another tradition we have is to eat whatever "cake" the birthday person wants (none of us are big cake fans). So, Thing 2's cake this year? Mint Oreos!

Happy Birthday, Thing 2! I LOVE YOU!


Anonymous said...

Yea! Happy 11th Thing 2! We thought of you all day long. Sorry you didn't get your MJs lunch, but it was a good choice to stay inside and be warm. Great picture of you Boquinha with Thing 2. I love Scout's expression during the Nerf battle!

Dr. Mark said...

That was a fun day! Great description of all that makes Thing 2 so great. He's a fantastic kid and I'm really lucky to be his dad.

I love the part in the video where Scout responds to screaming on the stairs. And then she quickly does an about-face when she realizes she's in the middle of a war zone.

This was a great birthday for a great kid!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Robynne said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I can't believe he's that old!! :)

Gramsy said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great day.

Gramsy said...
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Jimmy said...

Sounds like a fun birthday!

I've seen you guys once in real life, but even just following you on your blog, I can't believe how grown up your kids are looking.

Happy birthday, Max!

Emily Foley said...

He looks so old! I love a good nerf battle, sooo fun.